Conumism 101b [CCIb]
This is (as of 24th Sept 2012) additions to basic research on Conumism-Prelim. which you can review. CCIb will include only added research and comments on crime &. especially, summarized details of successful & unsuccessful defenses against both communism & more Conmunism ("common" con-men &/or criminals) all mixed among & between, in various parts of the World.

Almost no one considers Single-Male-Ruler-Foundation-Rulers  [SMRFR] as criminals, including:
  • "benign" rulers
  • murderers
  • thieves 
  • honest believers in religious principles, requiriring destruction of properties & lives associated with "non-believers" &
  • Pretenders. as believers in religious principles, pretended to be believed to require destruction of properties and lives associated with non-believers (a single or a double twister), making possible & likely
SMRFRs, most commonly:
  • triple twisters (fooling most subjects) or
  • True-Believers (eg  Non-Twisters) or
  • Truly Twisted True-Believers, or
  • Extremely-Difficult-to Sort-Out [EDSO].
So, the best (existing) policy,  somewhat adopted by the Famous Founding Fathers [F3]of the US Constitution [F3USC], forbids forms of noble & religious rule & rulers, plus forbidding "legal discrimination" against churches. This policy is violated by most other Nations on Earth [ONE], notably leading to disaster (in order of high-to-less extreme policies, eg propagandizing, suppression of free-speech, promoting jihad, etc):
  • Iran - Anti-USA, Anti-Israel, Pro-Islamic, Pro-Jihad, Pro-Nuclear War
  • Syria - Anti-USA, Pro-Islamic
  • Jordan - Pro-Islamic
  • North Korea -Anti-Religion, Pro-Nuclear War
  • Russia - Pro-Conumism, Anti-Religion
  • Northern China - Pro-Conumism, Anti-Religion
  • Republic of China - (remaining) Pro-USA
  • Southeast Asia -Pro-Islamic
  • The Middle East
  1. Israel Anti-Islamic
  2. most others Pro-Islamic, Anti-USA, Anti-Christian & Anti-Jews
  • Indonesia Pro-Islamic
  • Most of Europe - Pro-SMRFR
  • Africa - Anti-Roman Catholic [RC]
  1. North Sudan - Pro-C-M)
  2. Nigeria - tolerates C-M
  • Most lower North, Central & South America - Pro-RC
  • UK-Pro-Royal, Nobel, Church of England (the divorced & separated from RC Church) Anti-Roman Catholic (aka Episcopalian)
  • Canada - Pro-SMRFR & Pro-Episcopalian
  • Australia -Pro-SMRF & Pro-Episcopalian
  • Greece - Pro-Orthodox Catholic [OC]
  • USA - Anti-Conumism, but very subjective to EDSO SMRFRs, potentially at home &/or firmly abroad, supports of C+M, tolerates C-M, both in USA
  • UW - Least of all EDSO & most able to judge EDSO, as EDSO or Not.
  • With respect to USA and UW, different views of:
  1. extra-territoriality w/respect to
  2. migration,
  3. family living,
  4. taxation,
  5. criminal law,
  6. multiple citizenships &
  7. international military & commercial treaties
SERIOUSLY affecting all the above, including improvement of
  1. human rights
  2. science
  3. Global Warming
  4. fatal diseases
  5. asteroids
all making more likely successful expansion & support of
  1. survival of human life (ie intelligent life, perhaps 
  2. all life) on Earth &, eventually,
  3. more likely safe human survival on ExoPlanets (& extra-solar-asteroids &/or Moons) for
  4. trillions of trillions of humans for
  5. many trillions of years until
The End of Aleph.