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any of up-to 50  CPB-ebooks

You can click on these CPB CODES to DOWLOAD, if asked, & get FREE DOWNLOADS.

GE owns 50 copyrights of Books & licensed to sell CPB & include CPB-Special Pages [CPSP] to help CBP readers find locally-available, diagnoses & cures for cancer and the 10 most locally-common, fatal-diseases.
GE shall also use income from CPB sales (and donations) to finance:
  • translating to foreign languages AND CPSP
  • producing CP audio books in English and foreign languages [CPAP]
  • distributing CPB & CPAP to reach ASAP & AMAP of seven billion readers,
  • to love to read, 
  • love to learn to read in English and foreign languages AND
  • save up-to 2.1 billion human lives, PLUS LAUNCHING:
  1. RDL Major AND Experimental Projects, including but not limited to
  2. Experimental Children's Power Systems
Now that you have read this, and downloaded any CPB: Please tell me your pleasure & suggestions via Contact Us. If so, I will authorize you to continue downloading CPB until 31th Dec 2013.