Experimental Children's Power Systems [XCPS]

Added: 8th Aug 2013

Children’s Power Master Plan [CP2M]

Goals of Experimental Children’s Power [GXCP]

Improve children’s enjoyment, learning & lifespan adapted to local WorldWide facilities, languages & associations: Including but not limited to [ibnlt] loving to:

  • read
  • learn to read
  • write  
  • learn to write
  • understand mathematics
  • learn to do (& reason in) mathematics.
All associated with their native language & 

  • adding (as appropriate) the same goals associated with foreign (to them, one &/or [//] several more) languages. 

The point of the above goals of XCP

To open up to children (at their respective ages) as much as possible to WorldWide knowledge, available in written (& spoken) language & mathematics). And so, to improve their abilities to intercommunicate with other children & adults, locally & WorldWide. 

Perhaps there are several critical issues of intellectual abilities, characteristic interests & goals while they are still alive (& reproduce// assist similar people) to GOD before homo sapien sapiens [hss] becomes extinct* on Earth I. Therefore, there is a risk that hss may never colonize trillions of trillions of the Universe(s). So, therefore, the only certain intelligent life form [ILF] may  not ever continue to exist in any of the googolplexes’ of existing places where ILFs could live, ever. (Never mind, for the moment, the End of Aleph, billions (or trillions) of years from now.)

·    * Extremely high proportions of  intelligent life forms [ILF] (perhaps the only  ILF, ever) shall become totally extinct [TX] on Earth I. The only earthly ILF, hss, remotely possible to evolve & learn how to be (& create) HSS (Space Migrants): Needs at least a 100 hss, still alive today, to reproduce (& educate) several million HSS, as candidates to colonize safer Ex0Planets: & minimize the risk of total extinction TX of ILF [TXILF].

·    Else: Sic transit Gloria Universalus [STGU].

Let's check the latest reliable data on climate changeGE thinks it will take at least 25 years for an even chance on starting "getting rhe hell out of Dodge" [GOD] & continuing by 500k HSS/year for the next 100 years: In order, to escape TXILF. Keeping it brief, 7 billion hss should increase considerably & shall also increase the percentage of surviving hss' increases in CO2 to at least 1%/year, over the USA's population creating 30tons/hss of CO2/year. 

Added: 26 Dec 2012

Scientific American article about Perchlorate in drinking water.

Added: 26th Nov 2016 Deleted by ZERO donation.
Each donation shall authorize R3C donor to download Experimental Children's Power eBooks [CPB] from RDL free of charge, until 31th Dec 2013. The number of CPB titles available, beyond already available, also include Special Pages [CPSP] furnished to help CPB readers [CPBR] to find:  Local sufferers w/local fatal diseaseslocal diagnoses & local cures. will depend on funds donated, which will finance preparation of additional CPB. These CPBs shall also be translated to foreign languages &

Addition to XP CP:

To, most likely,  implement, WorldWide, collaborating with/CPBR-teams & associated, local, diagnostic workers, using (but not limited to): http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/thinking-tech/new-laser-detects-and-destroys-cancer-tumors/12454?tag=nl.e660. [LDW].

XCP's role was expanded to establish ASAP as easily & early as possible discoveries [A2E2PD]. Especially, of cancers near bones, expected to cause bone cancer & death much sooner than allowed [DMSTA], before LDW improvements to focus LDW attention to all fatal diseases [AFD].

The primary goal of XCB has always been to organize & plan to induce children (to become & help adults) WorldWide to:

  • love to learn to read Children's Power-eBooks [CPB],
  • love reading in English & in foreign languages
  • with CPB (including but not limited to) SPECIAL PAGES [SP]
  • included in copies of CPBs, read near where those readers also read SPs &
  • (are also invited to improve SP, &/or in a foreign languages, eg French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin & Twi, for starts... (ASAP more)
  • helpful to find diagnoses & cures of cancer & other fatal diseases for
    1. CPB & SP readers themselves,
    2. their acquaintances, 
    3. friends & 
    4. relatives, living LOCALLY (where readers of CPB live)// 
    5. To further distribute CPB to saturate WorldWide with (LOCAL & available) diagnoses & cures... including but not limited to 
Very importantly, children's diseases are not recognized ASAP or treated ASAP (in localities where they live) where diagnoses and treatments are not readily found & dealt with: while their lives can still be extended... for many more years of happy, productive... and normal lifetimes. 

Therefore, most importantly, one of GSAD's recent goals was to organize & plan Experimental Children's Power:To prepare & distribute CPB (including but not limited to audio books, movies, videos & printed books) to establish 17.5 million CPSP readers.

CP's goals support CPSP readers saving:
  • One billion people's lives, ASAP to
  • multiply years extending
  • billions of
  • happy
  • productive
  • years of life of
  • homo sapien sapiens [hss]
  • WorldWide, to reproduce 50,000 [HSS]/Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC] times 1,000 = 50,000,000 [m] Space Migrants:
  • Migrating, Multiplying  & Populating Trillions [trs] of HSS [M2PTH] in
  1. MilkyWayWide ExoPlanets (eventually finding & exploring) plus
  2. TRS of Universes * TRS of planets * TRS of HSS/
  3. M2PTH, including, but not limited to:
    1. Readers
    2. 'Riters
    3. 'Rithmeticians [3Rs] & (some)
    4. CPB & SP readers:
  • 50m space migrants [HSS] from 
    1. Earth I leads to TR/exoplanet * TR/galaxy* TR/HSS = M2PTH 
    2. The "T" is the number of HSS in the Universes. TR taken as 1,000,000,000,000, then T = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 HSS
50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 HSS
Only each HSS (//a descendant) from Earth I reproduces (on Average) one HSS on every (hospitable) ex0planet (or moon) in the Universes by the End of Aleph


Check this one: against amoebic dysentery


Add to CP:


Add to CP, including MIT and Harvard for adults and children to study Science and Technology, online, for free!: http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/business-brains/mit-harvard-team-up-to-offer-free-online-courses/23836?tag=nl.e660

Add to CP, including in children's reading and learning to read, their contribution to preventing cancer: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/2012/03/28/u-s-cancer-rates-could-be-cut-in-half-today-based-on-whats-already-known/

General Introduction to CP:

According to the memories of GE, since 1932, massive changes have taken place in improving:

  • advertising
  • sales
  • shopping
  • learning
  • education
  • research
  • publication and
  • distribution of everything, including, but much less effectively
  • teaching children how to read their native or other foreign language(s)
  • useful to involve children, their family and friends in obtaining
  • information on ethical drugs, useful to obtain and use to save lives from 
  • infections originally sourced from animal infections, especially (but not limited to)  recently mutated to infect people (homo sapien sapiens) [hss] and/or being
  • extremely distributed via aircraft. ships and cars, and wider
  • contacts with animals and other hss.
In contrast, little or no change took place in medical science to generalize early discovery and diagnoses of rare  children's infections and distribute and use of effective drugs to cure them.

So, to encourage children (and their parents) to:
  • support the WorldWide, G&S d'Amaury Direct [GSAD] CP program, teaching children to  love to learn to read, love to read and
  • discover infected children
  • guide them to be diagnosed and supplied with locally available
  • effective cures of their Cancer and other fatal diseases.
GSAD includes promoting interest, leaning, entertainment and incentives in each distributed Children's-Power-eBooks [CPB], to
  •  distribute CPB as WorldWide  as possible [AWWAP] to children (and their parents, relatives, friends and associates) to
  • loop back & repeat  "So" above. ad infinitum

Add the following to the above:

Click on:

  1. http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/rethinking-healthcare/tiny-dna-robot-delivers-cancer-killing-drugs/7955?tag=nl.e662, And/or:
  2.  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/03/120327152855.htm

Or read Number 1. below:

"Tiny DNA robot delivers cancer-killing drugs

By | February 16, 2012, 9:11 PM PST

Researchers have built a tiny robot entirely from DNA that can seek out and destroy cancer cells, leaving healthy cells unscathed.

The tiny payloads of cargo they deliver gets individual, living cells to change their behavior – such as causing cancer cells to self-destruct – improving current drug-delivery systems.

The researchers exploited a technique called DNA origami, which folds DNA strands together into complex shapes. Here, they constructed a hexagon-shaped nano-sized robot. (It’s called a robot because it’s capable of some robotic tasks.)

Once the device recognizes a cell, it automatically changes its shape and delivers its cargo of nanoparticles or antibodies. According to a Harvard release, it takes the form of an open barrel whose two halves are connected by a hinge (pictured):

The DNA barrel, which acts as a container, is held shut by special DNA latches that can recognize and seek out combinations of cell-surface proteins, including disease markers. When the latches find their targets, they reconfigure, causing the two halves of the barrel to swing open and expose its contents.

“You can think about it as a sort of combination lock,” says coauthor Ido Bachelet of Harvard. “Only when both markers are in place, can the entire robot open.” (It also helps to image a clam shell opening.)

  1. To test its therapeutic potential, the team created a nanorobot with locks that unzipped in response to molecules expressed on the surface of leukemia cells.
  2. They loaded it with a single molecule known to kill cells by interfering with their growth cycle.
  3. They released millions of copies into a mixture of healthy and cancerous human blood cells.
  4. Three days later, around half of the leukemia cells had been destroyed, but no healthy cells had been harmed, New Scientist explains.

This technique was modeled on the body’s own immune system, where white blood cells patrol the bloodstream for any signs of trouble. And since DNA is a natural biocompatible and biodegradable material, DNA nanotechnology is widely recognized for its potential as a delivery mechanism for drugs and other molecules.

“In diseases such as cancer we know if we can find every single last cell and kill or reprogram it, we can cure that disease,” says coauthor Shawn Douglas of Harvard. They’re now thinking about testing the nanobots in mice.

The study was published in Science today.

Image: Campbell Strong, Shawn Douglas, & Gaël McGill

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