Autobiography 2016-1


(By G’aven d’Amaury III)

--1927 to now—

Brief Summary

Ancestry subject to revision, if really necessary. Most likely, Gavin Embry [GE] (above), born in October 1927. A truly 100%-male-son of George Embry & Albertha (“Bert”) Embry, nee’ Smith, of Madison Co., AS. Remote possibility of GE, son of Basil Embry & Alisee Smith, called Ira Embry [IE] “adopted” by George & Bert Embry, in place of (lost) GE, renamed GE & raised for 15 years. GE, 10yoa, was nearly killed by throat nearly slashed by unsuspected barbed wire. At 13yoa, GE’s family were nearly lost from a MO tornado smashed their home & farm buildings. By ’39. GE was graduated from grade school, learned to fly, travel to China, met May-Ling-Soong & finish 1st year of high school. In 1944, GE joined USN as officer candidate & met Olga Mercedes Lasso [OML] In mid-’46, both graduated from Univ. of Texas-Austin [UofT], he was commissioned Ensign (DE) USNR, & married OML. While18 & 19yoa, GE sailed on USS Kankakee AO-39, in the Pacific & Indian Oceans, Persian Gulf & Caribbean Sea. Released to inactive duty, he was employed in Panama Canal Zone [PCZ] for 1 year, then returned to UofT (granted a second BS & post grads, for another year). By mid-’48. Back to PCZ, while OMLE bears a first son, James Gavin Embry II, with her mother. Mid-’49 to mid-’50, InterAmerican Geodetic Survey hired GE to map the Republic, to accurately aim ICBMs, miss friends & hit enemies. In June ’50, GE returned to active duty as Lt(jg) as “Captain” of USNS Cedar Creek, to defend South Korea. GE frequented the “Grotto”, in Yokohama, run by “Mama San”, who introduced GE to Larry, LTCDR, who served General of the Army MacArthur GAMA. LTCDR passed a hat for $50, & rented an Admiral Nelson uniform, to fit GE, who joined a costume party for ‘50’s New Year’s Eve. Next 8:00am, GE & LTCDR strolled by the Diichi Building in Tokyo, GAMA arrived by car, dismounted & saluted GE, the first, only time ever GAMA saluted a naval officer…first.

GE & Mark Twain [MT]

In April 2016ad, looking for something interesting on the Internet, GE found an unfamiliar quote of MT: ~"Your two most important days are your day of birth & the day you learned why"! Was that it?: 27th Apr 2016, the day GE decided to run for presidency of the USA*.

A bit of backstory: MT's home town was Hannibal MO, near Cape Girardeau & Southeast Missouri State Teacher's College [SEMSTC] (Now called "South East Missouri State University" [SEMSU]). GE’s luck of the draw [TLD], at 15yoa GE passed American Mensa. With I.Q.=132, the best of 3 who also passed, of his 450 fellow students at Butler H.S. Three male classmates were also selected for military officer training, during WWII. GE chose Navy V-12 @ SEMSTC. During his first 2 semesters, GE learned to dance with, courted & won love (competing with a fellow student & Hannibalite); from Olga Mercedes Lasso de los Rios y Hernandez-Fernandez [OML], citizen & former resident of Panama City, Panama. 

Perhaps OML's & GE’s TLD’s, GE was "promoted" to NROTC "cadet" at University of Texas-Austin [UofT], & GE earned two BS’s in NS&T & ME degrees & was commissioned USNR Ensign (DE), on 24th June 1946. In 2.33 years instead of 4+5=9 (normal, typical, peacetime) years. 

GE was allowed, exceptionally, by US President & Catholic Pope’s agreement, GE to marry Olga Mercedes Lasso de Embry [OMLE] on 22nd June 1946. In a Catholic Church, without GE had sworn to believe that crackers & wine were physically converted by priests, to flesh & blood. GE refused to lie, after he had studied Einsteinian & experimental Physics @ UofT…

GE’s TLD-1: His mother, had decided not to name him James Gavin, but just Gavin. Because she loved MT's writings about Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, but MT included a fictional, idiotic, American Indian called "JIM". While GE was part-white, 11th generation descendant of Henrie Embrie [HE**], GE was a blend of cross-breed: 1/8th bloods (DNA) of Cherokee & Chickasaw American Indians. (Also, GE is likely to be 5% DNA of the otherwise extinct Neanderthals & Darwinians). 

GE’s TLD-2, some idiotic, fumble-bumble, doctor (his family had never heard of, nor were required to have done & GE not informed for 30 years) had registered his birth in AS, erronously, as “James” Gavin Embry & wrong date-of-delivery, two days before he was born on 11th October 1927. On, that right day, Charles Lindberg flew, first, across the Atlantic & landed near Paris, France. And, the-day-after that day-of-the-month but 435 years later than the Genovese, Cristobal Colon discovered America, financed by Queen Isabela I & King Ferdinand II of Spain, in 1492ad. Somewhat critical birthdays (?).

TLD-3, while GE lived in & about San Francisco for over 20 years, learned why MT had said: "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

** HE emigrated to Jamestown colony of Virginia (founded by Queen Elizabeth I, as her first successful North American colony, in 1609. Eleven years before Boston & Plymouth Rock, her second successful colony). HE, or his father, were most likely born in France & 20yoa, HE left England in 1635ad, with his wife (to-be) Jobe (Embrie) [JE], on the sailing ship America. HE & JE’s early descendants changed spelling their names to “Embry”, and various branches inter-married with Chickasaw or Cherokee American Indians. Including but not limited to GE’s (probable) father’s ancestors George Embry. George, 1/8th Chickasaw, actually married Albertha (“Bert”) Smith, 1/8th Cherokee, & probably a descendant of Admiral John Smith, also a cofounder (under Elizabeth I) of Jamestown VA.

United World Government [UWG]


Currently, as of April 2016ad, UWG is led by GE, the Alternative President of United World [APUW]. UWG is in early stages of definition & design. by APUW GE at APUG GE's fairly advanced age, born in 1927. GE learned about scientific discoveries & developments brought obvious possibilities far beyond prior human understanding. Including but not limited to [ibnlt]: 1) total extinction [TX] of intelligent life forms [ILF] [TXILF] on Earth I, & 2) all the solar system's other planets. moons, dwarf planets & large asteroids, eventually…but 3) the possible trillions [t] of ILFs colonizing ex0planets (surviving) in trillions of of trillions galaxies, ibnlt firstly in the Milky Way Galaxy [TILFCX]. Until ~2008ad, GE considered "possibilities" based on Albert Einstein's theoretical physics limiting all travel in outer space to 300,000,000 kilometers/second [kps]. Since then, evidence has appeared that at least some forms of travel, can be at least nearly instantaneous. Up to 10k faster than 300m kps. So, colonizing ex0planets are not impossible... perhaps unlikely, in the immediate future, but possible. 

GE's most fundamental work is Critical Issues [CI] & the most critical CI is: Possibility versus impossibility. Your reading these lines, judging (or misjudging) the possibility of TILFCX & continuing to read what follows, understand & support what GE now asks you to do, will control the fate of ILFs: TXILF or TILFCX.  Obviously, if UWG’s TLD wins, depending on the reasonable survival of GE, his supporters & their friendly collaborators' descendants also survive. As, much more ILFs [M2ILF] & as homo sapein sapeins [hss] can be trained & promoted to HSS & able to TILFCX. Others shall very likely be TXILF.

End of Introduction

Nearly end of last month, GE decided to run for President of the USA in November 2016 (&, if possible) tried to ask Hillary Clinton [HC] to (also) collaterally run with GE’s election as GE’s Vice President [VP] [GEVP]. And, as GEVP, she may also run to be elected as President of France.

GE's & your evaluations of possibility-versus- impossibility (of GE being elected): May lead to GE’s stopping running &/or [//] your stopping reading...Leading UWG off the cliff & terminal extinction [TX][UWGTX] & therefore TXILF. Now, GE shall not vote for GE, but for HC's, presidency. Whatever that is worth? To her or to him. So why am I telling you this? The worldwide domination by, 1) single male // 2) male-cabal created rulers risk serious, terminal, possibilities… of TX wars, ie TXILF. GE supports (most electable) female rulers, less likely to START TX wars [STXW].

The only serious probability, except presidency of France, is expanding female rule via HC's presidency of the USA (//HC also as President of France//as Senior Deputy President of United World [SDPUW]). One US vote including not limited to electing the US president, also involves the Electoral College [EC] & Supreme Court Judges [SCJ], if the respective citizen’s votes are nearly equal, written-in-votes may not seriously affect the EC but citizen-voters of a new political party, such as "Spades" party might. This is not the right place to reveal GE's policy, but is already obvious that he prefers HC over GE, & Republicans (especially Donald Trump [DT]) as the next US president. determine the winner. Between two parties, Republican & Democratic, men may not vote for a female president & some women may also vote for a male //for//against a party, rather than opposing or supporting a woman ruler. Women voting for GE, (the Ace of Spades), are against all Republicans & many Democrats (who don’t oppose GLOBAL WARMING) [GW]). The double whammy is to support GE’s winning, to oppose GW. A serious threat of TX//HC as GEVP & GE, both concentrating & collaborating to avoid various forms of TXILF, especially TX. The next best GE strategy is to investigate supporting & running HC as a Democratic candidate//as a newly formed "Spades" party candidate as GEVP//Duce of Spades [DoS], which may or may not also be possible, subject to the US Constitution. 

* GE is already Alternative President of United World. [APUW]. And once elected President of USA [PUSA], GE shall also be elected President of United States of the World [PUW] for a twelve-year term. If so, before his end of term, GE, if he survives, he shall be 101yoa. The odds, according to Internet projections, are over 50% that HC shall become PUW & Ace of Spades.


In 28th Jan ’73, GE met Shirley van Eyssen, nee’ Simmons [SVE] (now known as Shirltiti vE. Embry [SVEET]) in London, UK. While GE lived in Paris & SVE in London, they flew across the channel to visit routinely for the next two years. Then in ‘75, GE decided to rent a house near Hyde Park in London, instead of his living in hotels near the Champs Elysees (paid for by his clients, as their SISSA Management Consultant). A short walk between SVEE (in Eaton Mews North) & GE they shared keys for two more years. When GE’s youngest child Giana H. Embry [GHE], moved to UK, to stay with GE instead of OMLE, GE decided to share SVE’s house & invited 11yoa GHE to stay there too, along with SVEE’ only 9yoa child, David Alexander Louis van Eyssen [DVE].  Except when needing to stay home to care for their children, SVEE frequently traveled with GE on trips to USA, Europe & South Africa, to visit GE’s international clients &/ or [//] subsidiaries or divisions (but not SVEE to Germany).

SVEE, with GE’s support, continued to write books including I am Jack, Paradise Walk & The American Salute. GE, with her support, wrote Dance by the Light of the Earth.

Skipping back to meeting GAMA at 8:00am. on 1st Jan 1951ad. GE promised to help GAMA: 1) first win Korean War, & 2) run for US presidency (in exchange for appointing GE Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Under LTCDR Larry, as Secretary of the Navy), //3) skipping GE 3 or 4 ranks to Commodore USN) by end of his term(s). In April ’52, GE learned that President Truman fired GAMA (as commanding general), & GE was informed by GAMA that he would not run for presidency, but arranged for GE to be Intelligence & Shipping Security Officer for the Panama Canal Zone & Caribbean Sea, & rejoin OMLE, in her home town. (OMLE, preferred living in San Francisco Bay rather than Panama City, ibnlt with James Gavin & Georg Albert). GE, at end of agreed active duty, in mid-’52, he rejoined his family & was hired by Kaiser Engineers, Henry J. Kaiser Corp [KE]. Till ’59, he served KE as Manager(s) of Contracts, Subcontracts, Systems & Procedures, & Organization Planning* Departments. Offered a Vice President of Admistration, GE chose Assistant to the President & Chief Engineer of Paceco in Alameda CA, for 3 years. The following 12 years with Varian Associates [VA] of Palo Alto, CA, as Manager of Special Projects (especially helping VA adopt computer technology) & Manager of Information Systems [MIS].

After ’72, GE founded & served as Chairmanship & Presidency of several firms: 1) Structured Information Systems, Sociadad Anonima [SA][SISSA], Real Division, Limited [RDL], Embry General Limited [EGL], Goulden Publishing (in Europe, Africa & Near East) & 2). Since 2010 founded G&S d’Amaury Direct [GSAD] (in USA).

Since 2008ad, GE founded & developed various’s websites (ibnlt, for worldwide access to GE’s planning, design & development of 28 RDL Major Projects & over 100 Experimental Projects [MP2E]. All related & essential to defeating Earth’s Global Warming & wars, which (among other dangers from asteroid collisions, fatal diseases & predatory life forms): But, MP2Es help Space Migrants assure colonizing the Milky Way Galaxy, by 250 million much more intelligent life forms [M2ILF], as starters.

*Also GE attended Univ. of California-Berkeley for 1) MS in Organization Planning & 2) ICAF (precursor of Univ. of National Defense) for MS in Emergency Management of National Economy.

End of Gavin’s Life Stories