Experimental Collaboration E5 Space Migration [XE5SM]
(Men, women & children as Space Migrants: 3rd November 2012)
In the immediate future.)
  • Collaboration (for at least 1000 years) is essential for survival of the Human Race [hss] on Earth I, long enough to plan & execute, effective Space Migration [CE5SM] (before total extinction of HSS &/or Earth I).
Then, in the next 1000 years, hss must qualify & become designated as:
  • HSS, is not just homo sapien sapiens (the only sufficiently, intelligent race on Earth I to reproduce its own species (race) + plan & create complicated & challenging solutions): But also, HSS must be able to extend its own, or a similar intelligence, to its  own alters & its own associated robots; & all able to collaborate; fully expected  to be able to successfully migrate via outer space; & settle, reproduce, survive & remigrate; to populate trillions of exoplanets. Plus,
    1. Plan, design & build an Outer Space Travel City [OSTC]; populate it & employ it, to
    2. discover, capture large asteriods, & equip one of them to serve the first Outer Space Utopium City [OSUC], as OSUC Shirltiti HSS, to proceed to occupy Ex0Earth I (by 2261ad): by at least 50k HSS as ASMs &/or S2Ms.
    3. Subsequently, AMAP asteriods (possibly up-to 2k) shall be developed to sail as similar OSUCs, allowing for 100 million [m] ASM + S2M Space Migrants (launched) by 2261ad.
ASAP, GE's Master Plan (& his survivors & successors) , shall be detailed to cover such as:
  • Government organization(s) & international treaties, ibnlt United World [UW] & other nations on Earth I [ONE]: Inducements & restrictions on
  • safety, saving life & extensions +
  • reproduction, survival & sufficiently-intelligent hss, suitable for promotion to 200m (suitable & sufficient numbers to reproduce) HSS: To launch by 3261ad.