Explosion via Integration* & Collaboration by Communications 

(among All Major Projects, created by United World Foundation)  


An early step along the way: for a person to use tele-robot to talk & respond with remote persons (or other remote robots).

This "Explosion", is the increasing power, influence & control of a few homo sapien sapiens [hss] over many more hss (& intelligent robots [IR]) to survive (live) long enough, learn more, & reproduce hss & IR: Who merit selection & promotion, to become Space Migrants (as HSS) ASAP.

*"Integration" refers to several definitions (at least):

  • Integration of human hss' brains w/brain's AI intelligence of w/Experimental Robot's [XP]  brains &
  • the integrated few hss' & XP's able to learn, plan & control Space Migration (necessary) for 200 million [m] HSS to migrate (from Earth I) to 1,000 Exoplanets (including but not limited to [ibnlt] exoplanets, moons & asteroids) in the Milky Way Galaxy (by about 3263ad)
  • 200m space-colonizing parents of HSS can reproduce trillions HSS to  migrate to trillions of Exoplanets in Milky Way plus 
  • more trillions in  trillions of other Galaxies BEFORE THE END OF ALEPH.
By End of ALEPH, the number of intelligent life forms of intelligent live-times shall have exploded & integrated: An unimaginably more powerful, integrated-intelligence [MPI2beyond any-ever-former-hss' imaginable:


Such GOD(s) May create new, or change existing) universes, with different characteristics of physical & philosophical laws & religious creeds, even extending time forever.