Dennis Tito [DT]vs Gaven Embry [GE][DTvGE]

Maybe they are not in opposition: But, both

  • DT wants to encourage Space Migrants (in the short term) &
  • GE wants to encourage Space Migration (in longer, but in much more critical issues). 
Timing is critical: 

  • GE must decide, if DT offers him (& his wife-to-be) 
  • the chance to circumnavigate Mars (Not just Earth I), & 
  • bring back Sic parvis magna! for homo sapien sapiens, [hss] (as the world's first (very primitive, & founders of) Space MigrantsOR 
  • GE stays home & bets on finding collaborators:
    1. to start & manage RDL's Major Project 1a (in Panama Bay) 
    2. continue to promote United World Foundation [UWF] &/or 
    3. become President of United World [UW] [PUW] &
    4. be appointed Gaven d'Amaury IV, V, VI, VII etc  etc & so on.