Foreword of Sequel of Dance to the Light of the Earth [DLE2F]
GHA's Critique of Future Personal Computing [FPC] is the basis for GE's DLE2F.
s a matter of background, the evolution of FPC becoming Now Present Personal Computing [NP2C], is the central issue of the future of homo sapien sapiens [hss]. Hss becoming HSS planned  (& promoted by GE). Put simply, GE proposes the blending of
HSS; including but not limited to [ibnlt] its intelligence with the Artificial Intelligence [AI] of Experimental Robots [XR]: Provides the necessary intelligence, collaboration & versatility, to make equalificated  HSS Space Migrants, possible

This critical decision is the only reasonable & best possibility of HSS' survivalFirst, on Earth I, then on trillions of possible Ex0planets in the Milky Way & then, eventually, on trillions of other planets, moons & asteroids, in trillions of other galaxies.

The combined (& immediate) RDL's goal is for hss, is to avoid hss' total extinction on Earth I (from various dangers) plus directed control of HSS evolution (not  just a simple adoption of breeding of hss, instead of dogs, to breed some better breeds of hss). All the necessary bits have already been discovered, developed & sufficiently proven (at least to me). Focusing on a few of the mostly likely right combinations, soon enough to miss the same fate as dinosaurs (who, unluckily, couldn't fly nor swim underwater), by at least some few who who did succeed. NP2C is one element, but also blends shared "intelligent brains" among qualified HSS (including HR robots) is the ultimate goal. This seems to require close & reliable, instantaneous intercommunications, over extremely long distances. This has not yet been widely accepted to be entirely possible. I feel we're close enough, good enough & already very much worth investing time & effort in, rather than many other more likely to turn out to be worse critical judgements.

Experience has now made it clear, that all future possibilities are due to Win, Lose or Draw. But, success is strongly related to the intelligent Drawings, to improve the Drawer's odds. Seven billion hss alive today (who remain on Earh I) will most likely perish w/no, except ~100 hss who chose to draw in favor of supporting RDL's plans to create at least HSS prepared & capable Space Migrantes [SM] (by "getting the hell out or Dodge*" [GOD] between 2263 & 3263ad. A total of 1,000 OSUC "XXXXX" HSS voyages, each OSUC carrying at least 50k/HSS, ie adding  up to 50m descendants of the ~100 (~, currently, existing) hss, as potential 

* "Dodge" ~/= "Earth I"!