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Declaration of Independence


There are currently at least six classes of Membership in Independence [MI] from all other Nations on Earth [ONE] (other than United World [UW]), including but limited to former, current or future declarers (accepted or granted by the President of UW [PUW[) of MI [DMI] &/or descendants or adoptees of DMI, for individuals &/or immediate families in one or more of the following:

  • Class I: Independence of Taxation [CIT]

    1. CIT shall not be taxed by any ONE for anything, or based on any laws of any ONE, but may receive benefits & rights agreed by any ONE to CIT, or with UW with respect to all CIT

  • Class II: Independence of Military Service [CIM]

    1. CIM, are not subject  Military Service subject to any ONE but only (possibly) subject to Military Service, directly or indirectly. under military command of PUW.

  • Class III: Independence of Laws [CIL]

    1. Subject only to Laws & the  Constitution of UW [CUW] &

    2. Laws of States of UW [SUW]

  • Class IV: Independence of Residence [CIR]

    1.  Granted rights (by treaties be between ONE and UW)  to reside in any ONE agreed with UW with respect to any and all CIR

  • Class V: Independence of Citizenship [CIC]

    1. CIC includes CIT, CIMS, CIL & CIR

    2. CIC also includes all Officers of UW [OUW], including but not limited to [ibnlt]

    3. citizenships formerly, currently (or in the future) recognized by any ONE but also

    4. CIC of any & all Ex0Earth (n)

  • Class VI: All OUW, are hereby defined as having been: 
  1. elected by more than 50% of all CIC or
  2. appointed by a PUW elected by more than 50% of all CIC or elected by more than 50% of all CIC of an SUW [CSUW] or
  3. by a Governor of a SUW [GUW] elected by more than 50% of CSUW or 
  4. first organizer & "de facto" PUW, Alternative PUW [APUW].
Defined CICs & OUWs may, for life, use their officer titles immediately before their names and "CIC" or "OUW" after their names  immediately after their names: eg APUW Gavin Embry, CIC.

Provided that during OUW's retirements, followed by "Ret" but (& therefore, after & during  their retirement but before resignation (forced or volunteer) shall retaining any & all OUW's:
  • rights
  • compensations &/or CUW allowed percentage while on interactive duty 
  • privileges granted to OUW holders by
  • CUW
  • CSUW &
  • PUW's treaties with ONEs,
unless until & after recall of any or all of the above, in connection with treason &/or felony by UW Supreme Court [SCUW] conviction & specific sentencing on a specific individual trial of a specific OUW.