Critical Issues [CI]

(From 13th Jan 2013 to13 Jan 2263ad)

By: G'aven d'Amaury III

Most Critical Issue: 27th May 2016

  • Several related issues, taken in combination, culmulate in the survival of the human race until 2263ad. The sections below have been updated to reflect events require acceleration to happen 10 times faster. Now, GE has also changed plans, to enable possibilities that leadership of important nations may use, "the few, to protect the many", much as Winston Churchill did! 
  • GE was supposed to be too young to defend the world from destruction by Hitler, Stalin, Tojo & Mussolini. He chose to collaborate with Roosevelt ibnlt USA. Winning the first round, even with Roosevelt collaborating with Stalin, & losing almost all of China (to USSR inspired communism). The next round was againest communist proxies over Korea. GE (as a US naval officer) volunte-ered to defend South Korea, with limited success, without defeating commu-ists//proxies. GE decided that he did not need to help the USA depend on military force to save the USA from the current danger of Russia (Stalin died), & Germany (Hitler died), nor China's lack of military power: But, GE shall volunteer again as soon as necessary [ASAN].
  • Now, the key-critical-issue is control of potential Sole-Male-Rulers holding the codes necessary to initiate nuclear war. GE has, since 27th April 2016, has prpared several steps to reduce the risk of human (hss//HSS//M2ILF) ibnlt leading to total extinction of ILF [TXILF]:
    1. GE supports Hillary Clinton [HC] winning the Democratic Preliminary & General Election in November
    2. In the event of HC failing either election, GE shall run for Presidency of USA, to defeat any Republican candidate, especially Donald Trump, 
    3. If Trump wins the Republican primary, & HC loses, GE shall found the Spades Party & shall run GE as the "Ace of Spades".
    4. GE is a much better (male) choice* to hold the codes to initiate nuclear war t

      han Donald Trump...leading to 

      a much more likely TXILF [M2LTXILF]. 

* If you do not or cannot vote for HC, the best choice by Christian, Jewish, Muslim,  pure//mixed race, American native//immigrates, non-religious, rich, middle class, working class or poor US voters: Is to write in "James Gavin Embry" on your General Election ballot. Much more likely to lead to you, your friends & your & their descendants to become M2ILF, HSS & GOD to colonize the trillion ex0planets of the Milky Way Galaxy (within the next 25 over the next 100 years) as a starter.


My most Critical Issues: 22nd Feb 2014: turn out to be:

  • Income from my sales of my books (My & my late wife's 50 copyrighted books written by us) needed to prepare all 50 books for sale as ebooks. I can't say exactly how much money is needed soon enough to  find finance & found Experimental Project 1a, I planned to meet: 
  • other Critical Issues: 
  1. pollution of the global atmosphere, otherwise 
  2. causing Global Warming on Earth I,
  3. causing total extinction [TX] of Human Life on Earth I, &
  4. extermination of all known intelligent life forms [ILF] in the Universe(s) including but not limited to [ibnlt] GE.
  • Forming sufficient much more intelligent life forms [M2ILF] to inspire enough, to reproduce  (& guide) 50 million [m] more to learn how & cause 50m  M2ILF to "get the hell out of Dodge" [GOD] before ILF on  Earth l is totally exterminated [TX] (for example, from): 
  1. using fossil fuel [FF] 
  2. car accidents or 
  3. various sources of disaster(s). 
over the next 125 solar years.

For the moment, forget that (most people) never consider "very, very" distant future of ILF. My most immediate Critical Issue is to save & extend my life a little while longer (hopefully long enough). I want a basic connection with the Internet, to afford feeding my (one remaining) Cat & paying bills I need to pay for reading, 'riting & 'rithmetic [R3]: To use some means of dealing with Critical Issues for me & ILF... I covered some above. 

GE announces (here, summarily & in more detail in Critical Issues)

  •  Several recent discoveries which require urgent collaboration, primarily for survival of, especially ILF living on Earth I. M2ILF, which shall be derived from the now 7 billion [b] homo sapien sapiens [hss], are the only ILFs in the Universe(s). 
  • And, as far as anyone yet knows, the only possible M2ILFs are the only ILFs whom ever existed & able to learn how to create & fly in outer space & thus... become Space Migrants
  • GE has planned to have developed (within 1250 years) hss,  as 50 million [m] advanced Space Migrants [HS] (& 150m "collaborating: robots). Both hss & robots, classificated as HS, amounting altogether, to 200 million HSSs, able to migrate to 1k exoplanets, where they can settle, colonize, & safely reproduce (as HSS in "Goldilock" orbits) around trillions of other stars of the Milky Way Galaxy (for starters). [There are trillions of other galaxies each with trillions of stars & trillions of planets for googols of HSS who just may survive and reproduce for trillions of trillions of years after Earth I is destroyed &/or becomes extinct on Earth I. If... this Critical Issue is recognized, dealt with GE's designs & planmed by a hundred, or so, of the 7b hss on Earth I.  
  • A very serious Critical Issue is that most competent scientists agree that Global Warming is caused by hss: Primarily, a relatively few human residents of the wealthiest nations (such as USA & China) seriously threaten hss' survival on  Earth I, by extensive use of fossil fuel [FF], in cars, aircraft, manufacturing, electricity production plants & (directly or indirectly) in homes.
  • For example, Steven Hawkings, a highly respected scientist, recently predicted that all 7m hss would be extinct within 1k years. 
  • GE plans 28 Major Projects to reduce use of FF, sufficiently to allow survival of (at least, & preparing) 50m HSS , over at least 875 years soner than Hawkings thinks is available: To "Get the Hell out of Dodge"[GOD]... by 2264ad.  

Addition to CI: 24th Feb 2013

Current homo sapien sapiens [hss] survival on Earth I, is risked on Global Warming, which is largely increased by a small proportion of hss using fossil fuels [FF] excessively, up to 30 tons/year/hss, especially in the USA. A major goal of United World Foundation [UWF] (founded by GE), is to encourage worldwide collaboration on various matters, designed to: 

  • save hss PLUS
  • establishing Major Project 1a
  • Experimental Robots [XR]
  • collaborating to
  • create Space Migrants [SM]
  • GOD including but not limited to [ibnlt]
  • creating HSS (consisting of families of former, hss & XR) capable of & determined to collaborate to
  • ibnlt migrate to, settle, survive & reproduce on
  • thousands of Ex0Earths in 
  • the Milky Way Galaxy.  

Intelligent life's CI, may depend solely on hss on Earth. 

I: Evolving & populating trillions of TRILLIONS of galaxies... while never surviving on any single planet, ever. Astronomical collisions, competitive breeds, humanoid races & life forms (utilizing fatal diseases) constantly threatened (& threatens) hss w/TX. So far, hss is the only life form known in the Universe, to have evolved (w/sufficient intelligence) to collaborate, plan & execute: How to, overcome the physical barriers to Space Migrants  [SM]. 

SM is the most important CI. SM is the only way of hss' "leaving Dodge City", before becoming extinct on Earth I (certain, in some future).  

Unless hss having SMed & colonized other exoplanets in Milky Way Galaxy (&/or other galaxies): HSS (the only certain) Intelligent life, will certainly have become totally extinct in the Universes. 

Now, nobody knows, if other forms of intelligent life have also evolved in other solar systems: But, there is no evidence of any life form not resident on Earth I. The (highest) ILF, hss,  on Earth I, we know of, hss has taken a little less than five billion [b] solar years to evolve. Our only intelligent life form ("hss") is now seriously threatened with extinction before developing interstellar SM. All life forms, if any ever evolved (and survived), over almost 14b solar years available (since the Big Bang): They have not yet developed something similar to hss' interstellar SETI, a much simpler than SM form of intelligent design. That does not justify depending solely on them to succeed in finding SM to populate the Universes w/HSS rather than hss.   

II: (However, SETI, an essential CI, is not to be abandoned. Any SETI success' may make possible, fantastically potential collaboration [CIC] with extrasolar intelligent life forms. Exactly as Emperor Hirohito, appreciated life forms collaborating: to survive, grow & mutually reproduce). 

Hss' fatal CI (not to understand, appreciate & support) enough of the essential CIs necessary to

  • CI2a) first on Earth I, survive, & reproduce long enough to evolve & develop hss & HR as
  • CI2b) HSS on Project 1a &
  • CI2c) GOD by about 2264ad, w/at-least
  • CI2d) 200k HSS on OSUC Shirltiti HSS, landing &
  • CI2e) colonizing Shirltiti-Aten on Ex0Earth I.  

Essentials will be further defined on other (later) Pages & added to ASAP.