Astro Shirl

This is Shirley Goulden [SG], Author, the name "Shirl City" [SCBE], is proposed by GSAD, for the first SuperSkyUtopia (once built), just approximately over the central point of the Channel Tunnel, across the Strait of Dover.

"Astro Shirltiti"   [ASTT] ("titi" added, with respect to Nefertiti, SG's probable ancestress) is the name chosen by GSAD for a recently discovered  very old Galaxy, first called SXDF-NB1006-2: "The galaxy ...formed just 750 million years after the Big Bang. It is, therefore, about 12.91 billion years old, and [naturally] 12.91 billion [b] light years away from [SG's] home planet. This is an estimate[d] distance of about 27 x 10^25 ... meters!" ,

If anyone on Earth receives a signal issued:

  • from the precise direction of ASTT, and
  • not from some intermediate source, ie
  • almost certainly from ASTT, and
  • anything can be proven that signal originated, NOT from any other source, more recently than 12.91b years ago (eg from any source which did not exist 12.91b years ago, but did not come into existence until later) 
  • Ipso facto, that signal had to have traveled (perhaps instantaneously) faster than the speed of light
  • Supporting that SG's ashes can be superpositioned to form separate terminals intercommunicating information (not necessarily via photons)
  • to saturate trillions of Universes coded w/SG's intelligent writing
  • more or less instantaneously, much more rapidly than Einstein's theories of the limitations of the speed of light: 300,000kps.