Experimental ALAP-FF
100% Electric w/ALAP fossil-fuel [FF]
MY basic idea was stimulated by recent designs of electric bicycles, to include:
  • a bicycle w/batteries, electric motor &
  • a warm, zip-up-able blanket
  • a HAL suit heated & cooled electrically powered, by bicycle battery or
  • a window or solar photo panel, near enough to recharge the bicycle, HAL suit &/or
  • a tablet which can download, take dictation, be used to edit, just read &/or read out vocally: anything available on the Internet 
  • including but not limited to CPB.
Kits, including but not limited to: can be carried on trains, Gavin Hawks, or GaviHas, as well as carrying up-to two grown-ups or a grown-up & at least one child & 50 pounds of cargo including above mentioned blanket(s) & tablet(s).

Three goals of this experimental project are to:
  • Add ASAP the total destruction of the use of fossil fuel [FF] which creates CO2 pollution, being used to FF heating, air conditioning, travel by car and aircraft, rather than waiting on RDL Major Projects to bring about 80+ million [m] Ideal Customers
  • Add ASAP AMAP people not ever needing FF for travel, heating, air conditioning nor wanting to live in need of FF
  • Add ASAP support (w/o needing FF) to:
  1. find local diagnoses and cures for cancer & the ten most common, local, fatal diseases & making AMAP people (WorldWide) have information needed and available, locally: to save one billion [b] human [hss] lives,
  2. so, there will be sufficient hss, & sufficiently educated hss to find & explore + migrate to Ex0Earth(s): before the race of hss is lost AND
  3. support (w/o FF) climbing mountains and exploring remote areas by AMAP: to develop thousands of telescopic Project 12's, rather than huge taxpayer's funds to put telescopes into outer space.
Additions & accoutrements:
  • Everything needed, except under-water & polar regions, for an individual or (pairs or small groups who expect to stick together, at least, for a limited period) are provided to be carried (or safely ride-on during travel) to intercommunicate as directly as possible [ADAP] w/other users equipped with RDL designed 100% electrically assisted kits (described here) [REAK], including  but not limited to:
  • Selections of voice-controlled tablets (w/special, zoom-telescopic eye-glasses, microphones & ear-phones, w/super augmentation) equipped to intercommunicate
  1. with other such REAK tablet users via Internet, w/video-conferencing, email & voice:
  2. Including, but not limited to encryption, decryption, language-translation, interpretation, processing dictation, editing, role-playing & cloud storage,
  3. while sharing visual & sonic locations among agreed & re-agreed groups (See RDLSA).
  • To be extended to include processing text-to-voice and voice-to-voice to produce different languages, accents, & sexual speech & vocabularies: Editable on-the-fly & re-edited before or after cloud storage, for controlled publishing.
  • All the above, from start to finish, REAK users shall be able to control all aspects, solely with their own speaking voice, including but not limited to driving bicycles, writing, reciting, acting, editing, revising, singing, playing instruments, controlling text-to-voice, voice-to-voice etc etc.
  • Obviously, one or more methods are necessary to block the REAK user's voice controls from being included in their normal speech, being communicated to others not under that REAK user's control. And, shall work for REAK users w/whatever disability, except lack of speaking ability. The acceptable methodologies shall not allow the controlling REAK user  to be detectable by others before, after or while controlling. Nor modify the user's facial expression, gesture or posture, to give away the show or blow his cover. Not even, obviously, controlling a bicycle, or a PATC, Except, obviously, both eyes open & glancing from side to side.
  1. to protect eyes, ears, head, hands, feet, neck & rest of the body from accidents, cold, heat plus verbal & physical assault
  2. of various selections of appropriate sizes and shapes for male & female adults, teen-agers & children plus
  3. unneeded, but desirable, decorative accessories for use in-house, out-door, meal-time, cocktail-hour, work-day & entertainment-time, or while traveling; including but not limited to jewelry  & choice of colors.