Chapter 1 [D2C1]

Update: 24th Mar 2013

The six most critical issues: (vis-a-vis survival of homo sapien sapiens, [hss]): 

  1. First: Two, on Earth I for one-to-two thousand (more) solar years, then for
  2. Several trillion [tr] years, in most (known) Galaxies. 
  • Three more are: 
  1. "stopping" Global Warming on Earth I
  2. developing Brainsville, organized to support COLLABORATION by
  3. hss intelligence [HI] & Artificial Intelligence [AI] (of Experimental Robots) +/finally
  • Experimental Project 1a, creating HSS (leading to "getting out of Dodge", soon enough, probably) by 2261ad, by 200,000 HSS/year (as Space Migrants), over the next 1,000 years (ie 200 million [m] HSS, before too late).


(A Summary/review of my (Georg Cantor Smith [GCS]) activities since Christmas of 1987 to Christmas 2012.

I have learned that I am an alter of (James) Gavin Embry I [GE] & also collaborates w/(Gaven d’Amaury III [GA3]), also a GE alter, & is a nom-de-plumb of GE. What I have learned, or heard about, is also shared, (at least) among me, GE & GA3. What follows, I do not spend much time on whom I learned from (whatever I revealed to GA3, to know or write about). Common knowledge &/or experience is mostly shared & shareable. (Think about: “I” = “we”, even if wrote about by GA3, was seldom done by GA3 alone.)

Again, collectively, “Cry, Beloved Country” is much better expressed as “Moan, about my Beloved Country”: Now, commonly called, “America”. (Misnamed & inaccurate: Better, in English, as United States of America, or for short, USA.) 

USA is “Beloved”, almost totally, for several basic reasons:

  • A much more"beloved" country: Than, most of our origins, in some European country, dominated by a Single-Male-Ruler-Foundation-Ruler [SMRFR] (& SMRFR's lackeys), who exploited various, ridiculous, religious superstitions to justify & maintain lackey-killing, theft & rape, in the interest of our "old country's" SMTFR’s advantages.
  • Secondly: Nearly "free-of-charge", access to food, energy sources & good climate, in the New World (all stolen, from under-superstitious natives New World [N2W]) our "race's" origins conquered the New World & ruled, primarily without significantly better military technology: But, w/fantastic luck (of disease carriers).
  • Because (on either side of the Atlantic) nobody understood guarding against fatal diseases not locally evolved by natural mutations, & dealt with "Survival of the Fittest".
  • BTW: The only  original & practical solution was instant murder & burial in high-dry places (or total destruction by fire) of all remotely suspected carriers of fatal diseases [SCFD]. (Sea travel, was the one-edged-sword, protecting the European SCFD almost perfectly, but killing ninety % of N2W [N3%W]).
  • In the 1500s, by far, most N2Ws (as hunter-gatherers) did not consider "owning or defending land" against invaders. Small bands, or tribes, could not reproduce rapidly &/or move large families long distances to find new supplies of  food often enough to survive after exhaustion of game & gathered supplies. Only a limited number & sizes of tribes of cultivating farmers, developed & stayed in small fixed areas, growing larger families & tribes: In villages, towns  & cities. While, keeping & storing over-supplies of food, supplies, energy & exchangible products. 
  • Trade among & theft from N3%W were both rewarding SMRFRs, merchants, shippers & thieves.   
  • Leaving, open land, gather-able food & energy sources, all mostly acceptable as free-of-charge.
  • N2W were the Worlds best farmers, but very largely killed by SCFDs, both intentionally and unintentionally
  • Leaving sufficient groups of European lackeys: Equally skilled, as the Few Who Save Many [FWSM].  FWSM’s SMRFRs used  religious superstitions & locally-established custom; twisted  FWSMs into the Few Who Killed Many  [FWKM]: Adding to  N3W carnage
  • Leaving very FWSM N2W, but
  • Creating a "Beloved Country" for:
  1. SMRFRs (& Lackeys)
  2. Farmers
  3. Merchants
  4. Shippers (& Salesmen)
  5. Thieves, murderers, &
  6. Conumuism.

The Embry Family in the USA

One French/Norman ancestor of GE et al, Henrie Embrie [HE], invaded North America in 1635ad: Via, the first UK's North American Colony (in Virginia, called "Jamestown"). The “Embry family” closely associated with the local N2W: Cherokee & (closely related) Chickasaw  Tribes, some of the World's best cultivating farmers (as opposed to hunter-gatherers).  After some generations,  the Embry family multiplied as half, quarter & octo-breeds, but as part “Indian”, were more-than-decimated by Northern UK Colonist lackys, to steal Cherokee land (to rob them of small, recently discovered, deposits of gold). 

Some 60,000 Indians died on the “Trail of Tears” from Colonial Virginia, Tennesee & Georgia to a (then considered) wasteland of  “Oklahoma”, as a pretext of a “fair trade” between UK-lackey outlaws & "Indian" tribes. Pure-bred "Indian" families were largely destroyed & their property holdings lost or stolen: in much larger numbers than Embry half & quarter breeds, not so susceptible to SCFD. Migration to Arkansas' Ozarks & other states, by Embry families, became nearly as numerous as in France (& hugely moreso than in the United Kingdom).

More generations passed, rapidly & boring: Pennsylvania Oil, was discovered in Oklahoma, trivial quantities of gold in Georgia ran out. Documented proof was lost of Cherokee blood, destroying Embry's interest in Oklahoma Oil (by Embry families & intermarried relatives, such as Smiths, Hoskins, Bryants & Holloways.):  

  • In 1849, California became the Golden State
  • George Embry, in 1914, too young, skipped WWI
  • The Embry-Smith family in 1932 (Ibnlt GE) migrated from the Ozarks to Bates CO Missouri, from Madison CO (mostly farmland), expropriated by order of Democratic President FD Roosevelt [FDR] (as "National Forest").
  • GE in 1933 saw FDR say "Only fear, fear itself" [HS]
  • GE in 1934 discovered Albert Einstein & Atomic Bombs
  • GE in 1938 discovered “Single Male Rule Foundation Rulers” [SMRFR]
  • GE in 1939 discovered SMRFR Hitler, SMRFR Stalin, SMRFR Tojo, & SMRFR Mao Tse Tung
  • GE in 1939 flew to So. China, defending Combined
  1. 1a) So. Chinese &
  2. 1b) French Colony & British Colonies against
  3. 2a) Combined USSR & No. Chinese (Communist) SMRFRs &
  4. 2b) Combined German & Japanese SMRFRs  
  • GE volunteered in 1943 for WWII against combined Japanese SMRFR & German SMRFR, defending the British Empire, French, USSR & USA (Semi-SMRFRs).
  • GE was commissioned in 1946, Ensign (DE): Too late to kill Japanese (A+M), but (helped) convict & execute Japanese-lackey war criminals & learn Japanese language (alongside his, previously established English  &/Spanish)
  • GEs family in 1946 discovered Golden California & Republic of Panama (Excellent [Atomic, soon to become Nuclear] weapons, especially against Combined No. Chinese & USSR SMRFRs)
  • GE in 1950 volunteered to Korean "Democratic Police Action" to defend against Combined Communist No. Chinese/USSR SMRFRs, supporting re-invasion of So. Korea & So. China to re-conquer China: Blocked by C. de Gaulle, stalemated in 1952, then focusing on defending the Panama Canal, against enemy SMRFRs
  • GE in 1952 (& family) re-discovered & defended Golden California & risked (smaller) loss of Republic of Panama
  • GE in 1968 did not volunteer to defend the first USA’s Lost War against Combined No. Chinese/USSR  SMRFRs, (eventually) losing So Viet Nam  (former-French Colony) completely
  • GE in 1972, accepted loss of  SoEast Asia to Combined No. Chinese/USSR SMRFR & Proxies w/stalemate in Korea. GE then, migrated to Europe expecting:
  1. shifting from military to economic dominance, hopefully
  2. to avoid huge extirpation of Native tribes, by European migrants. based on:
  3. the last French SMRFR beheaded in France,
  4. SMRFR executed in the United Kingdom (replaced & somewhat de-emphasized).
  5. A European Union, not dominated by a hereditary SMRFR.
  6. Anxious times (as in USA), adopting commissaristic rulers & lackeys, such as lackey, labor-union bosses,
  7. rather than General lackeys
  8. rather than true democracies.
  9. In USA & Europe (blend of ex-communism & thrusting unionism: thrusting  the semi-socialistic, labor-class ahead,
  10. rather than grow (or growing) a middle-class.
  • GE by 1999, having met and married an English (not too Jewish)  wife, Shirley vE Embry [SvEE].  They, together:
  1. Twist 1, By 2008, founded Real Div LTD, soon "unlimited", as Real Div Lifestyles [RDL]. 
  2. Twist 2a, By 2009, introducing 13 RDL Major Projects, ibnlt 90 Utopia, all designed & "basically" intended to stop Global Warming
  3. Twist 3: Uniting, the extremely self-indulgent middle-class producers of poisonously-extreme levels of CO2 [PPEC] (of the World’s atmosphere): Expected, by almost all scientists & thoughtful intelligentsia, to raise Global Warming over 5 degrees, extirpating  many, entire living species; flooding, disrupting food chains & energy sources, ibnlt the Human Race.
  4. By 2010, Twist 2a, GE added 12 RDL More Projects, to support discovery of Ex0planets & Space Migrants Migration to many Ex0Earth(n)s (EG creating many New Worlds [NW] W/O extirpating, or allowing extirpation of all known intelligent species of Life anyhere in the Universe(s).
  5. GE’s Lifestyle Twist 3, was to attract 80 million [m] [PPECs as TAXFREE Ideal Customers [IC]. To live in beautiful, friendly, WorldWide Utopia [U]. Saving the World’s) Gross National Income [GNP] @ $90k,*80m/yr/IC = $720b annually. After Twist 3, MORE than ENOUGH to justify 900 (or equivalent) Utopia, costing 90U, @ $7.5b/U = $675b, leaving $45b to make up for lost WorldWide taxes. Every year thereafter, @ $72b/year, saved to make up for lost taxes, WorldWide & save the Human Race.
  6. GE, by mid2010, (finally lost SvEE to cancer). After mutual agreement to Twist 4, to use her writings to add aiding of finding local diagnoses & cures of fatal diseases, WorldWide.
  7. GE, in 2011, adopted 
  8. Twist 5, GE risked loss of all their, historically, earned wealth & property  (excepting copyrights to Shirls writings) becoming,  ASAP, a Permanent Traveler: AMAP free of taxation by nations & states (not already having agreeing to suspending taxation on Utopian IC residents), (Remember Twist 3): thus speed up application of Twists 1, 2a, 3 & 4, before GE also dies. Twist 2b evolves  over the next 1,250 years for HSS to migrate from Earth I, before SMRFR(s) (or a stray asteroid) results in total extinction of the last remaining, intelligence in the Universe(s): The Human Race.
  9. Twist 6, added by GE, in October 2012, which he planned, to establish Outer Space Traveling City [OSTC]: to defend & train non-UtBP Space Migrants [HSS] to create several Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC]:
  10. to launch & navigate
  11. many "OSUC (XXXX) HSS"s
  12. to migrate to many Ex0Earth (n)s, during 2261ad-3261ad.

This summary covering from January 1989 to December 2012, may be revisited, at certain critical points, in the following chapters below. Epilog [D2E] will explain the exact situation for YOU, to help YOU decide want to do about HSS'S  & YOUR FUTURE.

End of Summary of Past



The Nature of Life

  • As of now, we know life exists on Earth I: But very likely, living forms also exist in Outer Space. Life has existed on Earth I for nearly five billion years, originally as single-celled life, (very, very slowly) evolving into highly developed, intelligent, multi-cellular forms, intercommunicating (w/o extensive shared languages), interdependent & exploiting other materials (mainly for shelter & defense) & life forms (mainly for food), until about 200,000 years ago. Then Homo sapien sapiens [hss], originated & migrated (from Africa) to practically all the rest of Earth I (& the Moon). About 12,000 years ago, languages had originated in hss, & began to be used to intercommunicate among hss.  Writing was soon discovered & used to communicate  (from earlier to later) between hss generations (including but not limited [ibnlt] to counting & arithmetic).
  • Uniquely, among forms of life, hss became the only (Earth-I-based) life capable of using language, communication & intelligence to plan, organize & execute plans, by: Collaborating hss, as (super)  groups of HSS (plus other Earth-I-based, forms of matter & sources of energy). Thus, (organized, originally & largely, so far, by GE) HSS may, possibly, migrate from Earth I, to many. many trillions of  Exoplanets in outer space.
The are several problematic risks & limitations on extending hss' migration from Africa: To HSS' migrating from Earth I, in time to avoid HSS' own total extermination:
  • Space Migrator's [SM] ancestors must be non-UtBP. (GE's original guess = 100 non-UtBP): Maybe as few as 20 ancestors. By  2261ad = 250 [D-day]. for 8+ generations, starting w/20 ancestors @ 4/couple: 
    1. by 2042ad, 20 * 4 = 80 then 
    2. by 2072ad, 80 * 4 = 320
    3. by 2102ad, 320 * 4 = 1280 
    4. by 2132ad, 1280 * 4 = 5120
    5. by 2162ad, 5120 * 4 = 20,480
    6. By 2192ad, 20,480 * 4 = 81,920
    7. By 2222ad, 81,920 * 4 = 327, 680
    8. By 2252ad, 327.680  4 = 1,310,720
    9. By 2282ad, 5,242,880.
    10. by 2262 ad, D-day, 33.4% * 1, 310,720 = 1,782,579, available to classify as equalifycated HSS. (Calculate HSS by, allowing for survival of fatal diseases & accidents, w/o asteroids & MAD-WAR, at least 50h hss/year)
    11. There are, 9243 near-Earth-I-Orbit asteroids [NEO] (over 1 kilometers in diameter), some coming close to (or hitting) Earth I (before D-day): Possibly exterminating all (or much) life on Earth I, ibnlt hss & HSS.
    12. Over 700 NEO Aten Asteroids, some may be usable by (?) HSS, to escape Earth by D-DAY, or slightly later.
    13. SMRFRs, or defensive, attempts to exterminate them, may be responsible for "MAD" causing total extermination, ibnlt hss & HSS, BEFORE D-day.
    14. Short term (before D-day) use of The Zero* to Save Many** [TZSM] , may be used (or encouraged)  to terminate a few (or Zero*) "amatuer" SMRFRs, before launching MAD by any combatant.  * Zero means UAV. ** Many =: ibnlt hss & ibnlt HSS. (This may turn out to be TZSM against TZSM ("drone") forms of war, similar to historical (?) wars (among SMRFRs, without use or risk of A-/+M.): Ideally, an economic/technological contest, depending upon money & intelligence, instead mutually killing hss. The remaining disaster may also divert the winner from: Collaboration of a few HSS, to financing  & assuring escape from total extermination by "natural" destruction of Earth I: Before D-Day.
    15. GE's policy of limiting a minimum of 50,000 hss candidates as Space Migrants, as HSS/OSUC-HSS/outer-space-migration [HOSM]: To avoid, having small hss populations having too small gene-pools causing serious damage & possible extinction from in-breeding depression.  
    16. Also, male-HSS/female-HSS-reproductive-pairing [HSRP] is encouraged (by GE), effectively different common DNA, for the same purpose plus making available the maximum range of improvements in survival & intelligence of child-HSS, over the greater ranges of future challenges on Earth I & Exoplanets. 
    17. In addition, one or more such, HOSM, voyage(s)/each years shall be planned, to speed up Space Migration & minimize lose of HSS from delays & disasters of entire voyages, landings & colony's single Exoplanet settlements. 
    18. GE & successor HSS (ruler), shall choose among major & minor strategies to balance risks of sole death, survival of HSS (on Earth I &/or in outer space) plus protecting, promoting intelligence,  education & collaboration ibnlt all the above &
    19. Ibnlt Experimental CP
    20. ASAP: GE shall "experiment" in improving Constitutional Governments,  International Treaties &/or among ibnlt CUW, USA, Other Nations on Earth [ONE] & nations & states in outer space.