Einstein update: 15th August 2011, Updated on 10th February 2012

Don't say he was wrong. Newton wasn't wrong either, Einstein's General and Special Relativity [STR] just added  a lot to Newton's picture of, well, gravity.  But still did not explain the source of gravity, suggested by some as the Higgs boson.

In the 1930s,
GE read a lot about Quantum Physics in Amazing Stories, even Super Heroes able to practice instantaneous communcations, (based on ).  But, even in the 1960s. GE did not believe in faster-than-SOL travel, eg as on Star Trek, by Gene Roddenberry., but did believe in STR.

After that, in 1964, John Bell came up with some new ideas: But, Einstein (and GE ) did not see any experimental (as opposed to theoretical) proof of some ideas about Quantum Physics. and, if accepted, could prove that STR's (assumable, and largely assumed) conclusion (that communications was limited to the speed-of-light) was in serious question.  This does not destroy STR, nor make Einstein wrong, but could (possibly) extend it (the same way STR did Newton's laws). In this case, by applying a form of communication by altering one copy of a "single" piece of matter, and reading the changes in the other copy of the same piece, no matter how far the two pieces have been moved apart, is possible.

GE, to try to understand the conflicts among Quantum Physics, General and Special Relativity   studied Quantum Information Technology [QuIT], including Quantum EntanglementQuIT, especially, asserts the duality of matter having both wave and corpuscular characteristics. This, combined with apparent fiction of "principle of locality", allows for the same thing being in two (or more) different localities at the same time. This adds on the possibility of opening up the extreme importance of intelligence, and its propagation and prolongation, including homo sapien sapiens [hss], much more widely than just on itty, bitty Earth I, but over trillions of Earths/galaxy (and, eventually, trillions of times as many galaxies) of Earth (n)s. Where n is 1 to  10 to the trillion trillionth power, ie
1030. If the number of hss/Earth (n) is limited to 10 billion, then the number of hss is not likely to exceed 1046 at any one time.

By the year 2000ad Quantum Superposition
was applied by experimental physicists, and showed that (=>10,000+ times 300,000kps = 300,000,000+kps),nearly instantaneous communication was not only possible, but did happen, firstly using electrons, Further experiments worked for atoms and molecules, and seems to be possible for live animals (say, Ami and Amber), and/or a spirit, or (better??) Shirl, and/or Shirl's books all over our  Galaxy