Intelligent Alters
(By G. Haven d'Amaury III [GHA]

There are several forms of Intelligent Alters ("Alter", short for Alternative Personality [AP]). Obviously, a personality was not present, except for a personality of an intelligent form of life.

In the last half of the 1900's, artificial forms of intelligence were beginning to be programmed (constantly being improved) for computers, vaguely having "human intelligence" [HI], called Artificial Intelligence [AI]. GE investigated, worked on & wrote about AI, since the 1950's, & including but not limited to [ibnlt] his "nom de plumb", since the 1980s (such as Dance by the Light of the Earth).

In the same periods, human's "multiple personalities" existed, were wrote about, used (by GHA, & SvEE) & (nearly certain to be) misclassified by "psychiatrists".

GE's "master-major twist" has been to "meld":
  • homo sapien sapiens [hss] +
  • alters + 
  • (intelligent) Nano [NR], + Super [SR], + Ultra [UR] & + (normal "HUMAN" sized) Robots  [HR]
  • forming collaborative super-groups, all referred to individually & collectively as HSS:
Ie  collaboratively able to (super-intelligently): 
  • plan
  • design
  • reproduce &
  • collaborate as 
  1. hss
  2. HSS
  3. intelligent robot brains,
  4. alters
  5. SuperRobots [SR]
  6. NanoRobots [NR]
  7. asteroid based  UltraRobots [UR] &
  8. Human sized Robots [HR]
 a) consolidated to form an Experimental Outer Space Travel City (OSTC Shirltiti HSS) & which shall
reproduce many HSSs, asteroid-based, Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC] (thousands of) interstellar spaceships, w/each-up-to 200,000* HSSs aboard EACH  ULTRA HSS).
All HSSs are equipped to share among HSS': roles, & (complicated) tasks (ibnlt):
  • intercommunication (most likely instantaneously) &
  • instantaneous intercollaboration among: (original) hss, (augmented) HSS, (human) HI, (artificial) AI, (super) SR, (nano) NR, (ultra) UR  & (alternative) AP.

See Human Race for GE's planned timetable.

* Expected, each Ultra HSS consists of (approximately):
  • 25% augmented HSS, w/any number of alternative ARs (sharing one HI brain),
  • 25%  as (human-sized) HRs, w/each having one AI brain,
  • 25% as super NR w/each having one AI brain
  • 25% of AI brains included in nano NRs (inside augmented HSSs),