Experimental Constitution of Ex0UnitedWorld [EUW][CEUW]

Experimental CEUWs of all EUW [XCEUW], shall be the same as CUW, except for the following additions set forth below. All habitable lots of land on an exoplanet, exomoon. exocomet or exoasteroid, shall be classified, sub-classified, & initially valued, in EUW, initially in the XCEUW  in the following proportions:

  • 25% of to be solely subject to permanent ownership, purchase, & use of land shall be limited to individual HSS, limited to earning profit for use of land less than 100% of initial value of owned property over the maximum of 100 solar years
  • 30% of all said land, shall be solely subject to semi-permanent ownership, purchase, & use of land shall be limited to HSS shareholders of firms, such as companies, corporations, partnerships solely owned by HSS, restricted to owners' private uses &/or profitable lease: 
  • 25% of said land to be owned & controlled by EUW for general use & access by HSS & Experimental Robots [XR] or Humanoid Robots [HR] at no cost to the users, but individual HSSs are limited to exclusive use for more than 10 solar years/each 100 year period with respect to any particular sub-classified lot of land.
  • 20% of said land to be sub-classified as lots, subject to being owned, purchased, sold, traded & leased to profitable use, for whatever specified profitable purpose.
  • Lots of land however classified as above, not in profitable use for more than eight out of ten consecutive solar year's, ownership shall revert to EUW (with no compensation) for reclassification, resold, or released.
  • The proportional percentages of said land on a specific EUW, set forth in any specific CEUW may be modified by a simple majority of specific EUW's  voters [CiEUW] on a Bill of Amendment, limited to becoming effective in not less than 10 solar years after passage of such Bill of Amendment.