Experimental Communications, Command and Control [CCC] Systems


Upgraded Major Project 17)

Summary of Upgrade to RDL Major Project 17: This project may wait for Major Project 12 through 16 to  be available in advance, or simply include all of them as part of this, and the following additions and upgrades:

  • All before this shall begin with Experimental Project 17 which includes design, patenting & perfecting of wireless equipment to equip people (ie homo sapiens sapiens [hss] &
  •  some mammals to:
    1. act, dance, compose for & play musical instruments (also specially designed by RDL)
    2. dictate &/or recite
    3. dialogues in specific hss languages, dialects: & children's, teenager's & adult's voices, animal sounds (independently, for practice & perfection).

All of which can be recorded, remixed and/or transmitted locally, or via the Internet & then used to intercommunicate &/or used to modify remixed & recombined for entertainment, learning or teaching, or collaborating among consenting people participating in real, enacted or re-enacted (including but not limited to hss's and mammal's):

  • ·         work
  • ·         activities
  • ·         plays
  • ·         concerts
  • ·         operas
  • ·         dances,
  • ·         church meetings
  • ·         vacation expeditions
  • ·         shopping expeditions and/or
  • ·         training for or
  • ·         actual combat (for a few, including, but not limited to, zero, against the many).


The required Augmented equipment will include:     
    1. cameras
    2. microphones and
    3. intercommunication senders and 
    4. receivers listening for sounds, wearer’s & nearby voices & vocal sounds which can be controlled by the user (wearer) to intercommunicate with other people, robots & animals equipped with the same type of wireless glasses &/or be transmitted via Internet for recording & processing to record visual scenes, actions, dictation & translation of voice(s) to dialogue for printing, or script writing, of the wearer, nearby, interconnected people or all included.  
  • A wireless video camera
    1. Including a cell phone carried  (concealed or not) by the user with
    2. a wireless-connection to an invisible ear-pad in the user's ear(s) (impossible for others to hear) &
    3.   microphones
    4.   intercommunication senders &
    5.  receivers: Which can be used, to record the surroundings, voice comments on,   written description of the scene &/or events (with the user as the narrator, or the star, or supporting star{s}) of that scene by user’s voice, standingby-er’s voice{s} {or ASAP}) by thought(s), & re-playable to be modified by carry’s or an editor’s voice or thought or absolutely impossible to edit (if arranged in advance), by anybody, ever (for eye-witnessed evidence, better than human memory, for court or true faction rather than {so called “true” stories} ie Fiction)
  • This  (above) wireless-connection unit is also controller-used to control all interconnectable equipment (within range or accessible via the Internet) including, but not limited to:
    1. computers
    2. telephones
    3. movie cameras
    4. video cameras
    5.  dictation machines
    6. vehicles
    7.  television sets
    8.  radios
    9. Internet connections &
    10. weapons, all assigned to and under exclusive control of the
    11. designated user by users' voice(s) and/or by users' thought(s).

·         Please see Experimental HAL.