DLE Book II [D2F] 

UPDATE of D2F [UD2F] (Based on RECENT SA PUBLICATION): 6th Apr 2013

(By G'aven d'Amaury III---

suggested by GE)


Original Foreword

The Life of Gavin Embry [GE] and Shirley Goulden [SvEE]
                                (By: Gaven d'Amaury III [GA3])
Firstly, the dream of Gavin Embry, [GE], as Georg Cantor Smith [GCS]
[GCS] on the Aleph One [A1] including his guest, Felicia Pascuas, & GCS's plan for his first trip to the Centauri region & exploring the potential Ex0Earth.

My (GA3's) accounts of GCS' life, were primarily based on Ira, a GE's alter (alternative personality, who may have originally been a son of Basil Embry and Alisee Smith). Ira was (possibly) killed by a rattlesnake, on the same day as GE's birth. Ira (as, or by his alter) may has/have been teleported to GE's right brain (the day of GE's birth). I transposed Ira's (ie GCS’s) age to approximately the ages of DLE's factional heroines, [otherwise a bit jarring/ Ed].

This Book II picks up GE (after the experiences of GCS) picking up the career of Shirl (SvEE). SvEE's beauty & talents were my inspiration for Baroness Martine de la Noy & her alter, Dr Emmette d'Montefue). Even though Shirl did not seem to have alters,  at least not yet, anyway.

However, Shirl did have many coincidences & parallels with Queen Nefertiti, who may reappear in GSAD Book IV.  Shirl & Queen Nefertiti shared their:
• being very early, unique, original, critical, creative talents & their
widely recognized, spectacular, feminine beauty
• split with their family traditions

• having been (essentially) sold into marriages to foreign, rich & powerful husbands
• split (spontaneously, or liberated by deaths) maneuvred into new marriages (which never worked),

• split again & 

• lastly partnered with very different creative sponsors: 

Who, did/do, whatever possible, to avoid passing-up what she mainly lived for advanced future welfare, of homo sapien sapien [hss] & descendants, not considered chattels & governed by parents, priests & legalistic, ancient gods & ridiculous superstitions.

(Perhaps, once Shirl became aware of Nefertiti's history) Shirl was inspired to study & write about “former lives”, a popular topic. (Eg Paradise Walk & American  Salute. Another sequel, European Salute is soon to be published.)

As far as I know, Shirl  never suspected she was an alter, or a descendant of, Queen Nefertiti [QN] via any of her daughters (or Pharoah Tut, whose daughters died unborn). (Based on their unmixed, female, genetic heritage, both from Ukrainian mothers, it seems reasonably possible, perhaps likely.)

Book II, is planned to leap forward to the times GE  in 2013ad. GE had suspicions:

Shirltiti & Nefertiti both originated/re-originated & advocated a “One & Only One GOD” [O3GOD], rather than three or hundreds of Gods: (Including but not limited to [ibnlt]: Saints, Angels, Devils, Demons & "Allah").
• GE & SvEE understood and wrote about space travel, Ex0Earths, cats (especially Ami & Amber, & La Chatte Noire & La Soeur); Ibnlt superposition of:  electrons, atoms, molecules, cats, & hss. ("Superposition": Neither Einstein, nor Popes, ever suspected or believed in, nor ibnlt dreamed of.)
• GE & SvEE were both, until 21th of July 2010, concerned about child hss [chss] & care of chss, (especially teaching chss) to love reading & love learning to read (many languages), not just on Earth I but on trillions of Ex0Earth (n)s in trillions of Galaxies,  trillions of trillions of HSS*:
• under O3GOD, concerned with HSS, ibnlt on Earth I [O3GHiE].

*NB: GE's (& Shirltiti's) extended conception of "intelligent life", extends human (hss) intelligence to:

  • various forms of alters +
  • Ultra, Super & Nano Robots (ie intelligent, mechanical Robots +
  • computer based Artificial Intelligence +
  • instantaneous intercommunicating, coordinated brains (All the above, hss = [HSS]) +
  • HSSs occupying Experimental Outer Space Travel City [OSTC] +
  • OSTC's HSS converting Asteroids into  Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC]s +
  • Earthly HSS occupying OSUCs +
  • (OSUC + HSS)s traveling in Outer Space +
  • colonizing trillions exoplanets & exomoons *
  • trillions of HSS *
  • trillions * trillions evolving throughout trillions of Galaxies *
  • "X" Universes
  • ALL working together to develop & exercise ultra-super-nano-intelligencias... to save & expand...until:
   The End of Aleph.

Book III: (The Next Era) will be about the planning & execution of the first, real, outer-space trip, combined:  GE:Ira:GCS:GHA:Shirltiti  (planning & dreaming about) to accomplish,  sometime before 2261ad. Ibnlt design, building, voyages  & celebrations by the RDL Artificial Evolution of hss into: “HSS”. (As combined, coordinated hss+Intelligent Robots+Alters+Asteroids = Outer Space Travel City [OSTC].) 

Book IV: On the first, real Outer Space Utopian City [OSUC], named Shirltiti, & designated “OSUC Shirltiti HSS” shall:

  • depart from near Earth I
  • travel to nearest Ex0Earth I
  • land its HSS passengers: to celebrate
  • Shirltiti-Aten. Then, to build, settle & populate w/HSS,
the first SuperSky-Utopia, "Shirltiti-Aten", (on Ex0Earth I) by 2269ad.

Begun at The Beginning, so on & on: By GHA IV, V...X... up-to GHA16 or thereabouts, as Edition IXC, broadcast throughout the Galaxies… gradually changing Future to History, Edition by Edition until: The End of Aleph [FHE3A].