Experimental Disruptive Innovations [XDI]

think also about putting them all together
  • w/XDI. 
If interested, write Contact Us about
  • your XDI,
  • your suggestions
  1. of finance
  2. publicity
  3. backing, &/or
  4. personal collaborator(s).
BTW: Maxing out (w/up-to $200m earning from CPBs) to
  • finance saving up to 30% of seven billion human lives [hss], making their lives-longer on Earth I longe enough to
  • learn to & support migration of
  • billions of hss to trillions of Ex0Earth (n)s to
  • reproduce trillions of trillions of hss, in just
  • the Milky Way Galaxy,
  • well before possible total extinction on Earth I.
  • if we do find some Wormholes,
  • maybe a trillion galaxies reachable for a trillion trillion trillion hss to grow a trillion (each = 1,000,000,000,000 to the fourth power, ie 36 zeros) NanoRobot micro-brains [nrbs] to do
  • Reading, Riteing, Rithmatic & Reproduction [R4] enjoying over (50/3)*(1010100) *: of readers of
  • Shirltiti's books
  • locally finding and curing locally fatal diseases.
*One googleplex.