Constitution of the United (States of the) World [UW] [CUW]

Extension of CUW by APUW Gavin Embry: 9th Dec 2015
  • Malaria & fatal diseases suffered by homo sapien sapiens [hss]:
    1. Including but not limited to [ibnlt], &
    1. Ibnlt protection from taxation by UW &/or [//]  Other Nations on Earth [ONE] on residents of States of UW [SUW]//International Tax-Free Zones [ITFZ]//Citizens of UW [CiUW].
Introduction: 28th Sep 2015
The vice Presidents of UW are chosen (in advance) &/or  [//] discharged//(preselected prior to the presidental election) by the President [P] or Alternative [A] of UW [PUW] [APUW]: The two Deputies [DPUW] & the two Assistant [AsPUW[, Presidents. The roles of each of DPUWs & each of AsPUWs are also decided, defined// redefined//modified by the current APUW/PUW. 

Initiallly defined by APUW: the senior DPUW [SDPUW] assists the APOW//PUW responsiblity for national affairs & junior DPUW [JDPUW] assists  for International affairs.  The AsPUWs jointly serve & support the APUW]/PUW & respective DPUWs. including but not restricted to [ibnrt] Communication & Coordination of the Presidental Team [C2PT].

Additiional provisions: 28th Sep 2015 

APUW//elected PUW//DPUW//AsPUW are, under this CUW, are constitionally authorized to run for office, serve//be employees//officers of UW//other nation's//state's//govermental organization's simultanously//before//after//during being//serving as officer(s) of UW.

With respect to the above, APUW shall consider several possibilities set forth below ibnlt:
  • APUW running for the Presidency of the USA//
  • supporting a current/possible candidate for US presidency also as candicate for
    1. French Presidency//
    2. Panamanian Presidency//
    3. Belizian Prime Minister//
    4. high//highest office of one or more other nations//states//tax-free zone [TFZ]//
  • APUW appointing anyone: ibnlt a current/possible candidate for US presidency//State of the USA also as candicate for
    1. appointment to serve//running for the highest office of UW//SUW//TFZ
    Additional provisions: 4th July 2013
    GE, while serving as President [P] or Alternative [A] of UW [PUW] [APUW] shall have exclusively (as an executive officer) all powers of Secretaries, Officers of UW [SecUW] [OUW], Governors, Officers of States of UW [SUW]  [GSUW] [OSUW][SecSUW] & subordinates: Unless & until, such executives have been appointed// or elected & serving, in such positions, during their respective, appropriate term still in effect & still physically remaining in service.  

    Also, the unit(s) of money (previously defined, determined & declared by GE) is created by incorporation in this CUW, as legal money, is Yrbme [Y]. Legal money, other than Y, can be used to purchase units of  Y equal to the value of the same number US dollar units, or other currencies convertible to US dollars, during the next 10 years, issued by the UWF & permanently in effect, unless repealed under an amendment to this CUW. In the form of Y, or property or services purchased w/Y, are not subject to tax by any government nor used to pay taxes to any government (which can be used to acquire Y via taxation), unless such property or services are sold (or exchanged) for other currencies of the same or higher value, w/no other inducement.

    United World shall not collect Y for  taxes or allow taxation in any connection, related to Y or anything of value purchased in exchange for Y & not resold in exchange exclusively for Y

    Additional provisions: 21st Dec 2012

    The United World Foundation: This reference is hereby included in this Constitution of United World [CUW] unless & until deleted or incorporated in CUW.

    CUW also includes but is not limited to [ibnlt]

    1. Forbidding all barriers to serving United World [UW], running for election, or applying for appointment as:
    1. President 
    2. Alternative President
    3. Deputy President
    4. Assistant President 
    5. Governor of a State, or 
    6. Experimental State
    7. Officer in Charge
    8. Senator
    9. Represenative
    10. Judge
    11. Secretary
    12. Ambassador
    13. Appointee or
    14. Officer, employee or intern of any subordinate level, specifically excluding being limited by not being born in the UW or never having been a resident of the UW territories.

    The only limitation on  running for, and/or serving in office, permitted by this CUW, is to require candidate(s) and/or officer(s) to:

    • be a current citizen(s), at least of the UW, (but current and/or former citizenship(s) is not limited to UW)  and
    • never having been convicted for any felony, in any Nation, State or Zone & unpardoned of said felony by the current PUW, or a former PUW: whichever, were never convicted and unpardoned for the same felony.

    2: All members and veterans of the UW Armed Forces, and dependent families, shall receive free medical and dental services & college training up to and including Bachelors, Masters and Doctors level up to age 90, plus the integer number of completed calendar years of active duty.  Earned college education and/or training can be received while on active duty (as appropriate) and/or while on inactive duty and/or after resignation or honorable discharge.

    3: The following shall be cut: Both the contributions to and benefits from (equivalent to current United States of America Social Security) by 50%, but permit UW citizens to voluntarily increase both to 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% or 100% with government grants of 10%/year for each year of veteran's active service, up to 50%, may be granted to assist payment for their own selected voluntary increases.

    4: UW shall make the California plan for capping CO2 emissions a CUW requirement, in all UW States, Territories, and declared (Protected Tax Free) Zones [PTFZ] (based on Utopia, Mini-Utopia-Villages and Project 10 farms).

    5: UW shall make the California plan a treaty (with over 80% of all other Nations to take effect) invoked automatically. Nations which did not join within five years, all trade, imports or exports, are taxed by UW in an amount in accordance with the non-joining nation's CO2 emissions at ~$3000/ton of emissions, times as many interger years as said Nation delayed joining. See Here! This shall be adjusted to be adopted by the UW, as well as proposed for the USA.

    6: UW shall establish a UW Foreign Legion [UWFL]:  for men and women citizens of any other nation on Earth [ONE] to be eligible to join, initially, (from ages 14 to 70 years), for 10 years at a time. Non-English speakers shall be allowed free, six-month English language training, before any other education for which they are selected (for free). For each 10 year "hitch", the last five years can chosen by members of UWFL, to served as "inactive duty" (reserve) status, with military service required only in an emergency. (Military service means either combat or direct support of members involved in combat and/or preparing for combat duty.) 

    UWFL veteran's compensation and rights shall be the same as normal UW veteran's compensation and rights.

    7: The UW and UWFL Corps shall be Star*, Medical, Legal (Judge Advocate General [JAG]), Supply, Engineer, Scientist, Land Army, Air Force, Navy (including but not limited to Marine Corps), AeroSpace and Coast Guard Corps. Corps members may be of ranks classified as  Junior, Senior and Flag Level and on active service, on inactive  (reserve) service, as government or private employees, or retired. *Ie: Star is closely related to combat, as opposed to combatant's support Corps via, professional and/or specialist services.

    8: UWFL members shall earn full UW citizenships and residence automatically, if desired, including all parents, spouses, siblings, & dependent family (including marriage-related) members or adoptee(s), within two years, or less, of active duty, whether in training or not, provided citizenship of all eligible family members depends on their passing minimum examinations (appropriate to age) in (American) English, Law and Citizenship.

    9: UW Military, Naval, Air and FL Corps Personnel on active duty or reserve status shall be furnished with one Gavin  Hawk. including but not limited to H23WACs, per family, with a maintenance  allowance and duty to maintain in serviceable condition suitable to be used in emergency military use, independently, and/or in connection with recall to active duty of at least one member of their family.

    10: Include all provisions of G. Haven d'Amaury III's proposals, use in this  CUW, and with them and 

    11: Those (1-to-10) above, shall be negotiated by UW with the USA for amendments (and revocations of amendments) to  their Constitution of the USA [CUSA], to coordinate, as much as possible, the virtues and benefits of lifestyles of residents (and worldwide benefits) in the USA and UW.

    12: If and when the UW and USA (and as many other Nation{s} which will) agree by treaty to unite said Nations as a whole or with respect to one or more associated states, territories  and/or zones, and accept the CUW (including the CUW requirements with respect to the Constitutions of individual States of the SUW States [CSUW]), subject to a majority vote of  ~66.66667% of eligible voters of the Nation(s), and/or their individual National States, shall be accepted or rejected by the UW within 183 calendar days of the date of casting of votes. If accepted by UW, the memberships of the accepted National State(s) shall become SUW(s), and no longer States of their former Nation(s) within 183 calendar days of acceptance by UW. Thereafter, all rights, obligations and requirements of the laws of their former Nation(s) shall be no longer valid or enforceable, unless their former National rights, obligations and requirements of laws are in accordance with the laws of CUW and CSUW. In detail, the contracts, agreements (among firms and individuals) and legal provisions of former National States, and their equivalents to counties, townships, towns, villages & cities, shall be remain in effect to the extent that they are still consistent with CUW & the respective CSUW constitutions. However: disputes which cannot be settled without litigation, shall be subject to the Supreme Court of UW [SCUW] and/or courts formed in accordance with CUW and CSUW.