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  • To send an email to gavin3050@gmail.com W/"I am interested in saving lives from malaria//fatal diseases."
  • Email your request to download one or more copies of eBooks:
    1. List titles required (listed on gavinembry.yolasite.com/online-store.pnp)
    2. Please make sure your email address is also included to get 1) an email of the MS Word version(s) of copies of titles to read on your computer &/or copy to other type(s) of readers, & 2) an invoice. You can pay via the  invoice, to pay for the copies you want to keep, at reduced price(s), to G&S d'Amaury Direct. (At least reduced by 20%, ie not more than $8/eBook. 
OR copy, edit &
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  1. President of UW [PUW] &/or
  2. Governor (of a State) of UW [GUW].
  3. Vote for Gavin Embry as PUW, (instead of you) or
  4. vote for anybody else who is (really) running for PUW:
  5. Name ___________________________, PLUS
  6. EMAIL ADDRESS ____________________________?
  7. Vote for the Constitution of UW [CUW].
  8. Vote against Constitution of CUW.
  9. Vote for a State of the UW [SUW] to be carved out of the USA or Other Nation on Earth [ONE] or Zone:_______________________?
  10. Vote against a State of the UW [SUW] being carved out of the USA or ONE or Zone
  11. become a citizen [CI] of United World [UW] [CiUW] & apply to become an Ideal Customer [iCu], ie & family-resident of any State or Zone of the United World.


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