Dance by the Light of The Earth

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This the full DLE, the faction of Georg Cantor Smith, trying to help friends who worry about identity theft, but now want to migrate to ExoPlanets. Sic parvis magna. Later, a sequel, will deal with communication faster than the velocity of light among trillions of ExoPlanets for homo sapien sapiens [hss].


The Cultured King and the Savage Sovereign

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By: Shirley Goulden

Copyright Gavin Embry  -- 1956-2010

(Proofreading in process)


There lived a sovereign whose crown was made of sea-shells, and whose royal robe was the skin of an animal with a name you would not be able to pronounce, even if I wrote it down. This king only removed the shell crown and the animal skin to swim in the ocean, because, unlike most members of royal families, he had very little else to wear.