Gavin Embry [GE]

Experience Highlights






Very recent Chronological Summary:

  • Founded (W/Shirl) Real Div Lifestyles in March 2008 (To stop Global Warming ASAP) by adding  RDL Major Projects.
  • Lost Shirl in July 2010 (later renamed her Shirltiti)
  • Added RDL More Projects (many to encourage needed intelligent homo sapien sapiens [hss] ) to save Earth I, long & soon enough [LSE] to find & migrate hss (as HSS) & alters, to Ex0Earth LSE.
  • Lost Microsoft Website, reconstructed on Yola. Added several Experimental Projects (up-to 30, so far by, 12th Oct 2012) to launch 25 RDL & Major Projects (Experimental CP), especially to also save the human race LSE.
  • Now, also, GE reorganizes:
  1. USA (ASAP)
  2. UW &  all
  3. other Nations on Earth I [ONE] governments LSE
  4. to max use "The FEW to save the MANY" LSE + Experimental  OSTC
  • ALL before extinction of hss on Earth I, & LSE before End of ALEPH
  • GE reached 85 years by October 2012ad.
  • GE plans for launching:
  1. United World Foundation [UWF] initially but not limited to [ibnlt]
  2. several new States of United World [UW] [SUW] preceded by & w/GE as
  3. Alternative President of United World [APUW] &
  4. Officer in Charge [OIC] of UWF, followed by
  5. Utopia Project 1a (in Republic of Panama in 2014) ibnlt
  6. Headquarters of UWF & UW & GE's possible/potential residence in Ciudad de Shirltiti
  7. SuperSkyUtopia in Panama Bay.

Extended History:


  • Communications Officer and Navigator of USS Kankakee (AO-39), Fleet Oiler, operating in the Western Pacific & Indian Oceans & the Caribbean & Arabian Seas.
  • Communications Officer of USNS General Black (Assault Troopship) in the Pacific
  • Communications Officer & Chief of Military Police of USNS General Pope (Troopship) in the Pacific (This former ocean liner carried up to 4500 troops, with equipment.)
  • Commanding Officer of USNS Cedar Creek (Fleet Oiler), in the Western Pacific Indian Oceans and the Arabian Sea.
  • Naval Intelligence & Shipping Security Officer for the 15th Naval District (Panama Canal Zone and Caribbean Sea), especially the security of the the Panama Canal)


  • Geodetic Engineer in the Inter-American Geodetic Survey, in Central and South America


  • Manager of Contracts & Subcontracts at Kaiser Engineers (KE) Division of Henry J. Kaiser Company, the engineering arm of Kaiser Industries (founded by Henry J. Kaiser) which also owned Kaiser Aluminum, Kaiser Iron & Steel, Kaiser Electronics, Kaiser Magnesium, Kaiser-Frazer Automotive and Permanente Cement.  (KE throughput was over $19.5 billion/year -- adjusted for inflation to 2010ad) and its projects which involved Gavin Embry included:
  1.  Expansion of the Hanford Atomic Energy Works, (Washington State) 
  2. Initial construction of Chalmette Louisiana Aluminium Reduction Plant
  3. Expansion of the Jamaican Alumina Mines
  4. Expansion of the Tata Iron and Steel Facilities Expansion (added 50% to the iron and steel making capacity of the Indian Sub-Continent),
  5. Arrow Lakes Hydroelectric Dam (Canada), 
  6. Snowy River Hydroelectric Development (Australia), 
  7. several Kaiser Iron Mines and Steel Mills Expansions, and various iron and steel, aluminum, magnesium, cement, and atomic energy facilities. 
  8. He proposed the name, "Industrias Kaiser de Argentina", the acronym "IKA", and 
  9. helped found Industrias Kaiser de Argentina as the Kaiser  Automobile Factories in Argentina (IKA).
  • (Simultaneous) Manager of Subcontracts at KE
  • (Simultaneous) Manager of Contracts at KE
  • (Simultaneous) Manager of Systems and Procedures at KE 
  • (Simultaneous) Manager of Organization Planning at KE, serving as Manager of Re-Organization of KE, with 15,000 employees, as eight Project Divisions, each  headed by a Divisional Vice President. GE resigned to accept a new employer, as:
  • Assistant to the President & Chief Engineer of Industrial Engineering, Pacific Coast Engineering Company. Products [PaCECo] including fabrication and assembly of::
    1. ocean going barges and dredges
    2. atomic reactor  vessels,
    3. hydroelectric valves and gates
    4. dockside and shipboard cranes and 
    5. other heavy steel fabricated products: Then founded a new consulting firm to be assigned as
  • Assistant Chief Engineer at Rheem Semiconductors in Sunnyvale CA. (This was as a part of the start-up team of a semiconductor manufacturer), Then reassigned as.
  • Supervisor of Special Projects at Varian Associates.  GE joined Varian Associates, an early and enduring leader in electronics product design, development and manufacturing, as a leader of a  team (collaborating with Booz-Allen and Hamilton) working on the design and implementation of a new Material Control System for the Analytical Instrument Division.  He stayed on to lead the design, development and implementation of (the world's first) Manufacturing Resource Planning ([MRP], and later [MRP-II], and [ERP]) Systems, adopted by  all the 21 additional Varian Divisions and Subsidiaries as the
  • Manager of Management Information Systems [MIS] for Varian Associates


  • Vice President -- International of Executive Technology Corporation [ETC], in charge of design, development and implementation of MRP, MRP-II and ERP Systems for clients in the USA, Europe, the Near East,  South Africa and the UK: Resigned before the company terminated and GE became:.
  • Founder, Chairman, Managing Director & Executive Consultant of SISSA. SISSA extended the MRP-II and  Enterprise Resource Management Systems (ERP) concepts to support and develop Supply Chain Management
  • For many Multinational firms in Europe, Africa, the Near East and America.
  • These systems included:
  1. Product design and development
  2. Manufacturing engineering
  3. Order Planning,
  4. Shop floor control
  5. purchasing of parts and raw material
  6. Fabrication
  7. sub-assembly
  8. assembly
  9. final assembly
  10. final inspection
  11. warehousing
  12. sales forecasting
  13. Customer relationships
  14. shipping and
  15. Supply Chain Management.
  • Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Embry General Ltd [EGL] and Boutique Estates Division: GE.
  • Founder, Executive Chairman and eCEO of  Executive Chairman and eCEO of Stone Tiger Entertainment  Ltd. Terminated by GE.
  • Executive Chairman  and eCEO of Michelson, Morley & Maxwell Ltd. [MMML]Terminated by GE.
  • Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of Evelyn Enterprises Ltd. Terminated by GE.
  • Founder, General Secretary of Freehold Now!!. Successful in legal changes in the UK to allow ownership of apartments (flats) in buildings, then terminated by GE
  • Secretary of Ice candy Entertainment Ltd
  • Founder,  Chairman and CEO of Real Div Ltd [RDL]
  • Re-organizer of RDL as Real Div Lifestyles [RDL]
  • Co-founder, Co-Manager, Author & Executive Consultant of Goulden Publishing [GP] + owner and manager of Shirley Goulden's copyrights on her books.
  • Founder of G&S d'Amaury Direct [GSdAD], to establish Experimental Projects [XP] to develop products and launch Major Projects for mass production, including organizing Replacement Corporations [RP]to replace start-up firms plus manage raising capital for RPs.
  • Organizer and director of GSdAD for launching Experimental Projects [XP] of RDL.