Detect Fatality [DF] 

GE will plan eXperimental Projects to use (hugely suppliable) bees, butterflies, flees & mosquitos (bred & trained to reproduce) to detect & locate humans w/various fatal diseases & "sought for" Highly Intelligent Life Forms [HILF] w/their & other forms of detectible DNA, also remotely collectible & decoded. 

This can be combined w/GiaBats, SuperGiaBats [SGB] & GiaNets [GN] to find, identify & deal w/important classes of classified HILF (& less intelligent life forms [ILF]). It may be possible to distribute chemical cures for serious diseases. This turns about the tables of germs & viruses: To wipe them out, rather than infecting ILF & HILF. 

For example: Female mosquitos feed on mammal's blood & infect their dining table w/malaria: 

  • Alter male mosquitos to breed female mosquitos to reproduce females who only dine on nectar, & ipso facto reproduce females & males who behave & reproduce their same characteristics. Sic transit gloria mundi.
  • Also, ASAP, breed females who also carry a cure for malaria, instead of malaria, to mammals they already have, or may catch it, via an unaltered breed of female mosquito.