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Reading, 'Riteing, 'Rithmatic & Communications [R3C]
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Experimental Childrens Power Books [CPB]

Added: 26th Nov 2016
Each donation shall authorize R3C donor to download Experimental Children's Power eBooks [CPB] from RDL free of charge, until 31th Dec 2013. The number of CPB titles available, beyond already available, will depend on funds donated, which will finance preparation of additional CPB. These CPBs shall also be translated to foreign languages & also include Special Pages furnished to help CPB readers to find local sufferers from local fatal diseases, local diagnoses & local cures.

Donations support campaigns, primarily, in the first place, to save & extend the lives of the Human Race from fatal diseases.  These are expected to parent additional homo sapien sapiens [hss].  Sucessful survivors are likely to have better lives and become the World's initial 50k  Space Migrants [HSS], aboard the OSMC Shirltiti HSS bound for Ex0Earth I, in or about 3012ad.

Additional successful 50k HSS will (ASAP) qualify & be chosen to Space Migrate to other destinations, discovered & explored, in advance (by Robots)...

Donors, based on their donation and overall support, shall be classified as:
  • Senior Member-Voter, w/right to appoint any number of  HSSs
  • Member-Voter, w/right to recommend 1000 potential HSSs
  • Member, w/right to suggest naming 100 HSSs
  • Associate Member w/right to claim naming 10 as HSSs
  • Junior Member w/right to claim naming 5 as HSSs
  • Guest, ibnlt shall receive an invitation to request one to being classified as HSS or HSSs.
Any donor or organized group of donors, on or before 31st of December 2019, for an overall sum of:
  • $1,000,000.00 shall be classified as one Senior Member-Voter
  • $100,000.00 shall be classified as one Member-Voter
  • $10,000.00 shall be classified as one Member
  • $1,000.00 shall be classified as one Associate Member
  • $100.00 shall be classified as one Junior Member
  • $10.00 shall be classified as one Guest.
  • IF YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD A BOOK (entirely free to you) JUST CLICK ON THE TITLE ON HOME PAGE (BEFORE 31 DEC 2012) & IF ASKED: ENTER LOGIN: gsad3050 Password: 97624J.
  • If you want to donate $100 or less, wait a few days & contact us w/the amount you want to donate, I'll email you to explain what to do.
  • If you ever want to to make one donation of more than $100, also contact us to arrange a safe way of donating w/o donating to exchange dealers.