GE's plans for RDL Major Project 28: 30th Oct 2016

Include humanoid robots (including HSS's) to man factories in native countries  (ie "native" means where designs of products were originated.  


Redefinition & simlification of voting for James G. Embry [GE] as President of the USA shall also be construed as a vote for APUW Gavin Embry, Sr. elected President of United States of the World [UW], [PUW] & also a vote for Hillery Clinton [HC], hereby selected by GE as Senior Deputy President of UW [DPUW], provided HC agrees to accept being elected as DPUW: 15th Oct 2016.


Much Most Critical Issue [M2CI]: 13th August 2016, survival & promotion of 50 million [m] descendants of APUW GE, his friends &collaborators, as colonizers of 1k eX0planets of Milky Way Galaxy... for starters.


Critcal Issue: 27th May 2016, including but not limited to [ibnlt] US voter's choice of the US presi-dent, to take office in Jan 2017ad. By GE, also writing as his nom de plume, "G'aven d'Amaury III".


Autobiography of GE: 10th May 2016

Autobiography 2016-1


Gavin Embry [GE] now declares his candidacy for Presidency of the USA: 27th Apr 2016

GE appoints Hillary Clinton [HC] collateral candidate (if she agrees) for Vice-Presidency of the USA. And GE shall also support HC (&/or [//] Bill Clinton [BC]) as candidate(s) for President & Vice President of France.

Once elected President of the USA, GE (already self-declared Alternative President of the United World [APUW]) shall organize voter support of GE to also be elected as President of the United World [PUW]. And, HC & BC as Deputy Presidents of the United World [DUW].

More details to be developed & announced Pages on this website.

Any current reader of these lines who wants to help GE's & HC's*  candidacies, ibnlt their campaigns to destroy global warming, & save the human race by "getting the hell out of Dodge" [GOD]: Please Contact us to help organize WorldWide, general, financial & voter's support... ASAP.

The announced intention of GE is to oppose the Republican Party and its financial support by wealthy organizations (apart from  individual voter's votes). Specifically, Donald Trump's use of his adopted name to attract cash: GE proposes the name of a new political party as "Spades", & GE's nickname be "Ace of Spades".

* GE supports HC as both & either Democratic President of USA & France or Spades DUW & President of France

If US voters are not offered "Gavin Embry" on the ballot, they can still write in his name, against any other opponent & automatically for Hillary Clinton as Vice President of the USA.


Potential SuperSkyUtopia in Panama Bay: 15th Apr 2016

Here! See also Experimental Project 1a. Stephen Hawkins proposal for travel to Proxima Centauri in 20 years, plus Shirley's ashes converted to diamonds & separated to accomplish instantaneous communications between points in the Universe(s). In combination, this opens the doors to GOD. If & when some collaborators help colonize 1k Milky Way's  ex0planets. If not:

"Bye, bye Birdseed": To all those UtBPs. 


Revision by GE: 19th Mar 2016

Based on my reading "BOLD" by Peter H Diamandis & Steven Kotler, I have divided by 10 my original estimates:

  • 250 years preparing homo sapien sapiens [hss] for "Getting the hell out of Dodge" [GOD] = 25 years &
  • 1000 years for 50 million hss (as HSS) to colonize 1k ex0planets of Milky Way Galaxy = 100 years.

Therefore, the launch of OSUC Shirltiti HSS is scheduled for 2041ad + 10 OSUC/year, each following year until 2140ad: All designed to colonize 1k Ex0planets each by 50k hss, trained & promoted to HSS, as Space Migrants.


Attention...to survival. GE achieved 88YOA: 1st Mar 2016

Measuring from my Mother's birth on 4th Jan 1908 & her telling me about her (& my father's) childhood days to... today's issue: Christo rey! The first item, & one about,  probably, most expensive & fastest car  are very hard to accept, in less than 100 years. I now plan my autobiography (including but not limited to [ibnlt]) early days, but also ibnlt my plot for human race's 50 million's survival & GOD* from 2263 to 3263ad.

* "Getting the hell out of Dodge**" [GOD].

** "Dodge" City, KS = slang for "Earth I".


Update on GE's former, future, "perpetual traveler"-ship: 29 Feb 2016

Kathy & Leif's [KL] comparison of Panama vs Columbia. The main differences KL noted are weather & taxes. I got used to Panama weather (during three years) & used its tax policy (I preferred over 40 years, as a US citizen, but, perpetual traveler).  KL also suggested investment of US dollars in property priced in Columbian & South American money is a distinctive advantage. I also consider spending some time in (or near) Paris, where I & KL have also lived (which they are also considering).


Elaboration of MPGE: 28 Feb 2016

GE's judgement of homo sapiens' [hs] current behavioral characteristics cause hs' classification as 99.999999% of the 7 billion [b] are Useless as teats on Boar Pigs [UtBP] &C4I: (a short way of saying congenital idiots*//criminal co-conspirators**), leaving (hopefully) 100 hs as non-UtBP & non-&C4I, & potential ancestors of 50 million [m] HSS (capable to be selected & trained as HSS) to GOD out of Earth I, colonize Milky Way's ex0planets & save some of otherwise &C4I descendant's from total termination on Earth I. 

* The insult of characterization of congenital idiots is not a curse but recognition of hs' predominately accepted & spent their lives supporting belief in gods who controls their fate in life & after death, especially on Earth I. This, universally, was used by other men (oddly, never women) to manipulate other hs to serve their manipulator.

** Especially religious leaders [RL], conspire with rulers to manipulate hs to steal, especially money. In some cases, RLs conspire with sole male rulers to use hs in war to protect &C4I from competitive &C4Is.

Variously RLs & others have used reading, 'riting & 'rithmatic [R3] to trick hs into accepting their manipulation in peace & war. GE plans to use R3, not to trick, but encourage readers to save & extend the lives of their friends & their descendants as 250m potential HSS, GOD Earth I & (at least) colonize Milky Way's ex0planets by the end of 3263ad.

Simply GE will 'rite AMAP hs to read these  Announcements.


Revised Master Plans [MP] by Gavin Embry [GE] [MPGE]: 1 Jan 2016

Firstly, this MPGE is for 2016ad. Obviously, GE expects to survive (at least) one more year, till the end of 2016ad. GE's RDL Master Project's plans (including but not limited to [ibnlt] Experimental Projects [XP], have not been terminated, abandoned nor blocked significantly by GE nor his opponents (ibnlt congenital idiots & or [//] criminal co-conspirators[C4I])... so far. 

If possible (& if funds available [&PIFA]) during 2016ad: GE plans to resume being a "perpetual traveler" lowering USA's (& Other Nation's on Earth [ONE]) (vis-a-vis minimization of USA  & ONE's income taxes on GE & all other United States of the World [UW] Residents  [UWR]//Ideal Customers [CiUW]. The major goal of GE's policy (as the current alternative president of UW [APUW]) is to maximize financial inducements to encourage world-wide UWR's families: To apply for & become CiUW. Said applicants are required to collaborate to reduce their use of fossil-fuel [FF]: In, ibnlt vehicles, aircraft, factories, farms, buildings, homes, offices, ships & boats...to not more than 10% of their former use of FF.  

Much of the above implies, AMAP, to facilitate founding land-sites in the USA & ONE, for prototypes & residencies of CiUW families in Project 10's. Areas GE 2016ad plans include Project 10 prototype centers//land-sites:

  • GE has already established,
    1. 1154 Eddie St SE, Lebanon OR 97355 USA
  • Ane GE investigates,
    1. A 80 acre farm in Lebanon 97355 OR, USA &
  • Other locations in
    1. OR, WA & CO, USA now potentially terminated, because those states' encouragement & acceptance of use of (elsewhere) illegal drugs. 
    2. 2/2016ad: Belize now terminated, because that nation's encouragement & acceptance of use of (elsewhere) illegal drugs.
    3. Panama
    4. Columbia
    5. Nicaragua
    6. Basque, France
    7. Languedoc, France
    8. Other locations near Paris, France: w/city office in Paris//
    9.  Project 10 residency land-sites in France, Italy & Spain; where unlikely to be dangerous from flooding, wind storms, tornados & deadly diseases ibnlt medical care available & reliable.


A report on Global Warming: 14th Dec 2015

Copied & forwarded from HERE.


Summary of hss' future: 7th Oct 2015

Read more.




  • Stage I: APUSW GE will run for President of USA [PUSA], w/2 Selected  Deputy Presidents of PUSA [DPUSA] & 2 Selected Assistant Presidents of PUSA [APUSA] & GE as elected APUSW & the 2 DPUSA & 2 APUSA as 2 DPUSWs & 2 APUSWs..
  • Stage II: Also, if GE has been elected as PUSA, GE shall propose repeal of US constitional amendments requiring PUSA candidates to run for office or serve, having been born in the USA, or having been resident in the USA over the last 5 years.
  • Stage III: GE as PUSA, GE shall propose a consitutional amendment empowering the elected PUSA to establish by executive orders that define regions within USA states &/or [//] territories// otherwise defined Tax-Free-Districts//regions of USW [USW]: All barred from passing Tax bills//laws//collecting taxes on residents of such defined regions// sales of goods//services provided in such definedd regions. 



Due to the many "United World"s; allowed by Google, but United World was created by Gavin Embry in 30th March 2008ad, which Google never reported (nor dectected; or, possibly, accepted): I am adding "States of the" between "United" & "World".

Please look at the "reorganization" of "United States of the World" [USW].


See how to find ex0planets: 22th July 2015



Review of "The Sixth Extinction" [TSE]. By Elizabeth Kolbert [EK]: 24th June 2015

The Sixth Extinction


Re-Classification of human races on Earth I: 19 Feb 2015 up-to 20 Feb  3263ad

Briefly, in 2014ad, the total population was measured as 7 billion [b]. My best estimate is that, out of those, approximately 100 homo sapien sapiens [hss], are likely to be carefully selected & guided to be parential ancestors of 50 million [m] hss, of the mainly, mostly, more intelligent life forms [M3ILF] to be selected, trained & qualified to "Get the Hell out of Dodge*" [GOD] by the end of 3263ad: ie, having become the only [HSS] colonizers of the Milky Way Galaxy's: 1) ex0planets, 2) moons & 3) asteriods.

* GOD is shorthand for getting off Earth I, before total extermination of hss, the only known intelligent life form in the Universe, or Universes, with any indication or promise of reproduction & survival: Sufficient to fly in Outer Space, even if & when [I&W] aided by association with sufficient intelligence to support the necessary Earth I's science & technology.


RDL Major Project 28: 29 Dec 2014

Just in case of this is the last Major Project conceived by GE: Overall, the goal of RDL Major Project 28 [RDLMP28] is to terminate the life forms (currently classified as Intelligent Life Forms [ILF] or not) which attempts to kill, eat, destroy, stop and/or [//] block reproduction//development of  Much More Intelligent Life Forms [M2ILF]*: The M2ILF (conceived by GE) to support, reproduce, survive//colonization of the Milky Way & other Galaxies of the Universies [CMWG]. 

*Including but not limited to [ibnlt] all ILF on Earth (& robots w/artificial intelligence [AI]) useful//possible management, to collaborate in support of M2ILF [M3SILF]//CMWG


RDL Major Project  27: 7th  Dec 2014

There is a simple solution of human using natural gas for energy, producing CO2 (as well as coal, oil & other forms of fossil fuel [FF]). All compounds of natural gas contains hydrogen  [H] as well as other natural elements. Several methods can be used to separate H from the various compounds, saving H to use with plenty of Earth's atmospheric's oxygen [O] to produce energy for cooking, heating houses, powering cars & aircraft  etc, etc.

This also produces H2O: Completly free of Global Warming, comtaminating the Earth's atmosphere w/CO2 & wiping out intelligent life forms [ILF] on Earth too soon to allow GE's plans to "get the hell out of Dodge" [GOD]. Allowing, 50 million [m] much more intelligent life forms [M2ILF] to (at least) colonize the trillions of planets of the Milky Way Galaxy, before the final termination of life on Earth.



Plans for adding to the CUW: 9th Nov 2614

Of course, establishment of United World [UW] (& UW States [SUW]) depends on. mostly, readers of this website, applying to be citizens of United World [CiUW] & enabled to vote on UW key questions [UWKQ]. The answers to UWKQ, are my guidelines to where, when & how to establish exclusive SUW//shared SUW//Tax-free-zones, within Other Nations on Earth [ONE]. 

The immediate UWKQ. is the termination of residents//firms//businesses within the boundries of any SUW. In most cases, termination is to provide prevention of outlaws of Earth I, stealing money, property//rights of CiUW. ASAP the definitions of outlawery shall be defined in CUW) applicable to termination of entry, CiUWship//various methods of communications to//from//within, the UW//SUWs.  

Please contact-us to discuss with us about any subject including but not limited to [Ibnlt] termination of CiUWship//ibnlt outlaws//criminals.


Upgrade of Gavin Hawk: 6th Nov 2014


Others agree: 10th Oct 2014


Global Warming (0r not?): 17th Sept 2014

Think? Left Brain or Right Brain or both of your's.



2nd September 2014--31 Dec 2014

To get your heads out of your asinine [Governmental & personal] butts & drastically prepare in time: For "getting the Hell out of Dodge" [GOD].  A (possibly) final Page will be added ASAP, to this website: to remind you of my plans (initiated in 2008) & MY warning  to postpone the disaster(s) including but not limited to [ibnlt] Global Warming.

Time to read & think. And, long enough, to put your "foot on the gas pedal" & point in  the right direction (what is left in the oil & gas business) of what is available to use to support & FINANCE the only policies which might work...SOON ENOUGH


Gavin Embry [GE] is home & doing business: 29th August 2014

Revtsion: Mid-Sept 2014: A fourth doctor, saved my "nearly-lost" life (for the fourth time), removing my appendix, The odds are four (out of my seven doctors) saved my life. The other three, so far in my lifetime came very close to killing me by mis-diagnoses//perscribing a very nearly, deadly drug. 

A third doctor saved my life, adding my odds with respect to doctors, from 50%:50% to 66.7%: 33.3% having saved my life vs prescribing deadly drugs. On the deadly side: 1) penicillin &  2) ketoprofen (by two different doctors). But 3 life-savers, 1) prescribing & performing a triple open-heart bypass, 2) diagnosing a stomach ulcer (caused by 15 years of ketoprofen) & prescribing 4 litres of blood & 3) diagnosing pneumonia, who diagnosed my fatal disease & prescribed the right drug to save my life... for the third time.

Now, my odds (on the Internet) are 50%:50% diagnosed to live to 90 years, while I still plan to get a DBA in Business (or a doctorate in Intelligence in Counterterrorism). Either (or both) would be useful in arranging finance of one or two Utopia in Panama: Mainly, to promote 50m Space Migrants "getting the Hell out of Dodge [GOD]: At least 50k Space Migrants each year, beginning (at the latest) 2263ad for each of the next 1000 years

A critical issue, just beginning (& stalled a few weeks by me being in medical-care), was my purchasing a 1/4 acre lot, house & "Cabin & House on the Prairie" [CHOP] @ 1154 Eddie St in Lebanon OR [ESLO] 97355. My (multiple) barreled plan is: 

  • to produce substantial cash (ASAP) to purchase a much larger house  & enough land for 10-to-20 Major Project 10 site's (for one family each to support themselves on approximately five acres): To launch AMAP WorldWide &
  • EXperimentally, first in ESLO, sow seed & develop tasty, healthy & exciting food plants & ethical drug treatment plants (to stave off fatal//disabling diseases) based on both local land & hydroponic "farmlets".

Gavin Embry survives: 3rd Aug 2014

My serious dose of Pneumonia has been cured in 3 days, two days ago, I didn't know I had. The day before I saw a VA Doctor,  about renewing my drug prescriptions. He did not diagnose Pneumonia: But my daughter, Gia, driving me back to my new home town, took me to the emergency hospital, who registered me for high fever &  began treating me for one of four versions of Pneumonia I might have had.

Aside from being saved from near death, I am, briefly, I hope, am blocked from going back to my new home (& business office), to work on developing my projects (especially my Most Major Project) & feeding my one remaining (of four) cats, La Souere


Go Pro & Microdrone: 20th July 2014

My new book planned.


A page about a 15year-old: 29th April 2014


GE agrees w/Richard: 21st Mar 2014



Speed up "Get hell out of Dodge" [GHOD]: 15th Mar 2014

Chapter I -- Esperanto Santo.


”Few Defend the Many” [FDM]

(12th Mar 2014)

From the beginning of time (the Big Bang, 13.7 billion [b] years ago) to 2014 years after the birth of Christ [B3TC] (per the calendar of Intelligent Life Form [ILF]) the only known form of ILF (the only one which is known & generally believed to  exist) is likely to be totally terminated on Earth before learning how to, unless & except those who succeed escaping Earth.

Currently, ILF is called homo sapien sapiens [hss] and seven billion [b] hss/ILF now live only on Earth I. A few evolve may become much more intelligent life forms [M2ILF], become so intelligent, inspired enough to become Space Migrants. & learn how to fly in outer space: Many may leave Earth I & survive elsewhere [HS].

It was very recently obvious to some hss, including but not limited to [ibnlt] Gavin Embry* [GE], realized that trillions [tr] of Ex0Earths actually exist, & some M2ILF may  possibly become any who escape Earth I: Settle, live on, reproduce,  colonize trs of ExOEarths) & become the hugely  “Many” trs of [M3TILF] (also called HS).

*(During GE's life time, he may be one of very few, perhaps zero [VFPZ]. Whereas Zero, is equivalent to any one PATC of Drones).


Firstly, as Queen's English speakers said, "Whatever can happen: Will happen... eventually". The sermon yesterday is unlikely that you will come to my church, elect me Pope of Church of One God (first created by Nefertiti). Maybe not absolutely impossible, but if nominated: "I will not run & if I am elected I will not serve".

Enough of that. Now, I cannot believe in the most important Critical Issue (even for the time being). Just for me, the most Critcal  Issue is to get some finance at $50/book, to prepare the rest of my 50 books for sale on gavinembry.yolasite.com. I have tried to engage (any of) several American firms to collect from willing buyers of my books, only one to discuss anything with me, has asked me to limit marketing more than 10%  of my sales to Customers OUTSIDE THE JURISDICTION OF THE USA. 

Now, Policy is an [Issue], they explained that they expect foreign sales to be so likely to incur so much thievery, they will not get properly paid enough to justify association with my firm (G&S d'Amaury Direct). I agreed to promise to limit my sales to attempting to sell more than 10% of my  sales to customers abroad. I was surprised, but I did not consider it a Critical Issue. Also, I never suspected thievery a barrier to earning enough from publishing books abroad, to prevent some improving the odds of escaping Earth soon enough to prevent total extinction of homo sapien sapiens

Second Thought: I have suspected, religious beliefs has led to Marketing Policy, Sales Strategy, War-Fighter Strategy & some wars... even assassination  of Popes, political leaders & people: But not significantly related to selling books to consider a Critical Issue.

Third Though: My education was even called (Naval) "Strategy & Tactics".

My I. Q. was considered and I was tested for: also qualified as Idiot =<30, Moron >30 &/or =<70, Normal = 100, Genius >=132. Now such scores are considered overly simplistic and too outdated to be reported or publicized. No such attempts to classify degrees of criminality (including but not limited to thievery) are practiced, useful or used to decide investment in specific nations. I have been concerned more about illegal drugs (& some barely & locally legal), perhaps more overally destructive of human life* than simple thievery of money [from my bank account(s)].       

* And,  human species' extinction on Earth I.

Shall I change my mind,  about how to use my income to learn more? About  relative danger.


GE composed Sunday Sermon: 23rd FEB 2014

Looks like another 28-day-February. Just luck, my luck to have written Win, Lose or Draw. I went to  Christian Churches (protestant) a couple of times. After that, my only association with protestant churches (indirectly) I was threatened to be sent to Hell for marrying a Catholic girl (& maybe our  four children & their descendants, for a thousand years). Opps! I assigned protestant idiots to eternal redictualness until the End of Aleph. 

That Catholic girl, wanted to be married in her church. I had joined the US Navy as a candidate to become a commissioned officer, unless I got married first. Both the Navy and the Pope dispensed me from their "law", two days earlier than my commissioning ceremony, quite reasonable by them. The Pope, via a priest assigned to instruct me, offered me an option to become Catholic too, if I swore that I truly believed that any (or maybe some) priest could change the wine & crackers (during a Mass) became truly the true blood & flesh of Jesus Christ, for me to eat (& digest). True lies were forbidden to me by my father and mother: But, I swore not to interfere with my wife attempting to bring up our children as Catholics.

Now, my sermon is that there is no proof that Hell, Heaven or Souls ever existed nor any proof that such things MAY NEVER EXIST. But, ANYONE'S INTELLIGENT, simple observation is sufficient to believe that intelligent life forms [ILF] existed on Earth I, & more intelligent life forms [MILF] are possible & MIILF may believe in possible Space Migration to leave Earth I, extending survival of MILF, & possibly, still much more  intelligent MILF [M3I2LF]. Immigration & invention of ILF on Earth [I3LF] make possible more important beliefs (followed to support ILF lifestyles) than religious beliefs (so far) on Earth I. I READED/LEARNED ABOUT & planned/plan on GOOGLEPLEXES OF  M3I2LF [M3I2LF+++++++.......], MUCH MORE LIKELY TO DWELL IN HEAVENLY-like LIFESTYLES FOR TRILLIONS &/OR/OF TRILLIONS OF YEARS*, BEFORE ANY REMOTELY POSSIBLE:






My most Critical Issue: 22nd Feb 2014: turns out to be the top, most Critcal Issue. 


More about Critical Issues: 22nd Feb 2014

By GE. Please assume I mean "Policy" is a Critical Issue, the broad, highest level, understanding* of widely shared custom(s) & practice(s) of huge percentages of races, religiously oriented believers of segments &/or humans classified  as "female", "male" (&/or "other"). Policy is extremely influential on the fate(s) & including but not limited to [ibnlt] survival of large proportions of people (homo sapiens [hs]), ibnlt me, females, age groups & races. 

Policy, not necessarily called "policy", is nevertheless the basis of political, religious & teaching  writer's and leader's (who, possibly. never understood nor verbalized as widely accepted or practiced policy) used their ideas to recruit support for their ideas to unite acceptance of their ideas as (which I call) official "Policy" they advocate. 

For example(s), the writings of Thomas Jefferson's (and others)  Policy of "human rights" did not specifically include black people, for hundreds of years, a (now well known) Critical Issue, ibnlt leading to Civil War. The communist Chinese Policy of limiting new-born children to "one" (/family), a (now well known) Critical Issue for Chinese females.

More about this, when I find out why (possibly-inadvertent) Policy of Yola & Pay Pal blocking collecting funds from WorldWide buyers of books (a Critical Issue I intended to use) to finance early stages of Project 1a to launch Space Migration & Universally (& universal Policy) instantaneous,  distribution of literature (& hopefully possible) human colonization of trillions of trillions of exoplanets in trillions of galaxies, before the practically-certain-extinction of the human race on Earth I during the next one or two thousand solar years.  


Update to Critical Issues: 19th Feb 2014

GE announces (here, summarily & in more detail in Critical Issues)

  •  Several recent discoveries which require urgent collaboration, primarily for survival of (especially More) Intelligent Life Forms [MILF] living on Earth I. MILF, which may be derived from the now 7 billion homo sapien sapiens [hss], are the only humans in the Universe(s). 
  • And, as far as anyone knows, the only possible MILFs are the only existing life forms ever existed & able to learn how and become Space Migrants
  • GE has planned to have developed (within 1250 years) hss,  as 50 million [m] advanced Space Migrants [HS] & 150m collaborating robots (both hss & robots) classificated as HS) amounting to 200 million HS, to migrate to 1k exoplanets & exoplantoids, where they can settle, colonize, & safely reproduce (as HS in Goldilocks orbits) around billions of other stars of the Milky Way Galaxy (for starters).
  • A very serious Critical Issue is that most competant scientists agree that Global Warming is caused by hss, primarily by a relatively few human residents of the wealthiest nations (such as USA) seriously threatening hss' survival on  Earth I. By extensive use of fossil fuel [FF], in cars, aircraft, manufacturing & electricity production plants.
  • For example, Steven Hawkings, a highly respected scientist, recently predicted that hss would be extinct within 1k years. GE plans reduction of use of FF, sufficiently to allow survival of (at least) 50 million HS , at least 250 more years to "Get the Hell out of Dodge"... by 3264ad.     


GE has (FINALLY) paid nearly $100, for a one-year extension of Silver for ghdaiii.co.uk.: 22nd Dec 2013

This, hopefully, preserved my website.

BTW: I have been totally blocked so far, by a fault of Yola, also blocking all communication with Yola & constantly threatening me of destroying this website. I have tried to save all his MASTER PLANS* (this ENTIRE website) to protect Earth I long enough to allow HOMO SAPIENS [HS] "TO GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE" BEFORE DESTRUCTION OF HS &/ [//] EARTH I (SOON ENOUGH TO BEGIN TO COLONIZE THE MILKY WAY GALAXY).




Yola threatens to terminate this website: 14th Dec 2013

GE counter-threatens Yola to terminate Yola doing business in UK, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Italy,  USA, Finnland, Sweden, Iran,  South Africa, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea the Republic of Panama & any other country on Earth I GE wants or plans to do (if Yola continues to block GE from paying for an upgrade to this website without Yola destroying this website, or any of its contents), including but not limited to [IBNLT[ a legal suit for damages of $275 million* [m] & punitive damages of six times that amount, plus compensation for USA FBI & UK -SCOTLAND YARD. 

  • Related directly to distribution of 10 times 50k, $10-ebooks in 11 different languages, all including Special Pages to help readers find LOCAL diagnoses & LOCAL cures for cancer & fatal diseases ASAP to extend their lives (ie 30% of seven billion [b] homo sapien sapiens [hss] on Earth I).
  • However, whatever compensation of G&S d'Amaury Direct from having this website blocked, other aspects of ghdaiii.co.uk include 25 RDL Major Projects [all designed to reduce human production of CO2, causing Global Warming over 2 degrees by 2100ad endangering life on Earth I. GE's primary goal is to encourage hss to evolve &  become HSS, qualified to become highly intelligent life forms [HILF] & Space Migrants [SM]:
  • Before 2263, & 50k/year every year until 3263ad while 50m HSS depart Earth I, instead of becoming post-dinosaurs perishing on Earth I by natural & other causes (such as idiotic, criminal, stupid, misguided, or just ignorant hss' blockages). If not late hss, HSS colonize the trillions [tr] of the Ex0planets of the Milky Way & during tr-of-tr-years. eventually the tr-Ex0planets of each of the TreXOMilkyWayTrGalaxies [T2XMWG], before the End of ALEPH. 

Detect Fatality: 24th Nov 2013


Build Houses: 18th Nov 2013


NOW is the time!?: 12th Nov 2013


Avoid Termination of Intelligent Life: 11th Nov 2013


GE's Edited Psychological Profile: 6th Nov 2013


Presidential Proposal: 5th Nov 2013


Definitions of CO2 Polluters in USA: 31th Oct 2013

APUW GE plans to invite worst area's populations to live in Tax Free Zones of Utopia in United World States [SUW] & terminate firms located in worst areas located, or attempting to locate in SUW.


Quantum Entanglement: 23th Oct 2013


Global Warming I: 12h Oct 2013

Global Warming II.

Global Warming III.

Win, Lose or  Draw.

GE bet on Winston Churchill [+] & Chiang Kai-shek [-] (in 1939). Albert Einstein [+] came in from left field (backing nuclear weapons) a really long shot & very likely saving GE's life [++++] from WWII [+++++]. 

GE now bets on:


Eco Geek: 27th Sept 2013

RDL agrees with what they said about large cities vs suburbs.

To terminate Global Warming, RDL calculates that simply 80 million [m] Ideal Customers must (mostly) live in a better (more pleasant & enjoyable lifestyle) in Utopia, Mini-Utopian-Villages or RDL Major Project 10s.

Global Warming makes climates very hard to live through (& reproduce) but the effect of CO2 pollution of (average USA resident's) cost $90,000/person/year. That is 80m times ($90,000), too many dollars causing economic disaster to the WorldWide economy.

No nation today who understands & can get the "Emergency Management of the(ir) National Economy": Needed, to organize & attract 80m Ideal Customers & adopt TAX-FREE-ZONES, absolutely necessary to get & hold on to their collaboration.

   The off-chance is that

United World Foundation

             can pull off

   United World


 (maybe) the only option left.

If, therefore, homo sapien sapiens [HSS] survives the next 250 years, there is also a good bet that Space Migrants can "get the hell out of Dodge" every year over 1,000 more years & start colonizing the Milky Way Galaxy by intelligent life (at least) before End of HSS or:

End of ALEPH


Reference below of note on the Index Page: 23rd Sept 2013

  • (The contents of this & related documents set forth, described &/or or defined on this website, &/or on associate domains, are Copyright © 1943-2013 by Gavin Embry [GE].
  • All Books, articles & illustrations written by Shirley (May) Goulden [SMG] (aka Shirley Simmons, Shirley van Eyssen, Shirley vE Embry [SvEE], Shirltiti Embry & Shirltiti d'Amaury) were Copyright © Shirley Goulden 1943-2009 & were willed by SvEE to GE.  
  • All rights  related to any form of publication are reserved by 
GE without a prior written agreement, with respect to specific book(s), article(s) &/or illustration(s), signed in GE's handwriting.)"

Update on United World Foundation [UWF]: 22nd Sept 2013


Stephen Hawkings believes me: 6th Sept 2013

Actually, he is a bit more pessimistic, I give 100 homo sapien sapiens [hss] to parent HSS as 25% of 200m Space Migrants (at least till 3263ad), almost a 90% chance for 100% to "get the hell out of Dodge" before hss' total extinction on Earth I.


MASTER LETTER: 4th Sept 2013


"Leaving Dodge City": 31th Aug 2013

Careful where you land!


Edges of Breakthroughs: 30th Aug 2013

RDL policies, under command of GE, shall synchronize. as much as possible all the above by United World Foundation [UWF] (& United World [UW]), w/i 5 years from 1st Sept 2013ad to increase use of hydrogen fuel, sufficiently (in addition to other RDL Major Projects & selection of (willing) Ideal Customers) to reduce use of fossil fuel [FF], WorldWide [WW] by 10%/yr each yr, until WW use of FF to 10% of the total as of 31st Aug 2013.  Where any influence is available on government policy, in other nations on Earth [ONE]. to synchronize reduction of FF by citizens as well.

The firms owned by GE, G&S d'Amaury (organized in various nations) shall promote EXperimental Children's Power eBooks [CPB}

This targeted reduction of FF is (judged) essential for survival of homo sapien sapiens  [hss] long enough (ie until 3263ad) on Earth I, to contribute 50k hss (trained up & promoted to HSS)/year for each of the next 1k years,


List of terminations: 24 Aug 2013

Update: 21st Sept 2013

Not is any particular order, but after at least of two years of unsuccessful support by GE's constant efforts & cash-losses, but resulting in total failure to obtain any useful service, including but not limited to [ibnlt]:

  • Skype
  • Trafford
  • Amazon
  • Spotify
  • 1and1 (deleted based on their refund of payments)
  • Bank of America (deleted based on refund of charges I did not authorize)
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Authorize.net
  • Microsoft
  • Departments of various US government @£$%@£ing services (ibnlt IRS & Homeland Security) & States (such as CA)
  • UK DMV
  • Radio Shack
  • US Bank
  • Vistaprint &
  • Act Blue
If you want any more details, Contact Us
  • tell me who you are
  • why you want to know
  • convince me you are not just be trying to put me out of my misery by kindly terminating me with extreme prejudice
  • If not & you want to help me save some extremely rare non-UtBP, w/some significant chance of "getting the hell out of Dodge", before total annihilation on Earth I, long...long before the


The first Utopia: 22nd Aug 2013

See (planned by RDL) Project 1 & 1a. 1a is more based on Sky City.


Buy eBooks from this website: 19th Aug 2013

This time, try using Pay Pal to pay for eBooks. If that doesn't work send me an email listing the eBooks you want to try. I will email them to you & invoice you to pay if you liked the eBook(s). 

Hint: Go to gavinembry to check the list of titles available right now.

Update: 21th Sept 2013

BTW: Go to gavinembry.yolasite.com/online-store.php. There, you will see an offer of Pay Pal to let you buy (at least $100 worth of products) from my website on interest free credit*. (Probably, only if you are a US resident.) If you buy at least ten copies of my books (@ $10 each), BEFORE XMAS Pay Pal will email me that you bought them. I will immediately email them to you with my understanding that you can use & forward up to 20 copies to your friend(s) (for birthday(s) or Xmas' presents or whatever). The extra 10 copies (you didn't pay for) you can use & are about "Xmas to you!". (The three eBook titles already available: Are not for children. Next year we will offer YOU a similar offer before 2014's Xmas, specially for children **, called Children's Power eBooks [CPB]

* Which you must pay for within six months of placing your order, when billed afterwards by Pay Pal. If not paid for on-time, you will also owe interest, just like for any credit card purchase. The details you can get from the Pay Pal notice on my website.

**The CPBs will include a Special Page to help readers find local diagnoses & cures for possible local fatal diseases locally, where they live.


Stop Malaria: 16th Aug 2013

Contact us to join (a COLLABORATIVE) WorldWide effort to make your blood (free, painless & safely) carry a vaccine to kill malaria in mosquitos: Before, their next mosquito bite can infect humans & other animals (on Earth I).  


GE has proposed new members of TeamPlatform Online Project: 14th Aug 2013

For G&S d'Amaury Direct. This is initially free to members & GE. GE understands & hopes it makes possible to form one or more teams to share:

  • ideas
  • descriptions
  • specifications  &
  • drawings of: 
      1. 3D objects which can be produced by (the same or other) individuals or small groups (worldwide & 
      2. in small spaces)
      3. using 3D Printers &
      4. can be transported to one or more locations to be assembled to form any conceivable useful & economically produced object (Ie & perhaps "glass houses" (& furnishings).


Raise in Sea Level: By 2100


Geothermal development: 3rd Aug 2013

GE shall seek opportunities (himself & representatives) (ASAP) to attend meetings & communicate (WorldWide) to encourage & stimulate geothermal development to produce electric power, including but not limited to [ibnlt] (inexpensive) hydrogen: As fuel for Gavin Hawks, & cars instead of fossil fuel [FF] (powered) cars & other forms of aircraft. 




GE'S General Experimental: 28th July 2013                                                      



Followed (vaguely) by GE, since the '30s. By 1943, he felt leaving Kansas & Missouri (& Arkansas) would be best (including but not limited to [ibnlt] leaving farming, especially the way the Department of Agriculture promoted farming & teaching agriculture, modeled on "Henry Ford" manufacturing. Skipping the details, he got along well in Texas*, Panama, California & Sea Duty, until 1972. Read on.


Road Race: 19th July 2013

Planned by GE, in 2014: From Albany OR, Kansas City KN & Washington DC to Terra del Fuego. More details shall be added in Road Race Page.


Experimental Walls: 14th July 2013



Formation of four Supernations (Organized by GE): initially 13th July 2013, to be evolved over time.
United American States [UAS], European Union [EU], African Nations [AN] & United World [UW]: Each Supernation to include States: 
  • The UAS consists of two groups, 
    1. One group who do not succeed, from the USA, less the group who do (Probably) & the 
    2. second group which remain, but (initially) states which become Jointly USA States [USAS] & States of United World [SUW] [JUSW] unless & until they, eventually, become exclusively USAS or SUW.
  • The EU consists of two groups, 
    1. One group who do not succeed, from the EU, less the group who do (Probably) & the 
    2. second group which remain, but (initially) states which become Jointly EU States [EUS] & States of United World [SUW] [JESW] unless & until they, eventually, become exclusively EUS or SUW.
  • The AN consists of two groups, 
    1. One group who do not succeed, from the AN, less the group who do (Probably) & the 
    2. second group which remain, but (initially) states which become Jointly AN States [AS] & States of United World [SUW] [JAW] unless & until they, eventually, become exclusively AS or SUW.
  •  The UW consists of two groups, 
    1. One group who do not succeed, from the UW, less the group who do (Probably) & the 
    2. second group which remain, OR (initially) become SUW OR which become Jointly EU States [EUS] & States of United World [SUW] [JESW] unless & until they, eventually, succeed to become independent Nations or are excluded from UW.
Changes in (WorldWide) money: 11th July 2013
The unit of money is called "Yrbme" ("Embry" spelled backwards) & symbol = Y, both authorized & declared by GE. The logic is described in CUW. Briefly, there are no coins, bills or checks, but counted & controlled by credit & debit card issued by UWF. No interest or tax is permitted, or allowed, in connection w/Y. Y may be bought & sold by UWF, in exchange for any other money or goods (valued at any previous time, which is not gaining or losing value, not authorized by UWF, & never related to inflation nor deflation of Y. Purchases of any number of Y costs the same number of US$s. In connection w/calculating the value of other forms of money to buy or sell Y, or w/buying or selling items last bought or sold with Y, foreign currency value shall be according the last actual conversion involving the same number of foreign currency units between it & US$. No adjustment shall be considered in connection w/tax, interest, nor any form of fee for conversion of currency. The speculation on risk on inflation or deflation of non-Y money value shall be allowed & encouraged by UWF, & exclusively, by UWF.  
Introduction to planned Venture (Trip) [VT] in 2013, to Panama City, Republic of Panama: Revised 28th June 2013
From Albany OR.
From Kansas City KN.
From Washington DC.
Or (revised) 24-to-96 people choose to meet up in Mexico City, for the rest of the way. If at all interested: Contact Us w/your dates to depart & arrive & acceptable max total costs to you: w/or/w/o including us having covered your return-to-USA package(s).

Update to Experimental Glass Houses: 6th June 2013
Original Electric car. W/O body: 30th May 2013
Modified to carry six-passenger GiaHas, plus 20" upto 30" telescope: For trip to Panama etc etc. GiaHas is also a modified version of GaviHas.

If interested in collaboration(s), Contact Us.
Planning a trip to Cuidad de Panama, RP: 26th May 2013
(Outer Space) Universal Baseline 1 [UB1], on Earth I [B1EI] (Earth I, 0000h PST, 15th May 2013): 0000h [0h], D-day 0 [D0](Universal Date) [UD], [UD0], [0hUD0]. 
UB1 is located @ Suite 205, 1560Davidson St, Albany OR 97322, founded (& occupied)  by GE. Further developments of United World Foundation,  States [SUW], & Major Projects on Earth I & the Milky Way Galaxy are currently initiated & controlled from UB1.
GE observed Peacocks & put together one idea of Da Vinci: 10th May 2013
From a standing start, peacocks (on Paulina Kopp's farm) leap on-to, or over, a tall building: w/o a landing strip, nor a powered rotor, & w/a standing stop.
UltraScopeGlasses [USG]: 7th May 2013
Suggested by Google Glasses.
Beyond the Moon: 7th May 2013
A bit of follow-up on assuring that 200k  XHSS Space Migrants "leaving Dodge City", once every year, for 1,000 years: Starting by 2263ad.
GE plots
    1. parked Aten asteroids at Lagrange Points, while 
    2. modification to Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC] (as XHSS),
    3. Each OSUC shall launch with 200k XHSS to "leave Dodge City" bound for a different exoplanet (or exomoon) to colonize a new Ex0Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.
BTW: Aten asteroids (similar to OSUC) can also be modified, equipped & positioned to
  • detect & 
  • alter the orbits of OSUCs & other solar system's comets & asteroids to 
  • prevent their destruction of Earth I or 
  • all intelligent life on it.
BTW2: Ideal Customers shall also reduce their production of less than one ton CO2,  to prevent Global Warming endangering survival of at least 1,000 times 200k XHSS (= 200,000,000) over the next 1,250 years.
Shirltiti's ashes produce diamonds etc: 25th Apr 2013
How did GE survive long enough to gamble on founding  Project 1a: before 22nd Apr 2013 
In time to save 200,000,000 homo sapien sapiens [hss] graduating & becoming XHSS Space Migrants before all hss crashing & burning on Earth I:
Instead of,
Crowdshipping: 22th Apr 2013
GE's two cat sisters & his 40 year's collection of electronic & art treasures are "lost" or stolen in SW England. A reward* will be paid for restoring any of them to GE (near Portland OR USA) (PERHAPS VIA CROWDSHIPPING). Contact Us, to find out more.
*ASAP G&S d'Amaury Direct [GSAD] will become an LLC, so your reward can be awarded shares in GSAD.  

Tar Sand: 18th Apr 2013
Just crash & burn 40million [m] American big, butted cars [AB2C] to compensate for adding to cost of GNP (OKed by APUW GE).
Real Gross Domestic Production [GDP]: 11th Apr 2013
"The digital economy — including cloud, social and mobile — is also providing cheap and ubiquitous platforms for launching a wide range of innovation and economic disruption. Again, numbers we don’t see in the quarterly GDP reports."
Annual GNP = ???, at least "about $300 billion a year to the U.S. economy alone."  See Gross World Value [GWV] for discussion.
Updates: 10th Apr 2013
Possible collaboration: 
Lost Maggie: 8th Apr 2013
Early test (30th Mar 2013): 
Contact us, to discuss COLLABORATION to: 
  • save life & limb(s)
  • extend lives &
  • control swarm(s) of XHSS.
Sea Level Warning: 26th Mar 2013
(Global Warming Warning)*Xth power: 26th Mar 2013
“If there is plausibility to one of these tipping points, which I think there is, then it’s an even more urgent matter to act to slow all of these individual stressors down,” U.C. Berkeley’s Barnosky says, “because the outcomes could be more surprising and more disruptive to society, and happen faster than we have time to react…. I’d much rather err on the side of precaution then ignore the possibility of tipping points and then be unpleasantly surprised when they happen.”
GE says, "I shall:  
If Major Projects not supported (soon enough) by governments of other nations on Earth I [ONE], then I shall:
  1. 2b-  Launch Major Projects ASAP, causing Global-Warning-tipping-points not to 
Brainsville uber alles: 24th Mar 2013
Global Warming: 24th Mar 2013
Now read This.
My attempt to connect Ecwid Shopping Cart to buyers of eBooks on gavinembry.yolasite.com, Online Store: 21 Mar 2013
Message to Yola Support:
"Please call Oliver Nance (of Wells Fargo Bank) at USA 1-541-588-0247 to inform him how to connect with the Ecwid shopping cart on gavinembry.yolasite.com: to collect buyer's payments for my eBooks (offered for sale of my books).
If Ecwid does not function with Authorize.net, please tell me: (James) Gavin Embry, on 1-541-226-9548, or my email gavin3050@gmail.com. Please also tell me which suppliers of shopping carts which WILL WORK W/AUTORIZE.NET."
Entanglement: 19th Mar 2013
Including but not limited to [ibnlt] Shirltiti's ashes, used to entangle sub-atomic elements: 
  • to form terminals 
  • to communicate instantaneously throughout the Universe(s)
  • to distribute her thoughts (in HER books, ibnlt many existing languages) 
  • Sic parvis magna!
  • Until the The End of ALEPH
Integration of RDL Major Projects & United World Foundation: 18th Mar 2013
Especially, with respect to Gavin Hawks, GiaBats, SuperGiaBats, Project 10, Utopia & Project 1a. And,Oh! Useful to facilitate communications organized by Collaborators w/Experimental Children's Power.
Related to this integration:Revisions to each page, will be added ASAP.   
GDA Thinking about very very carefully: 14th Mar 2013 
Excerpts from SA:
"WISE 1049-5319 would make an excellent target for exoplanet hunters, Luhman notes. At such close proximity, any planets that might orbit the brown dwarfs would offer astronomers the rare opportunity to photograph exoplanets and study their properties directly, rather than simply inferring the presence of planets through their influence on the stars that host them. A word about the possibility of extraterrestrial life in such a planetary system: although it is theoretically possible for life to exist on a planet orbiting a brown dwarf, such a world would “suffer a number of critical habitability issues,” according to a 2012 study. Such issues include strong tidal effects from a brown dwarf on the planets near enough to feel its feeble heat and the gradual cooling of the brown dwarf as it ages."
Added to Project 1a.
Shots across your (stupid) bows: 12th Mar  2013
Get off your butts, & sink (at least) the oil & coal businesses: Before they sink YOU & your descendants, w/extreme prejudice.  
Post 2008ad, GE's hints: READ FIRST, THEN CONTACT US, to suggest how we can COLLABORATE w/you (soon enough). 
[Else: Bye bye birdseed!]
If we succeed, More Major Projects add more possibilities of "leaving Dodge City" by about 2261ad
Comments on Tar Sand: 8th Mar 2013
SA Report on Tar Sand.
50k HSS' brains -----> 150k Experimental Robot's [XR] (AI) brains (Planned by Project 1a): 6th Mar 2213   
"----->"= brain-to-brain, instantantaneous-intercommunicating-teams (eg to plan, design &  convert Aten asteroids to Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC] & Space Migrate). Such as OSUC Shirltiti HSS
SA Innovation Challenges: 5th Mar 2013
To collaborate w/GE, Contact Us.

BTW: Will you Contact Us: If YOU want to offer to nominate GE to obtain (& SHARE
        $100k grant(s) from Bill & Melinda
GE's Goal; collaborate w/Kathleen Peddicord & "amanaPanama": 4th Mar 2013
To see to it that Google includes Panama (in Spanish) in the list of countries. 
COLLABORATE W/Obama (or not): 3rd Mar 2013
If you want to collaborate (ever): 
Dennis Tito [DT] vs Gaven Embry (n) [GE] [DTvGE]: 1st Mar 2013
DT targets 2018ad to launch two people to Mars (& return)!
GE targets 2267ad to launch 200k HSS (Space Migrants) from Ex0Earth I &: 
"Stay out of Dodge"!!!!!!!
Addition of GE's Convertible Furniture to GSDS: 27th Feb 2013
Sneaking up on Sunday: Sun Feb 24th 2013
A Tail of Two Internets [T2I]: 20th Feb 2013
Proposed United World Constitution [CUW], outlaws use (anal insertion) of a red-hot No. 10 meat-hook, cold-end first [RHXMCF], into any hss (as Useless as a teat on a Boar Pig [UtBP]) EXCEPT a T2I manipulator.

Understand (& consider) Taxes [UT]: 16th Feb 2013
Compare real "Hippy Houses" to planned RDL Major Projects: 15th Feb 2013 
Please do not choose between, but 
  • work up from the bottom PLUS 
  • planned working from top down: 
    • Changing Earth I to (create &) save HSS instead of
    • first destroying hss
    • also terminating the only known source of FLIU.
Addition to Immediate UWEP to prove Quantum Entanglement (to yourself & millions of others), leading to the:
14th Feb 2013 
United World Foundation's [UWF] Immediate, Earth based plans [UWEP] (to terminate Global Warming): 13th Feb 2013
Extend HSS: 11th Feb 2013
You already understood HSS (including but not limited to [ibnlt]):
  • homo sapien sapiens [hss] &
  • upgraded Experimental Robots [XR] to behave as human-level-IQ XR [HR], capable of collaborating: As, brain-to-brain, instantantaneous-intercommunicating-teams (eg to plan, design & convert asteroids to Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC]). Such as OSUC Shirltiti HSS.
Partially based on & encouraged by "Cross-training robots", GE plans experimental research & development to extend HSS to all other collaborative versions of HR & HSS ibnlt all XR [XRDH].
Locate target(s): 10th Feb 2013
nitial marking. Extended by RDL.
Updates on States, Nations & Cities on United World: 9th Feb 2013
Hint: Designed to establish & support migration & permanent travel, initially on Earth I, plus Space Migrant(ory) HSS & other forms of (natural & artificial [intelligent]) life.
Well, maybe... just a little bit... about Human History: 27th Jan 2013
Fossil Fuel [FF]: 27th Jan 2013
Do not read this... if you don't give a damn about anything... or anybody...ever.
HYDROGEN [H2]: 26th Jan 2013
Somewhere (just above), is the best odds on the most critical issue (
What has to be discovered):

  • to succeed in homo sapien sapiens [hss] surviving long enough to "get out of Dodge City",
  • before becoming extinct on Earth I: But instead
  • becoming HSS trained to be Space Migrants,
  • along with Experimental Robots [HR], to
  • populate the Milky Way, followed by
  • populating the Universe, followed by
  • populating the other Universes (if any)
  • until the 
End of The Aleph.
NB: "H2 (& the electron, circling around its proton) is the simplest & easiest energy (almost infinite & universal sources) plus useful to achieve extremely high velocities of travel. Fission (in nuclear bombs) & fusion (in every star) are well understood: But hard for hss to safely control. Some (probably few) physicists understand duplicating electrons, to communicate (close to, or) instantaneously. (Anti-versions of electrons & protons exist. Even anti-versions of the H2 atom have been created. Theoretically, allowing extremely small amounts of normal & (hard to control) anti-versions to touch, produces extremely high sources of energy, providing enough thrust for space ships to travel at near the velocity of light, 300,000kps.)"   

Future Planning: 15th Jan 2013
BEST POSSIBLE PLAN: Mutual evolutionary boost for mutual collaboration among HSS & HR. 
Examples of historical successes of comparative species: Ie Turkey Gobblers vs PeaCocks.
Current collaboration among potential HSS: (who shall be initially responsible for production of HR & programming of AI of male HR [mHR] vs AI of female HR [fHR]). Please respond (if you want us to contact you to discuss planning of  "Win, Lose or Draw").
Critical Issues: 13th Jan 2013 to 13th Jan 3261ad
All the Rest of the Keys: 
Negative energy: 12th Jan 2013
Lord Kelvin didn't think about energy could be negative, like negative numbers, on the "other side" of (Absolute) Zero. So, impossible to get useful energy (eg for Space Migrants to Space Migrate?) Maybe there is a way? Store negative energy, tip the negative sign a little bit at a time, not exactly like letting positive electrons meet up with negative ones. 
Think about positive IQ, avoiding negative IQ forbidding thinking about "impossible" sources of "infinite" energy. 
The next New Continent Earth: 11th Jan 2013
Win, Lose or Draw: Is Kepler is looking in the wrong direction? One in 1000 ? Where it is looking, it can only (eventually) see a planet in its orbit passing between us & its nearest star: One chance in 36? 3600 to one: it will miss it for a long long time? One in six: the ones it has already seen, the planet is of the right size, rocky & in the Goldie-Locks distance from a G-star? 
Right now, of several trillion exoplanets in the Milky Way: Anything not too far away to migrate to, in a reasonable time? The best odds are on Shirltiti-Aden being near Proxima Centauri, the first interstellar colony, by 2270ad.
Any of your descendants 
any of 
that FIRST 50k 
How to live: 10 Jan 2013 
With GE:(after 2014). Sic parvis magna!,
New COLLABORATION W/NASA:  10th Jan 2013
Join early wild idea (above) w/NB below: 
  • Capture (somewhat larger than) the 25' asteroids into lunar orbit, to be 
  • adapted to be a very small HSS Ultra-Robot 
  • (occupied by some Mini HR) to 
  • voyage to Mars & Titan, as
  • early (experimental) Space Migrants to 
  • explore & test survival in Solar Planets & Moons (& similar, but less than ideal, exoplanets).
Short Long Term Predictions: 8th Jan 2013
Short term (for about 2 years) 
unless war breaks out, very slow improvement in America, Europe & Africa: for natives, but faster increased wealth for rich Chinese, some may be offered migration to luxury living in American "Land of the free".

NB: 7th Jan 2013
RDL's collaboration w/NASA below may reduce the thousand years required to get homo sapien sapiens [hss] ready to Space Migrate, maybe not too late for anybody to care any more. GE thinks a
  • launch of OSUC Shirltiti HSS to
  • leave Earth I: Bound to colonize the first interstellar exoplanet  
  • Shirltiti-Aten (near Proxima Centauri) by (at the earliest)  2261ad, 
  • w/200k HSS aboard, to
  • arrive about 8.5 solar years later, in (about) 2270ad.
Exact timing is a gamble: But, would you rather bet on investment bankers saving Earth I, from Global Warming soon enough to save your hss descendants from total extinction? 

Contact us to help RDL create collaboration.

RDL vs NASA Proposal.
Future Personal Computing [FPC]: 3rd Jan 2013
Soon: See GHA's Critique of FPC, as the Foreword of Sequel to Dance by the Light of the Earth [DLE2F].
Plan for Ex0Planet near Proxima Centauri:  2nd Jan 2013
To get used to prototype colonization several possible of Ex0Earth locations, these will be built & used on Earth I, well in advance of Space Migrants migrating.  Obviously, the original crew(s) will be RDL Experimental Robots launched at least 50 years years before HSS deciding whether to settle there in about 3014ad or not.
Review of 2012: 31st December 2012
GE has established the following, to develop, train & prepare
HSS in time to Space Migrate soon enough:
  • United World Foundation [UWF],
  • Constitution of United World [CUW] (The 1000 year non-Reich) & several
  • Experimental (Earth I) States of United World [XSUW](Currently Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, + possibly, Alaska & Panama Canal Zone, Panama Bay & Darien Province)
  • Canceling (probably) UK, France & Canada (except British Columbia) & adding Alaska instead
  • Persistent AHs overlooking longer-range, Global-crashing, burning & flooding of Europe, eastern and southeastern Canada & USA from Global Warming & Atlantic Coast Fiscal Cliff-oneses are tipping out-of- favor of Atlantic Coasts vs Pacific Coasts to  live-work-&-live-out-my-life
  • Getting out of "Dodge City" is urgent, but also time to plant flags of Space Migrants , especially Utopia, such as
  • Extension of CUW to experimental Ex0Earths [XECUW] &
  • Upgrade of Experimental Robots, based on hunters/gathers, Win, Lose or Draw & a (male/disposable) Few (Robots) to Protect the Many (HSS)
  • Upgrade of Experimental Children's Power, combining Reading [R3C4], + safe & affordable food & water supplies (see Project 9, below)
  • Upgrade of Experimental Utopia, selecting Panama Bay as a location. protected from Tsunami
  • Checkout Green cities (below) friends to live near
  • Checkout Criminal cities (below) murderers to stay out-off-town from
  • Checkout Happy People (below) friends to visit next
  • Checkout international Police to call about thieves (unsuccessful, so far)
  • Decided to move (lock, stock & barrel) in late 2013ad
  • Watch out for Fiscal Cliff in Jan, Feb, Mar.......
  • Added upgrade of RDL Major Project 9
  • Upgrade of Political Manifesto, especially cutting relations w/other Nations on Earth [ONE] except via Joint ONE Treaties [JOT], who do not Communicate, Collaborate or Control ibnlt politicians [-C3P].
Summarizing all the above & below:
Living as permanent travelers, w/assortments of friends & partners  to meet & discuss private considerations w/o inefficiencies of
  • Internet connections
  • travel controls wasting everybody's time
  • Tax collectors &
  • Thieves, including but not limited to [ibnlt]
  • politico, racial, tribal, national & money manipulators.
This shall allow me to own, design & control prototypical land; used to grow, trade  & supply (WorldWide), tasty & safe food, drink, enjoyable reading & entertainment for children & adults; both surviving + able to reproduce.

I also want to leave some Readers, 'Riters & 'Rithmaticers: W/supporting-intelligent-life forms, to produce Space Migrants [HSS], ibnlt  experimental, initial, space-migrating  Outer Space Utopian Cities by:
If this is too far ahead to look, its all coming anyway, whether anybody is ready or not.
Green Cities of USA: 28th December 2012

Meanwhile, the website Ecosalon ... finding San Francisco to be the greenest... & ... ranks Portland, Oregon second, followed by Seattle, Chicago and New York.
In another ranking ... Corporate Knights granted Portland, San Francisco and Seattle a three-way tie for America’s greenest city. Denver ranked #4 while Albuquerque, Charlotte (NC) and Oakland tied at fifth. ...  in categories such as smart growth, land-use planning, pollution prevention, etc.
And ... Mother Nature Network (MNN) declared Portland, Oregon ... the nation’s greenest city. San Francisco, Boston, Oakland and Eugene (OR) round out MNN’s top five
Top 50 Criminal Cities: 27th December 2012



Here is the top 50,


50. Johannesburg, South Africa

49. Durban, South Africa

48. Baltimore, United States

47. Cuernavaca (metropolitan area)

46. Panama, Panama

45. Belo Horizonte, Brazil

44. Mosul, Iraq

43. St. Louis, United States

42. Barranquilla, Colombia

41. Port Elizabeth, South Africa

40. Goiânia, Brazil

39. Curitiba, Brazil

38. Monterrey, Mexico

37. Fortaleza, Brazil

36. Macapá, Brazil

35. Pereira, Colombia

34. Cape Town, South Africa

33. Kingston (metropolitan area), Jamaica

32. Recife, Brazil

31. Cuiabá, Brazil

30. Detroit, United States

29. João Pessoa, Brazil

28. Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

27. São Luís, Brazil

26. Manaus, Brazil

25. San Juan, Puerto Rico

24. Barquisimeto, Venezuela

23. Cúcuta, Colombia

22. Salvador (and RMS), Brazil

21. New Orleans, United States

20. San Salvador, El Salvador

19. Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela

18. Veracruz, Mexico

17. Vitoria, Brazil

16. Tepic (metropolitan area), Mexico

15. Mazatlán, Mexico

14. Medellín, Colombia

13. Culiacán, Mexico

12. Guatemala, Guatemala

11. Cali, Colombia

10. Belém, Brazil

9. Durango, Mexico

8. Chihuahua, Mexico

7. Torreón (metropolitan area), Mexico

6. Caracas, Venezuela

5. Distrito Central, Honduras

4. Acapulco, Mexico

3. Maceió, Brazil

2. Juárez, Mexico

1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Number of Cities/Nation (to stay out of)
  • Un-reported Asia
  • 1 Middle East
  • 4 USA
  • 4 Africa
  • 41 Latin American, especially
      1. 1 in Panama, Jamaica & El Salvador 
      2. 2 in Venezuela & Honduras
      3. 4 in Columbia
      4. 12 in Mexico
      5. 17 in Brazil
Perchlorate vs Children's Power: 26th December 2012


Happy people: 26th December 2012
Gallup Inc survey of 148 Nations on Earth [ONE]:
1st Panama & Paraguay (85% are happy)
2nd El Salvador
3rd Venezuela
4th Trinidad
5th Tobago
6th Thailand
7th Guatemala
8th Philippines
9th Equador
10th Costa Rica
11th Columbia
33rd USA
47th France, Germany & Somali-land
52nd Brazil & Mexico
148th Singapore
Addition to Experimental Robots: 23rd December 2012
By G'aven d'Amaury III
Upgrade of Experimental Glass Houses: 21st December 2012

Circular Economy: 20th December 2012
Ellen MacArthur is amazing.
We are (& have been since March 2008) 97.667% behind her ideas, just a point or two w/o the ultimate goal(s):
  • 80+m homo sapien sapiens [hss] saving 90% of their waste of energy
  • Saving 50% of human lives from car accidents
  • Saving as much as possible [A2MP] of children's lives from fatal diseases, including but not limited to [ibnlt] Cancer.
  • 3261AD.
OR "Gloria got sick on the bus on Monday".
Quote: 7th December 2012
On August 10, 1948, at a homecoming on his 74th birthday at West Branch, Iowa, his birthplace, former President Herbert Hoover gave as good an answer as we are likely to get: 

“The meaning of our word ‘America’ flows from one pure source. Within the soul of America is freedom of mind and spirit in man. Here alone are the open windows through which pour the sunlight of the human spirit. Here alone is human dignity not a dream, but an accomplishment. Perhaps it is not perfect, but it is more full in realization here than any other place in the world.” Unquote.

Been there, done that [by GE, Ed]. Anybody still with me? I bet my life on it... a couple of times... Now again.  Well, they all skipped town, in a snit...or something or other.
Hasta la vista. See ya in Utopia No. ONE

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei to yo'all.

Recent  Updates: 7th December 2012
Hint: The last line on the Page Chart (above) are the latest pages added, but not the last, most-important additions. The additions are at the top of  each page, latest on top. Corrective revisions are not time-phased.
BTW: Usually, the first letter of words, in caps, as acronyms for phrases. (Multiple occasions of start letters) are not repeated, but numbered in small numerals, not necessarily in order of their occurence: Such as, "C4P", just below. Otherwise, the frequent word in a phrase: "Experimental", is "experimentally acronym-ized" as [X2A].
"X" the first letter in an acronym, such as in "XR" usually stands for "Experimental": But, when the "X" can be dropped, replaced by another letter, such as "H", meaning equalifycated.
Coincidence, Connections & Collaboration [C3]: 4th December 2012
  • Vis-a-vis/Cote de Pablo [CP] [C4P]: As GE's current
  • favorite actress
  • favorite Songs CP sang (not necessarily CP's favorite) 
  • favorite late Panamanian Wife, named Olga Lasso-Fernandez, world beauty, best friend of Bebe Swartz, Panamanian Beauty Queen 
  • favorite 2nd (last) Wife, Shirltiti, English, famous, beauty queen, famous author of GE's favorite books, GE's partner, Collaborator & co-founder of RDL
  • favorite Queen (of Egypt), Nefertiti, the first & first-most beautiful, woman, who ever lived, & first organized (collaborating w/her co-ruling Pharaoh, father of Pharaoh Tut) & founding the first religion (World-Wide) w/the first "One & Only One God, Aten" - [QNO4GA] 
Maybe, Cote de Pablo should be called "Cotiti", absolutely no silly pun intended nor permitted... By God...ATEN!
By Coincidence, selected by GE, as the first place to look for an asteroid to engineer as the first Outer Space Utopian City "OSUC Shirltiti HSS", to sail to the first Exoplanet, first discovered to be suitable to be first colonized city: "Shirltiti-Aten". by the Human Race.
Experimental Robot Launcher [XRL]: 27th November 2012
Experimental Robots: 26th November 2012
United World Foundation revised: 20th November 2012
GE includes founding of United States Washington & Oregon as an Experimental State of United World
[XWOR]. An alternative, is to combine with Canadian British Columbia [XWOB]. Once organized as Experimental & treaty negotiations secede their areas from their nation, they become one State of United World [SUW] called [WOB]. With their citizens [CiUW] subject only to the Constitution of United World [CUW] laws, taxes & defense.
Suspects spotted (Of 20 US States wanting to secede, perhaps to succeed?): 20th November 2012
Please execute Contact Us (just below), including but not limited to [ibnlt] proposing current &/or previous Governors of US States to be accepted as Citizen of United World [UW][CiUW] & Officer [OUW]. If selected as CiUW & proposed OUW & also promises to support & defend the CUW: May be appointed as Provisional Governor of an Experimental State of United World [XSUW][PXUWS].

Such appointee also includes appointment as a non-voting Senator of XSUW [OSUW], serving in the Senate of UW, ibnlt an automatic proposal to seek election as Senior Senator (voting in attendence or remotely) of UW [S2UW], provided, once XSUW elects, by a simple majority of its voters, to become a State of UW [SUW].

If, in the same election, or independently, at least 66.66667% voters of any SUW, may request secession ibnlt from all other Nations on Earth [ONE], ibnlt all CiUW of SUW [CiSUW], &/or ibnlt all laws (&/or Taxes)[ALT]. Ie  secession from ALT not authorized under CUW &/or agreed to by a serving APUW & 66.66667% of serving S2UW included in UW's International Treaties [IT] [AITUW].

United World Foundation [UWF]: Founded 19th November 2012
Please Contact Us, w/full legal name(s), current citizenship(s), age, sex, contact details & education of YOUR Proposed candidates (only subject to United World [UW] Constitution [CUW]) as one or more:
  • Provisional Governor(s) of Proposed Experimental State(s) of UW [XUWS] &/or
  • Member(s) &/or Officer-in-Charge of UWF [OCUWF] &/or 
  • Officer-to-seek-election by Citizens of UW [CiUW] [OCiUW], &/or 
  • appointed &/or nominated by a current Provisional  President or President of UW [APUW] &/or current Governor of a State of UW [GSUW] [PACUW(s)] &/or
  • including but not limited to [ibnlt] Proposed GSUW [PGSUW(s)].
PGSUWs & PACUW, based on, & after, sufficient & legible information(s) is available; acceptance of the proposed candidate(s), shall be considered passed, or rejected, & Proposer & Proposed(s) shall be notified within six calendar months of proposal was accepted & depending on the first OCUWF has been appointed by a then current President of United World [APUW] & accepted by the appointed OCUWF.
In general, all candidates for election or appointment, subject to CUW, shall be originated or accepted by the current APUW &/or serving OCUWF & (ibnlt persons, alters &/or currently-wedded-spouse(s) &/or children) shall not include any other nation on Earth's [ONE]'s: 
  • Licensed Medical Doctor, Nurse &/or Dental Doctor 
  • Licensed Lawyer 
  • Member of a Religious Organization who are paid to by volunteer donators or fees required &/or requested to be paid by Religious Organization Member(s) 
  • Member of a Labor Union who are paid to by volunteer donor or a fee  required &/or requested to be paid by Union Member(s)
  • A person paid to support  &/or advertise &/or represent ONE's Political Party &/or government &/or collect taxes for ONE's agency, branch &/or Secret Service &/or secret society.
In effect, citizens of ONE may choose & become CiUW, but may not be elegible to become OCiUW as provided, by the paragraph above. 
  (BTW: You can Contact US to suggest editing the above to include in the CUW before its complete declaration, prior to possible Amendments.)
Launch Experimental HT Mark II: 17th November 2012
Are you interested in Collaborating in connection w/YikeBike...as RDL  "KYke" (perhaps made out of glass). If so Contact Us
Terminate (extremely) nation-wide Anti-Bottom-Up-Communications [ABUC] & donate to support Reading, 'Riteing, 'Rithmatic & Communications [R3C]: 16th November 2012
GE's first AntiMarketing campaign: 9th November 2012
Addressed to Chris, Colin & Lars. Please read Chapter 2  (of my first sequel to Dance to the Light of the Earth) primarily about, preserving homo sapien sapiens [hss]on Earth I, long enough (a small, but possible, number) to  become the very first, if ever, of the 50k Space Migrants [HSS]. 
Space Migration: 4th November 2012
Access to this book has also been added to RDL Major Project 1a, to inform RDL's prospective Space Migrants, including but not limited to [ibnlt] their descendants,  Alters {& (experimental) robotic inventions}, of their careers  & family lifestyles as HSS: unless (of course) they only ibnlt become parents of UtBPs.
Recent revision to RDL Business Plan: 4th November 2012
Men, women & children as Space Migrants: 3rd November 2012
Collaboration (for at least 1000 years) is essential for survival of the Human Race [HSS] on Earth I long enough to plan & execute, effective Space Migration [CE5SM] (before total extinction of HSS &/or Earth I). 
International Thievery: 1th November 2012
Copy Machines [CM]: 30 October 2012
(Applications for Experimental Glass Houses [XGH].) 
GE: [In numerical sequence] 1)Planning, 2)Design & 3)Architecture, of
  • 4)Prototype Experimental Production Center
  • 5)Advanced Controlled Test Site(s)
  • 6)Massive Centers of Expansion
  • 7)Implement WorldWide Production Centers
  • 8)Implementation of Local Distribution of Food & Supplies 
  • 9)Control of WorldWide Production
Including but not limited to [Ibnlt] 
Implementation & Administration 
RDL Major Projects 910, 121317
(AMAP using Copy Machines* 
bottom to top 
side to side). 
In: Local homes, factories, farms, stores, shops 
filling stations 
Copy from Inhabitat:
 Organovo NovoGen, 3d body part printer, green design, sustainable design, biotech, 3d organ printer, green technology, medicine, biology, growing body parts

"3D Printing technology has recently leapt into a new realm — we’ve seen printers that can create entire buildings out of stone, delicious meals out of simple ingredients, and now — perhaps weirdest and coolest of them all — a printer that can build body parts from cells! Scientists working on the Organovo NovoGen printer recently created the first “printed” human vein. This technology could replace other toxic and carbon-heavy medicinal practices like using artificial parts in the human body."

Reconsider: 19th October 2012
Instead, consider 10 Ultra Sky Utopia [USU]: 
  • five, in NYC Bay, San Francisco Bay, English Channel, Tokyo Bay & Panama Bay for 7.5 million [m] Certified Ideal Customer Residents [CICR]. 
  • Plus five more USUs for 7.5m more CICRs, in other continents
  • reducing costs of CO2 pollution on Gross National Product: $90,000/CICR * 15m =  $7.425 trillion [t], most, likely & easily covering the $500b cost of building & fitting 10 USUs & treaty agreements among United World [UW] & Other Nations on Earth I [ONE] (excluding CICR from taxation by ONE jurisdictions).
Details on Reconsider GE Plan.

Experimental Sequel to DLE eBook [D
LE]: 13 October 2012
(By: Gaven d'Amaury III [GA3])
DLE eBook Sequel I [D2]: Experimental Chapter I [C1], [D2XC1])], Fourteen chapters are planned. Experimental D2XC1, once it becomes checked & approved by GE it shall be called D2C1 etc etc:
  • D2XF (Foreword)
  • D2XC1
  • D2XC2
  • D2XC3
  • D2XC4
  • D2XC5
  • D2XC6
  • D2XC7
  • D2XC8
  • D2XC9
  • D2XC10
  • D2XC11
  • D2XC12
  • D2XE (Epilog)
Experimental New Products (By GE): 13th October 2012
sought! Contact us!
Chickens count?: 12th October 2012
People don't count tons of Fossil Fuel, & consider miscounting the cost of Global Warming. For my feral chicken-hens (& most people) simply "compare" & do not calculate (using numbers). 
No egg = NONE. 
One egg = SOME. 
Many eggs =
My hens also compared: Now vs. Before. 
(Before = SOME & Now=NONE) = Skip Town*. SOME thief(s) = Stealing my chicks! 
(Now=ENOUGH) = Stop Laying &= (Sit on ENOUGH).
* Town = a little, hidden, secret "Nest in the woods".

Modern, intelligent "People-hens" only need to "compare" people's producing tons of CO2: (Before < Now) = SOME thieves are stealing & taxing my/our children's FUTURESTERMINATING US W/EXTREME EXTINCTION = Skip Earth.
Super-Light-Speed [SLS]: 11th October 2012
A breath of thought : 8th October 2012
A half-awake Breath Of Thought [ABOT]: A simple, common language is one of THE necessary set of keys: to intelligent life &  FUTURE, & everything for homo sapien sapiens [hss] (Human Intelligent Life Groups [HILG], w/o destructive, linguistic distractions).
This will be a new, common language, for hss + Alters + Robots (collaborating, intercommunicating, organized as groups (w/common language), altogether, called HSS.

A new Experimental XHSS
A glimpse of God: 8th October 2012
For a better look at the "glimpse", will cost you (today, about) $3 million & some careful translation (and proofreading), of what A. Einstein [AE] thought about God.

To tell you briefly (in my opinion, is) that AE understood God much better than any Pope, Prophet, Religious Leader or Master Story Teller.

As AE (& I) believe, the answer to the fundamental question is: Yes, No or Maybe? The Who, How, When & Why will be: The best, & only useful, answer will ever arrive by, "Careful, unbiased, interpretive study of physics (I say, especially experimental physics, tested by Mathematics)".

Watch France, from now on: 6th October 2012
Consider electing GE to:
  • President of France (after July 2013)? Or 
  • USA after May 2011 +5 = 2016? Or 
  • PPUW to PUW in 2014? Or 
  • all the above ASAP? Comment to us, &/or 
  • Comment to us on Amendment 2 on Provisional CUW [PCUW] &/or 
  • any other nations on Earth [ONE] adopting PCUW.
Question: Do/did you (ever/never) believe in: "The FEW saving/&/or/defeating The  MANY"? Such as: XOUW, or Churchill calling on the Poles: (Round 1:"Late, but Not Too Late." Round 2: "Too Bloody Late!").           
Your Answer:  Comment to us: W/ AY or AN.
Discuss Croatia w/ME, after: 6th October 2012
Croatia to become part of EU in July 2013.
GE's letter 2 few: 5th October 2012
mpare British & GE's Experiences: 4th October 2012
Update of GE's 15th Year [GE15]: 3rd October 2012
Policies: 30 September 2012
I hope you shall use this response to your request for my policy and refund policy (If not, tell me how to offer it as you need) (You already did, so I am furnishing this HERE!):
  • I (& my firms,) are ordered by me, to not require any return of our product(s), when the buyer wants their payment returned, but we ask them to try to contribute, for free, to anyone (&only one) they wish, who also wants & accepts our product, with the same restriction, "no resales". 
  • We approve returning their payment, assuming that: w/their-acceptance: promises to not resell our products, w/o our written agreement, allow resales.
  • Giving away CPB's Special Pages for distribution, freely, w/o restrictions, to use, revise,&/or redistribute: are hereby authorized by the copywrite owner, provided Buyer's having properly credited the Copyright Owner ("Gavin Embry") as the initial source.
Is this enough, or do you need (still) more?
Luck of the Draw w/UtBP: 1th October 2012
Judgement on UtBP & What to do About UtBP [WABP]
Notes to myself: 30th September 2012
  • Add Robots to Reading, 'Riting & 'Rithmatics [R3], as a 4th "R" to make [R4] &
  • Add Ruler (Not a SMRFR, to R4, as 5th "R" to make [R5]
  • Ask France to assure considering me, of  accepting GE, as a candidate for President of France (born in formerly French territory, Arkansas, & now a French speaker): within 6 months. While
  • GE may also run for President of USA (within 4 years, &
  • GE is already PROVISIONAL PUW [PPUW] under XOUW & CUW.
  2. Find out FROM JEFFERY and tell me where are Shirl's ashes
  3. get from Jeffery the Name, address & telephone of  the seller of Shirl's statue (HAS JEFFERY DISCUSSED W/SELLER COPYING MY STATUE OF HER, W/ME? OR SOME OTHER SECRET F/ME CAMPAIGN?)
  • If not I will take legal action, NOT AGAINST YOU, CAROLINE, OF COURSE.
Classifications: 29th September 2012
(By G'aven d'Amaury III)
  • Human Race [hss]
  • Alters
  • Alien Life (Alien Life form classifications shall be defined when identified, not while only imaginary or speculated)
  • Local Migrants (Movers, so far, only on Earth I, Solar System)
  • Space Migrants [SM]
  • Local Immigrants [LI] (to be determined, classified, encouraged, negotiated for LI by PUW, as defined by CUW.
  • Space Immigrants [SI] (similar to SM, except classifiable only as
  1. male Adult SI, mASI
  2. female Adult SI [fASI]
  3. male Senior SI [mS2I] or
  4. female Senior SI [fS2I].  
FYI: 26th September 2012
  • Contact Us:  To join the (totally free) Universal Licenced Permanent Travelers' Association [UPTA], by entering your email  & "UTPA". That's enough to register, but if you want to send, or ask me for,  suggestion(s)*, include them: If & whenever a registered UPTA wants to.
*Suggestions are especially welcome: about where (and when) to steer clear of:
  • strange
  1. laws
  2. places
  3. criminals
  4. local religious principles
  5. meanings of local language words
  6. especially words in another language, having been in the local language, such as "con" in Spanish, mistakenly thought to be in local French
  7. medical advice
  8. drugs
  9. ethical drugs
  10. dress
  11. jewelry
  12. sex
  13. sexuality (or lack of)
  14. being suspicious
  15. being suspected
  16. exchanging money
  17. using credit cards
  18. using cell phones
  19. using cameras
  20. traveling
  21. not traveling
  22. but not strange
All the above,
  • apparently normal
  • or strangely normal, are safe or
  • nearly safe mostly anywhere (nine times out of ten) but
  • stay off the street, or
  • home altogether if
  • nobody's protecting your back, especially
  • from predators or
  • fatal 6118922222289aaaaytqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqbbbbty qaa127777N ~5diseases..
Especially (fairly soon, much) safer, is to associate with local Children's Power eBook readers & collaborate with them (&/or ME).
GLTD 2 U!!
Win, Lose or Draw? [WLD]: 25th September 2012
This is the critical point, the critical Date & Time, this is when I & you-ALL choose, for me, YOU & THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE(S): WLD & the future(s), until the 
Crime 101b [CCIb]: 24th September 2012
My 80 year (histories of):
  •  Anti-Crime Defense Corps [AC+DC], my Junior Militia (got me recruited & promoted to State Guard Corporal, MotorCycle "Captain's" Messenger). I  modeled ACDC on (marching &/or crawling) USMC (seriously, by me, 1942-1944): (The "+" sign I added, in honor of "con't ask, don't tell", maybe it was funny in the 80's: But,  maybe by 2010, unnecessary. Pun too old, forget-it!)
 -- More: To be added to...later--
  • Conuminism-Prelim , including Sole Male Rule Foundation Rulers  (SMRFR), Military Corps (A+/-M) & Con-men (C+/-M) & 
  • CCIb.
Open letter to Mr/Mrs/MS/My Baby: 23rd September 2012
Experimental UtBP: 20th September 2012
Upgrade of Forward of Sequel to DLE: 20th September 2012

Open Letter to ScieAm Mind: 18th September 2012
Experimental Organization of United World Government [XOUW]: 17 September 2013
(Pending completion before Declaration.)
Male vs female sex: 10th September 2012
(Pending completion.)
Advance from Special Pages to Experimental Very Special Pages [XVSP]: 8th September 2012
Forward of Sequel to DLE: 7th September 2012
Liberation: 5th September 2012
Or not, as the case may be.
Experimental Advanced NanoRobotic Technology: 2nd September 2012
Disruptive innovations: 1st September 2012
If YOU are ever Invited-to & never ever responding [I&NER], to this in-any-way-whatsoever,  will most likely make you also be classified as "Useless as teats on a Boar Pig" [UtBP], including and not limited to [ibnlt] you & your descendants: At least, until the 
End Of Aleph [EOA].

(Aleph is the symbol for the smallest class of infinities. I don't (nor any of my alters or nanorobots, I discovered & defined), ever expect to live that long.

Your risk is that I may never get around too re-adding you to my email address file: Before, I am finally, totally extinct, even if you ever got interested in anything I have to say... to anybody... ever... in the Milky Way... of course... unless... long enough... &/if there really are a lot more of multiverses & your descendants live a lot longer than I ever do.)
Through the wormhole: 30th August 2012
More details on Experimental TW.
Open Letter: 27th August 2012
Stories from the Bible, by Shirley Goulden, before Christmas: 27th August 2012
Another of Shirltiti's eBooks (in English) will, if at all possible, be available from this website before Christmas 2012ad, especially with a Special Page [SP] to help English-speaking children find diagnoses and cures of Cancer.

Everyone interested in promoting saving children's lives, please read the following ASAP, primarily to aid Experimental Children's Power [CP] eBooks [CPB]:
&/or propose to proofread foreign translations ASAP by Contacting Us,  to share income from foreign language translations of CPB.
Experimental NanoRobots [XNR]: 21st August 2012
(Putting together original ideas from Glass Houses & Experimental Bugs,  both just below.) Glass Houses are also based on Robot 3D printers.

GE supposes that, in the very near future (say, by 100 years, in 2112ad):
  • Robots building houses (for people to live in), plus
  • building intelligent NanoRobots to live inside live human(homo sapien sapiens [hss])'s bodies, to 
  • save & 
  • extend hss' lives, long enough to be
  • able to live inside Extra-Robots (made out of asteroids)
  • reproduce hss
  • collaborate
  • learn how to find &
  • migrate in outer space (as long as necessary) to
  • colonize Ex0Earth (n)s in the Milky Way by
  • trillions of hss &
  • trillions of trillions of NanoRobots
Bigger, bigger & bigger and smaller, smaller & smaller ...
  • ad infinatum......
BTW: Life forms, intelligent or not, has been doing that, at least for up-to 13.7 billion years, if necessary, via slow evolution! At least there is one intelligent life form [ILF] which, less gradually, can make ILFs bigger and smaller to live & collaborate:
  • w/less & less energy
  • faster & faster
  • w/faster (but smaller) intelligent/brains
  • alongside
  • inside &
  • outside
among other ILFs.

Glass Houses: 10th August 2012
GE's approach is not limited to glass nor houses, but expanding minds, to take advantage of flexibilities of imagination & material(s), using Robot 3D printer:
  • to use material & needs nearby AMAP (&/or
  • needed anywhere) AMAP, ALAP-FF to transport from here made to there needed [HMTN].
Experimental Bugs: 9th August 2012
(Based on much smaller Hexapods.)
Addition 2 to Experimental HAL: 9th August 2012
Addition 1 to Experimental HAL: 7th August 2012
100% Electric w/ALAP* fossil-fuel [FF]: 3rd August 2012
MY basic idea of an Experimental ALAP-FF, is to launch production of millions of products, available as kits, w/:
  • a bicycle w/batteries, electric motor &
  • a warm, zip-up-able blanket
  • HAL suit(s) (see next above for info on HAL) heated & cooled electrically powered, by bicycle battery or
  • a window or solar photo panel, near enough to recharge the bicycle, HAL suit &/or
  • tablet(s) which can download, take dictation, & can be used to edit, just read &/or hear, read out vocally: anything available on the Internet 
  • including but not limited to CPB.
Kits, including but not limited to: can be carried on trains, Gavin Hawks, or GaviHas, as well as carrying up-to two grown-ups or a grown-up & at least one child & 50 pounds of cargo including above-mentioned blanket(s) & tablet(s).

Details on Experimental ALAP-FF w/possible attachments, as soon as improvements [ASAI] are likely to add to [L
2A2] the different ways to improve life &/or saving lives, w/o L2A2 using FF.

*ALAP = "as little as possible".

Tipping Points: 3rd August 2012

You decide:
  • Need to migrate to Ex0Earth(s) before 3012ad, or not, as RDL planned for by More Major Projects?
  • Need to fine-tune migration & saving more or fewer lives of homo sapien sapiens [hss] & to optimize available resources for hss left on Earth vs. sufficient hss to support migration, migrate & populate Ex0Earths
  • Need to optimize %age of male hss [mhss] vs. female hss [fhss] mix on Earth vs. &/or Ex0Earth(s) to maximize survival of hss race in the Universe?
Addition to XO CP: 28th July 2012
Review of GE's Plan for this year: 27th July to 31th December 2012
In case you were wondering: 24th July 2012
About Global Warming and need for yesterday's Potential Breakthroughs?
Potential Breakthroughs: 23rd July 2012
By G'aven d'Amaury III [GHA]
(Editing quoted external content, w/his
emphases & [Better & Worse insertions].)

RDL Major Projects, w/additional bases on nuclear power... plus collaboration... to combine:
  1. Utopia [U] & MiniUtopiaVillages [MUV]
  2. Major Project 10 [MP10]
  3. Gavin Hawks [GH]
  4. GaviHas [Gh]
  5. Pilot/AirTrafficControlOrganizations [PATCO]
  6. Amalric III [AIII]
  7. Experimental Children's Power [CP] 
  8. CP-eBooks [CPB] & (future) audio books [CPAB]
(BTW: From CPB, [you, for free, can] download Shirley Goulden's,
Click here, if asked, to save free codes to download, until end of August 2012.)
  • Follow this blog:

    Virgin Nuclear? Branson asks Obama for reactor help. Sir Richard v Bill Gates?

    By | July 23, 2012, 5:23 AM PDT

    Richard Branson could be striding into the nuclear business.

    Flamboyant British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson has written to President Barack Obama seeking help commercializing an alternative type of nuclear reactor known as an Integral Fast Reactor [IFR].

    As I reported in the Guardian, where I broke the story on Friday, Branson wrote to the White House requesting a meeting with Obama and with Energy Secretary Steven Chu to discuss how [Mini-Micro] integral fast reactors (IFRs) [MMIFR] could rid the world of hazardous nuclear waste by burning it as fuel, while at the same time providing a more efficient and safer CO2-free source of [Electrical] energy than today’s conventional water-cooled reactors, MMIFRs located in U's homes, MUVs & MP10s, providing:

  •  fuel for hydrogen power cells for

  • 32 million [m] GHs & Ghs,
  • replacing 128m big-butted, gas-guzzling-CO2-spewting [GGCS] cars
  • all large-passenger & large passenger GGCS aircraft WHICH SUPPORT
  • COSTING World's GNP $90,000/person/yr, ie $72 TRILLION, FIVE TIMES THE US GNP/YR, AND
  • "IFRs also reduce the risk of proliferating nuclear weapons, the letter points out.'

    “American companies would like to commercialize this technology and are prepared to begin building these reactors right away,” the letter to Obama states. “But we are convinced that this will not happen without your personal involvement and support.”

    Branson, known for his Virgin brand of media and airline companies, isn’t the only well-known billionaire advocating IFRs, also known as “fast neutron reactors,” “fast reactors,” and sometimes as “breeder reactors.” Microsoft founder Bill Gates is developing a type of fast reactor known as a traveling wave reactor, through his startup company TerraPower.

    Branson told me he has not invested money in an IFR or IFR company - unlike Gates, who is a primary shareholder in TerraPower. One might assume, however, that Branson would invest should U.S. policy shape up favorably. That could set up the intriguing prospect of Branson versus Gates in the nuclear business (or who knows - the two could even partner).

    “Obviously we urgently need to come up with a clean effective way of supplying our energy since not only are the dirty ways like oil running out but we need to do so to help avoid the world heating up,” Branson told me in an email.

    That echoes the sentiments of the letter requesting a meeting with Obama, which the president declined.

    The letter was written on Branson Necker Island stationary. Necker Island is the billionaire’s 74-acre patch in the Caribbean, a favorite hangout for Branson when he’s not racing hot air balloons or performing other publicity stunts, like jumping off the roof of a Las Vegas hotel or driving across the English Channel in an amphibious car.

    Branson says it's time to dust off reactors like the experimental EBR II (above), which the U.S. closed in 1994.

    It was cosigned by two other individuals: NASA Goddard Institute head and  Columbia University adjunct professor  James Hansen, a renowned campaigner against man made climate change; and by Eric Loewen, who is the president of the American Nuclear Society and also the chief engineer on General Electric Hitachi’s IFR, called  PRISM. Loewen signed the letter as the president of the ANS. GEH has proposed PRISM as a way to dispose of plutonium waste at Britain’s Sellafield nuclear facility.

    “Unlike today’s nuclear reactor, the IFR can generate unlimited amounts inexpensive clean power for hundreds of thousands of years,” the letter states. ”It provides an excellent solution for what to do with our nuclear wast because it can use our existing nuclear waste for fuel and it is significantly more proliferation-resistant than other methods of dealing with nuclear waste.

    “The IFR is also inherently safe. In an emergency, unlike today’s reactors, it shuts down without human intervention and without requiring electric power… Hundreds of nuclear scientists believe this technology has the ability to generate carbon-free power at a cost per kW less than coal.”

  • President Obama has not reacted to GHA's suggestions to collaborate with GE and the National Defense University (which GE had attended, and graduated in Emergency Management of the National Economy), with similar goals.
  • So, GHA has also proposed United World,
  • AND/OR collaboration among GE, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates & a Republican President, including but not limited to:
  •  the above AND 
  1. for cheaper electricity, produced six to eight hours/day/home, shop & factory (associated w/RDL Major Projects [RDLMP]) to make electricity & hydrogen (for
  2. hydrogen fuel cells for RDLMPs to
  3. power heating, cooling, lighting, learning, teaching,  entertainment, working, growing food for family, friends, sale & traveling
    1. w/o producing CO2
    2. Causing atmospheric pollution but
  1. increased sea levels causing
  2. migration from flooded low level land causing
  3. reduced food production causing
  4. disruption and diseases causing
  5. loss of Homo sapien sapiens' [hss] lives
  6. risking too few hss' survivals
  7. to discover &
  8. migrate to Ex0Earth before
  9. total extinction of hss OR
  10. loss of Sol
  11. unless More Major Projects (including but not limited to Dance by the Light of the Earth, by GHA), succeed...
  12. (downloadable w/Login = gsad3050 & Password = 97624J)

Lifestyles Master Plan: 20th July 2012
GE's researchs WorldWide (in addition to Kathleen and Lief) are based on GE's 70+ years of personal experiences, in 30 countries, 15 States & 3 mountains (listed on GE's Master Plan):

    • + Three years at sea
    • and recent developments, including but not limited to RDL and GSAD.

    GE plans to split his time, into 10-working-days  at a time, followed with 5-days off, in the same or a better place (including but not limited to travel-time), to investigate... and/or observe, check on changes and enjoy.
    • GE's 10-day periods will be in small spaces, but requiring close contacts AND WorldWide, reliable communications including but not limited to video conferencing (eg w/Skype). He deals directly with people about his ambitions and goals based on, and requiring collaboration with more than five but less than 100 people (WorldWide), within the 10-day period
    • For tax reasons, GE will not tolerate ever being treated as a "US resident". All 50 USA States and Territories are excluded, for more than any one 10-day period in any calendar year, to absolutely avoid the IRS from ever treating GE as a "US resident"
    • The five-day periods GE spends alone, or together with one, or a small number of partners, and/or paid "carers" or assistants, concentrating on his sole or some closely shared goals. Normally, most of the time, will be basically, to enjoy life but most likely needing one or more outside, open spaces, such as one or more Major Project 10, for a year or two, but not with milch cows which GE needs to milk twice every day.
    • The location of one of these five-day periods, if necessary and useful to GE (and/or his partners) will be established as official "residence(s)", probably for a year or two at any given time.
    Another Page in this month, on this website, will be a more detailed article (by G. Haven d'Amaury III) about GE's Master Plan, likely to become a blog and a short eBook, downloadable from this website, sometime in August 2012ad.  

    Books of the Past & Future [BP&F]: 11th July 2012ad

    Past: From 1st January 1740bc--Up to midnight GMT, 30th June 2012ad


    Future: From 1st July 2012 ad -- 30th June 3112ad GMD, including but not limited to Earth.

    Book One: Past [BOP]

    By Gavin Embry [GE]


    Selectively based on GE's: Review of "The World Was Never the Same" [WWNS], by Professor J. Rufus Fears, soon to be published (before the end of 2012ad). And, some reliable histories of influential men and women, homo sapien sapiens [hss], born before 1st July 2012ad.

    Book Two: Future [BTF]
    By G. Haven d'Amaury III [GHA]

    Factional accounts of Earth, Earth II (Ex0Earth) and expeditions to colonize ExoEarths, published solely via the Internet as eBooks, audio books and video plays: Projected ASA probably reliable, especially as not constrained by practically universal refusal to reject ancient lore*.

    [Advanced Notice:
    GE has lost nearly everything to thieves, con-men and trusted associates, except his Master Plan, experience, knowledge, highly honed judgement and writing skills taught to him by Shirley Goulden. GE and his "alter", G'aven d'Amaury III [GHA] will manage Shirl's and their joint goals in every possible combination to advance the successful survival of hss.

    [Please note: The greatest challenges, the direst threats and most dramatic future successes ever IMAGINED OR every IMAGINABLE, needs ONLY 1.62% of 7 BILLION [b] hss to
    win... or lose 'THEIR hss" UNIVERSE:


    GE's Master Plan, planned for that (12 or 13 RDL Major Projects) in 2008ad, (to launch, mostly, by 2010) to pull it all off by 2030. By mid2012, it is nearly crashing and burning [C&B]:

    • for lack of at least 100 hss, out of the 7b hss, to change the
    • lifestyles of 80m hss (1.62% of 7b) to reduce their CO2 pollution of Earth's atmosphere
    • by 90% (ie 30 tons to 3 or less,/hss/yr) of CO2.   
    [GE's experience during WWII and DEGREE IN EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT OF THE NATIONAL ECONOMY, + the history of Churchill and the Battle of Britain, more than suggested that the Few (properly directed) could win against the (equally ferocious, and initially, overwhelmingly destructive) Many, guided by a few, critical and Fatal Mistakes.

    BTW: Timing, a good strategy at the right time may defeat the strongest force (such as some atomic bombs,  a few months, or even a week, earlier...) at the right time.]

    BTW2: GE will  play his GHA Card
    • in time to save (and use) 100 hss
    • in time to save Earth long enough
    • in time to populate Ex0Earth 
    • in time before Sol is lost.
    BTW3: Oh! that's what the other 13 More Major Projects are for.

    *Eg Dr Galen's writings in late 100s of years ad, held back medical knowledge for over 1600 years, well beyond the mid1800s ad.

    Useless as teats on a Boar (Pig) [UtBP]: 02th July 2012
    As hoped for, but not ever any one of the 100 hss needed as set forth above.
    Leading UtBP candidates:
    Ipso facto, perhaps only 100 hss:
    • who may answer telephones and/or may manage to defeat (the UtBPs above) and use Skype to talk to me face to face as jgembry, and
    • who may also survive and reproduce hss to (eventually) populate
    •  an ExoPlanet
    • before Earth  is destroyed WorldWide by 6,999,999,899 UtBPs, perhaps... unintentionally?
    Some people do want to cure cancer: 19th June 2012


    This following has also been appended to the beginning of:

    Experimental CP

    &S d'Amaury Direct [GSAD] invites children (& adults) to:
    • love to learn to read Children's Power [CP] CP-eBooks [CPB],
    • love to read in English and foreign languages
    • with CPB including original SPECIAL PAGES [oSP] called [CPBSP] prepared to be
    • included in copies of CPBs to be
    • read near where those readers also read CPBSPs and
    • (are also invited to improve oSP [iSP], and/or in a foreign Language, French or Spanish... All more)
    • helpful to find diagnoses of and cures for cancer for
      1. (oSP or iSP readers themselves,
      2. their friends and relatives, living near where original readers of CPB live) and/or to
    • distribute CPBSP to saturate WorldWide with (nearby and available) diagnoses and cures... including but not limited to
    • curing cancer and
    • other fatal diseases.
    Very importantly, children's diseases are typically not recognized soon enough or treated early enough (in localities where they live) where diagnoses and treatments are readily found and dealt with while their lives can still be extended... for many more years of happy, productive... and normal lifetimes. Therefore...
    ...most importantly, one GSAD's goal has organized and planned Experimental CP, to distribute CPB (and audio books) to establish CP.

    CP's goals support saving:
    • more people's lives, ASAP to
    • multiply years extending
    • billions of
    • happy
    • productive
    • years of life of
    • homo sapien sapiens [hss]
    • WorldWide to reproduce
    • migrate and
    • populate
    1. trillions of 
    2. MilkyWayWide ExoPlanets (eventually to explore)
    3. trillions of Universes of
    4. trillions times trillions of hss, including but not limited to
      1. Readers
      2. 'Riters
      3. 'Rithmeticians [3Rs] and
      4. Practitioners of iSP:
    Astro Shirl: 9th June 2012
    Congratulations to/from Boeing: 7th June 2012

    Please pass on this Announcement: 6th June 2012
    Hello! :-))
    I received this from a friend whose political views are generally the total opposite of mine. However, for the first time, I agree with her on this! I also never send things like this along nor 'offensive' or political anything... But, there is always a first time for that too. AE :-))

    Aixa E. Lasso
    6604-0783 Cell
    226-4471 Land
    507 area code

    Could this be an idea whose time has come?  
    Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling:
    "I could end the deficit in 5 minutes," he told CNBC. "You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.
    The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds)
    took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple!   The people demanded it. That was in 1971 - before computers, e-mail, cell phones, etc.
    Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took one (1) year or less to become the law of the land - all because of public pressure.
    Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to
    a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.  In three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed around.

    Congressional Reform Act of 2012
    1. No Tenure / No Pension.
    A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives NO pay when they're out of office.

    2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

    All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the
    Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

    3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

    4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

    6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

    7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void

    effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women.

    Congress made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

    If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people then it will only take three days for most people (in the U.S.) to receive the message. Don't you think it's time?

    THIS IS HOW YOU FIX CONGRESS!  If you agree, pass it on. If not,
    delete [forget it, GHA].  You are one of my 20+ - Please keep it going, and thanks.
    NB:Everything older than 1th January 2012, GHA has deleted AND copied to a new page called 2011 NEWS.

    To forward whatever is left (w/o the 2011 NEWS) now highlight and copy:  http://ghdaiii.co.uk/announcement.php, then launch an email
    and paste this on it and address it to the 20 (+ or -) people, you think might agree with the above.
    Observision: 2nd June 2012
    Or not, as the case may be. Answer next December, or not, as the case may be.
    Ipso facto:(GHA emphasizes by green.)

    "Photon Quantum Mechanics Experiments for Undergraduates


    Superposition lies at the heart of quantum mechanics.  Feynman has described it as the “only mystery” of quantum mechanics.  But it is mystery enough.  Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen noted that in quantum mechanics superposition of two-particle states implies that the theory is non local.  Although they rejected this possibility, subsequent experiments based on John Bell’s tests for nonlocality, the so-called Bell’s inequalities, have confirmed it.  “Spooky action at a distance,” as Einstein derogated it, seems to occur.  Schrödinger recognized that such non-local properties are consequences of  the superposition of two-particle states that can not be factored into two single-particle states in any representation. He called such non-factorable superpositions “entangled states.”

    During the past decade there have been significant advances in the experimental production and study of entangled states.  There are prospects that such states can be used for unbreakable cryptography, innovative parallel computation, and for transferring the properties of a quantum state from one object to another some distance away – so called “quantum teleportation.”  The experiments and techniques developed to explore these potentialities have also made it possible to exhibit basic features of quantum superposition directly and unambiguously.  For example, most traditional experimental demonstrations of the existence of the photon have possible alternative explanations in terms of waves; by using entangled states the possible classical explanations can be eliminated and the quantum nature of the photon* can be convincingly demonstrated.  Entangled states make it possible to produce experimentally such consequences of two-particle superposition states as of two-photon interference effects and the violation of Bell’s inequalities.

    Parallel to the increasing ease with which various superposition phenomena can be produced there has been the creation of a small body of pedagogical material that helps to make these ideas accessible to undergraduates.  There is an excellent article “Multiparticle interferometry and the superposition principle” by Greenberger, Horne, and Zeilinger1 and there are David Mermin’s several delightful and insightful articles on Bell’s inequalities especially his “Bringing home the atomic world: Quantum mysteries for any body.”2 There is enough such material to support a series of experiments exhibiting the phenomena they explain. 

     Given the existence of suitable pedagogical materials and the advances in the technology for producing entangled states and detecting and counting single photons, it is the right time to develop and implement a set of experiments and the supporting pedagogy that will help undergraduates to understand the some of the above described ramifications of the superposition principle in quantum mechanics.

    1Daniel M. Greenberger, Michael A. Horne, and Anton Zeilinger, “Multiparticle interferometery and the superposition principle,” Phys. Today 46(8) pp. 22-29 (1993).

    2N. D. Mermin, “Bringing home the atomic world: Quantum mysteries for anybody,” Am. J. Phys. 49(10) 940- 943 (1981).

    C.H. Holbrow/ E.J. Galvez/Colgate U."

    *Now, also applicable to atoms, molecules, and living (or dead?) cats. ______________________________________________
    Possible addition to Green Power* & Wind Power**: 1st June 2012
    GE needs a collaborator to work on understanding and improving on
    addition. GHA is adding: Experimental Jet Stream [JS], for you to consider and discuss, or call me on gavin.embry on Skype. You could also enter my US land line: 5412269548 on Skype.

    Article reviewed and commented on superposition definition: 25th May 2012

    Green Power* & Wind Power**: 25th May 2012
    The report, which is called “Grid Parity for Wind and Solar Power – Future Outlook and Impact Analysis”, shows that the global solar PV capacity increased by 100% between 2009 and 2011. This figure is expected to soar as both China and the US reach grid parity within the next few years.

    It is amazing to think how far the global solar industry has come in just a few years. Despite China being the world’s leader in PV cell production, the report states that it will be the US that reaches grid parity first. Domestic solar PV technology is expected to reach grid parity for some PV projects in 2014, while most regions in the country are expected to reach grid parity in alignment with average electricity prices in the residential sector by 2017. China isn’t far behind and is set to transform their domestic national grid in similar ways. They are expected to reach grid parity in most regions by 2015-2016."

    **"In 2010, China overtook the United States in installed wind power capacity when they reached the 42,287 megawatt benchmark. With their wind power capacity already up 60% in the first quarter of 2011, and plans on track to install even more throughout the year, experts think China’s wind power generation could expand rapidly and perhaps help bring down their carbon emissions by 30%. With global carbon emissions actually up in 2010, this boost in renewable energy for one of the world’s largest emitters of carbon could be a promising sign for the future."
    See Shirl's Authors Preface: 24TH May 2012

    Until the end of next June, you can download
    free Shirley Goulden's  new, original eBooks:
    You can then: 
    • read any of her (and my) eBooks on your computer and/or
    • print, or transfer  to
    1. any Apple device
    2. Android Smartphone
    3. Kindle or
    4. Nook to read and/or
    • email them to your friends,
    Just email me to send the Login and Password soon enough while  you have time to download any eBook on this website by 30 June 2012.

    After  June 2012, buyers will need to pay for these eBooks protected by a new Login and Password.

    *If you prefer printed or Kindle versions of I am Jack, you can buy from Amazon or Nook from Barnes & Noble.
    Save Innovation & Live in the Sun: 17th May 2012
    Addition to Experimental Project ASvEE: 17th May 2012
    Addition to RDL Major Project 19: 17th May 2012
    Addition to RDL Major Project 16 &17: 14th May 2012
    Kidney cancer drug: 14th May 2012
    Grand Challenges Explorations Grants Awarded: 9th
    April 2012

    Versions of this page (of granted grants) shall be translated and edited to be accessible from special pages included in Children's Power [CP]. So, eBook readers and audio book viewer/listeners are helped and encouraged:
    • to follow up on grants, including successes, and
    • find now-available, local sources of vaccines and treatments.

    CP book readers and viewers interested in diagnosis of themselves, their friends and relatives may also be helped.

    BTW: Recent news about Melinda Gates supporting women WorldWide, who need (or wish) to avoid pregnancy. Separate (new pages, in appropriate languages) on this website, which may be easily accessible from CP many book's special pages included, will support Melinda Gates' support of women, especially in CP books expected to be read by female children and mothers.

    BTW2: A further CP selection of distribution, translation and editing, may be needed to avoid
    governments crushing distribution of CP books, even preventing saving people from death by diseases, as the by-product of censoring information on control of pregnancy in regions with such governments.

    Add to Children's Power,[CP] including MIT and Harvard for adults and children to study Science and Technology, online, for free!: http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/business-brains/mit-harvard-team-up-to-offer-free-online-courses/23836?tag=nl.e660


    Add to Children's Power, including in children's reading and learning to read, plus their contribution to preventing cancer: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/2012/03/28/u-s-cancer-rates-could-be-cut-in-half-today-based-on-whats-already-known/: 4th May 2012

    G&S d'Amaury Direct founds Grants Pass OR Gas-to-Electric car conversion plus recharge of batteries: 3rd May 2012
    Fly away now: 2nd May 2012
    Update Experimental H23WAC by mid-2013: with H2-fuel-cell and Helium inflatable wing, carrying two riders w/KMS.
    See improve leg power.
    Update Experimental ExoSkeleton: 30th April 2012
    Adding features available in 2013, of the
    Kobayashi’s muscle suit, [KMS],
    Americans overestimate: 27th April 2012
    Former Director of RDL: 22nd April 2012
    Update Carter Predecessor of Gavin Hawks: 20th April 2012
    Superposition Test: 18th April 2012
    Ami and Amber

    Deep sea drug seeker: 18th April 2012


    drug, ocean, expedition, chemistry UNDERWORLD: The deepest trenches of the world's oceans have largely been out of reach to researchers searching for novel compounds from which to develop new drugs. Image: Courtesy of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/National Geophysical Data Center (NGDS)."

    Raise fewer cows:17th April 2012
    Or eat beef from the right source, or produce meat at home in Utopia, or in your Project 10 farm,
    you will save people (Else, raising food for cows, and raising and eating cows is a triple whammy: Of human health damage, and CO2, plus  1000 times more potent methane pollution.)
    Zap Cancer Cells, Website to track health,
    Add Experimental Health Tracking: 16th April 2012
    Application for grant for Vaccines: 15 April 2012
    Gavin Embry [GE] will apply before 15 May 2012 for a grant to be used to:
    •  finance the speeding up of Experimental Children's Power, to
    • publish WorldWide Shirl's (and G. Haver d'Amaury III's books),
    • all having been translated and including
    • special pages, all in appropriate languages designed to help children and their parents with finding and using to obtain local resources to
    • diagnose diseases and obtain vaccines  to prevent and cure diseases, especially cancer and
    • the other 10 most common causes of earlier than normal deaths of people and pets.
    Contact Us: to discuss collaboration. well before 15 May 2012. 

    Weather in March: 12th April 2012
    The average temperature across the U.S. was 8.6 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th-century average."
    Global Warming, anybody?

    "Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming
    While many greenhouse gases occur naturally and are needed to create the greenhouse effect that keeps the Earth warm enough to support life, human use of fossil fuels is the main source of excess greenhouse gases. By driving cars, using electricity from coal-fired power plants, or heating our homes with oil or natural gas, we release carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere... 

    During the 150 years of the industrial age, the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has increased by 31 percent."

    Or Ignoring survival of Global Warming, along with the rest of the people you voted for.
    Truffles: 11th April 2012

    Smelling Oregon Truffles"For centuries, truffles have been said to possess mystical aphrodisiac powers. What is it about truffles that make them so irresistible to gourmet cooks? Why this allure? It's all in the particular odor of a few types of truffles. Connoisseurs actually consider truffles an aphrodisiac, but there is no scientific evidence to this claim. Some describe their smell as musky, earthy, pungent, or even sexy, although none of these terms adequately describe the odor. Once you have smelled a truffle, you long to smell it again and again.

    Truffles don't really have much of a 'taste," but the smell is so overwhelming that it infuses any meal (and often the refrigerator). The actual taste of truffles is a little bland and when sliced over food, they are chewy. It's the smell that keeps you coming back.

    Part of the reason is also their scarcity. Truffles are buried in the earth like little black diamonds (so nicknamed by French gastronome Brillat-Savarin). It seems to be human nature to crave what is hard to come by. Finding them is not easy. It takes patience, persistence, and knowledge of their growing conditions, as they're elusive."

    Ignoring survival of Global Warming: 9th April 2012
    "'Human health is largely neglected, if not entirely ignored, in debates about climate change,' said Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization."

    Here, Margret Chan is referring to the World's and US governments (including but not limited to the Republican and Democratic party candidates) except RDL's  Gavin Embry, the founder and first President of United World.

    '"In addition, campaigners should provide potential solutions and tactics to offset health problems from climate change, since an optimistic approach can keep people from tuning out. "We're not going to resolve this huge problem internationally if we don't have a huge shared understanding. We must make the argument that we can do this," said McMichael.

    Fortunately, strategies for mitigating climate change also tend to help reduce its impact, according to Leiserowitz. "Many of these exact things we are doing to improve public health also tend to improve the climate. Likewise, the more ways we can move away from fossil-fuel-based energy sources, the more that helps our health at the same time," he said.'

    Addition to Experimental Children's Power: 4th April 2012
    Close to the tip: 30th March 2012
    Add Modular Nuclear Power Plants to Utopia: 29th March 2012
    Upgrade Experimental CP: 28th March 2012
    Upgrade Experimental H2: 23rd March 2012
    Change Lifestyles: 23rd March 2012
    A policy article authored by several dozen scientists appeared online March 15 in Science to acknowledge this point: “Human societies must now change course and steer away from critical tipping points in the Earth system that might lead to rapid and irreversible change. This requires fundamental reorientation and restructuring of national and international institutions toward more effective Earth system governance and planetary stewardship.”
    Please look at proposals by G. Haven d'Amaury III about the Constitution of the United World [UW] [CUW].
    Lightweight Battery: 2th March 2012
    For vehicles in Utopia and for Gavin Hawks.
    Quantum Teleportation [QT] 1, QT2 and Quantum Repeaters: 1st March 2012
    Please see also Experimental TB.
    Update of superposition: 17th February 2012
    ExoMoons sought: 10th February 2012
    Add this to Experimental RT.
    Notice Posted: 24th or January 2012
    Sign and forward this notice to anyone you would never vote for, as explained below.
    SOPA & PIPA will kill in February: 19th of January 2012
    In short, SOPA—and its Senate cousin, the Protect-IP Act (PIPA)—would effectively give some companies the power to block other websites with only an accusation."
    your and my access to communication, the same as an imprisoned convict under the authority of a prison warden.

    While you  still can vote and send a message to your president, senators  and  representatives; please do so to say that you, your friends and descendants will not vote for him/her nor their even remotedly associated friends and/or descendants for any office, infinitely, based on their establishment and employing of "Guilt by association",
    : under law, if they also:
    • vote for or
    • do not vote against and/or
    • do not veto any said SOFA or said PIPA, or
    • any remotely similar bill voted on (directly  or indirectly)
    • in any nation, state, county, city, town, township, court, school board, labor officer board, board of directors, or by a company officer or elected officer of any organization.
    Age of Nobel Prize Winners: 17th of January 2012
    More planets than stars: 16th of January 2012
    The odds are 99% that any star you can see has an Earth sized ExoPlanet circling around it. What is the chance that ExoPlanet will be in your Goldilocks Zone, ie habitable by your homo sapien sapiens [hss]  (or already occupied by intelligent life)?  Or not? Is Major Project 25 worth you betting on, or should you help Major Project 12 to help Kepler find your right ExoPlanet? Or, should you just watch here very very carefully?

    BTW: "More planets than stars" makes it very likely that one, or more, "right-for-emigration" ExoPlanets are
    now much closer to your hss' origin, than expected, ie within a few parsecs of our Solar System. So, the
    • migration of hss within a thousand years (or less), is now much more likely, plus
    • the choice of destination(s),
    • number of destinations
    • number of (at least 100 minimum) hss surviving and
    • increase in hss population is hugeississimo
    perhaps: astronomical.

    Of course, much depends on life, it's intelligence, and organization [LIO] in the Milky Way Galaxy, and especially LIO of Earth I's
    hss to:
    Obviously, Major Project 25 was designed (by GE) to lay the foundation for survival of hss, migration to and its perpetuation (and expansion of numbers of hss) on your habitable...ExoPlanets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ______________________________________________________

    Sic parvis magna