Ankhesenp-Aten [AAS6]

(If anybody wants to worship Shirliti, books named after her daughter.)

By: G. Haven d'Amaury III  [GHAIII]

Revised: 24th June 2012

This is my GHAIII's outline and plan of the sixth movie about future
Shirltiti (and Gavin Embry) as they reside in an Exoplanet, called Ex0Earth I, in the capital city, Shirltiti-Aten [SA], during ~3011ad to ~3111ad, since losses of their Personal Histories, before 1370bc (in the fogs of  time).
  • AAS6: Ankhesenp-Aten :The ExoBiography of a descendant of (and/or also {possible} reincarnation{s} of  Nefertiti and/or Ankhesenp-Aten. (& intermediaries, such as  Shirley [SvEE]). Now, since 2012ad, called Shirltiti & the Capitol City of Ex0Earth, named after her, as a short version).
  • (Aten is the name of the Sun God, chosen by  Nefertiti as her one and only god.)
  • (Title of the AAS6 Movie is: Ankhesenp-Aten, also named after Ankhesenp.)

There are several (
limited, possible) projected, biographical episodes, during AAS6, of outcomes (aka versions), based on the outcomes of homo sapien sapiens' [hss] lifestyle(s) [LS], [hssLS]/[hssLSs], up-to and after 2012ad, (as recorded or projected by GHAIII, & successors, ie GHAIV etc, etc, any Roman number following GHA, as "n", ie [GHAn]).

What happened in
Ankhesenp-Aten is/was, and/or will &/or /shall be published and narrated, at least up-to 3112ad  by GHAn. This allows the reader(s)/viewer(s)/listener(s) [RVL]/[RVLs] to chose from among the versions, &/or intermix among them, to determine the overall eventual outcome(s) [OEO]/[OEOs] which RVL(s) accept, & may support GHAn(s) record & stabilization of the current states, derived from  the most accurate & best known determination(s). Then, GHA(n) shall adjust the time-phased future outcome [TPFO] of hssLSs, based on the current starting position(s), and  the reliability of past formula's projections of events [PFPE].

As (according to GHAIII) there are some (limited) influences on the evolution of forms of lifes & hssLS, and their influences on other forms of life, and, in turn, the fate of
hss, and hss' overall successes in reaching and attaining their major goals: For example, living in peace in Ex0Earth I (in AAS6), within acceptable situations [AS]. AS will mostly (not altogether) depend on the possible rival rules of engagement [RRE] allowing survival of at least one species of hss, even with one AS for its own members. However, with just one AS, if even ASs do not succeed and allow coping with major outside threats  [MOT]; hss and all its eventual evolutionary forms shall come to their destructive ends. ie final extinction.  (Eg, only flying species of dinosaurs could survive their MOT!).

Someone said, even Shakespaere had only (a few, say) five basic stories, each derivative encompassing detailed (interesting and entertaining) characters, plot variations, settings, periods and aspects.  GHA proposes only a few basic circumstances of evolution, adventures
and misadventures of hss, and some may fall away and be replaced by more promising (and worthwhile) organizations and patterns (over thousands of years) of evolution. For some examples:

  • discovery and practice of manipulation of design changes, altering human DNA and its inheritance, to deal with:
  1. diseases
  2. short and long longevity
  3. reincarnation
  4. augmented reality
  5. augmentation &/or
  6. improvement of hss' intelligence(s).
  • exchange of genetic properties and artificial "cross-breeding" among species (stranger than but more naturally common than "Brave New World" mass breeding.
  • creation, for hss, of a better and less restrictive major-universal-mother language [MUML]: without limiting the use of the native languages everybody learns first and most instinctively.
  • improvements in translation of all existing languages to others including, but not limited to, MUML
  • Preventing hss and other living things from carrying infectious diseases so they can travel and come into physical, potentially-infectious contact with hss, but without infecting them. (Contacts with other forms of life beyond Earth may, if this has not been made already effective and reliable, block all intelligent-unearthly forms of life from mutually physical-contacting hss and/or any other "Earthly" lifeforms.)

In order to protect the projection of future results [PPFR], makes necessary a general understanding of the some basic, universal principles within and among all Galaxies such as the universality of:
  • forms of matter
  • forms of antimatter
  • forms of energy
  • their characteristics
  • possible interactivity (producing new particles etc etc, such as Higgs bosons)
  • formation of compounds
  • alloying. etc etc.

Specifically, and in addition,
by 2011: the question of locality, mandatory in Einstein's Special Relativity Theory [ESRT], was proven not mandatory by experimental superposition [XSP], which is by 2011, is claimed to make possible instantaneous communications throughout the Galaxies, not limited to the speed-of-light [SOL] (300,000kps), predicted by ESRT, to be at least 10,000 times  faster (3,000,000,000kps). Eg one light-year reduced to less than 1 year/10,000 = 365*24/10,000 = 0.876 hour, or 53 minutes.

XSP may make possible intercommunication between duplicates of electrons, atoms, molecules or even living
bodies (such as Ami or Amber). or previously living, bodies*.  So far, (nearly, or possibly) instantaneous communications may be limited to entangled duplicates (eg of Ami or Amber) even already separated by extreme distances (even many light years) but can only be conducted after these parts (perhaps called Bob and Alice) have been separated as matter, restricted by SOL, (Doing the separation between Earth I & Ex0Earth I, within 1k years does not seem unreasonable.

GE recognizes basic classifications of groups of life forms on Earth I as:
  • Animals (which reproduce) and be:
  1. Predators, who kill, eat and exploit
  2. Prey, such as other predators, plant eaters &/or plants & minerals and
  3. some predators organize groups to dominate groups
  4. of animals and other forms of life 
  5. to use for food
  6. providing clothing, shelter and or
  7. labor (for pulling, pushing, flying, riding, transportation) and/or
  8. use by predators, their progeny, dominated groups, including progeny
  9. their progeny's food and/or as
Non-Predators (who reproduce):
  1. generally  control breeding and/or dominate
  2. any other form of life to assist their own or dominated forms of life's breeding,
  3. reproduction, and/or
  4. serve as food for them & other forms of life
  5. to exploit or be exploited by any other form of life, such as
  • Plants (which reproduce):
  1. feeding on minerals, chemicals, decayed matter and
  2. any other form of life to assist their growth
    reproduction, and/or
  3. serve as food by any other form of life
  4. to exploit or be exploited by any other form of life, such as
  • Bacteria (which reproduce):
  1. feeding on minerals, chemicals and decayed matter and
  2. any other form of life to assist their growth
    reproduction, and/or
  3. serve as food by any other form of life
  4. to exploit or be exploited by any other form of life, such as
  • viruses (which reproduce):
  1. feed on other minerals, chemicals and decayed matter and
  2. any other form of life to assist their growth
    reproduction, and/or
  3. serve as food by any other form of life
  4. to exploit or be exploited by any other form of life, already mentioned.

The influence of
AS on Earth I and & development of Single-Male-Rule-Foundation [SMRF] Rulers [SMRFR] will have become crucial before the beginning of the 3000ad, & the likely AS on Ankhesenp-Aten, is likely to be much the same as successful as before, except what is necessary to adapt to restrictions of conditions on Ankhesenp-Aten, unless it is never to be.  If SMRFR fails and is not restartedor is restarted with a long delay, the time period of events (and "migration" of SMRFRs) to Ex0Earth (n)s, may have to be offset or cancelled (by GHAn).  Of course, if "Ex0Earth I" happens,  it's AAS6 may have changes in timing of events, but the various differences in STMSC are not likely to affect ASs seriously.

In the course of events, a large variety of potential ExoPlanets to select among one or more, for STMSC, is expected and may require adjustments in various ASes, and their interchanges among themselves.

*This separation of XSP duplicates of living things who could intercommunicate instantaneously, just might make possible duplicate personalities, alters  (???) by/of actors etc etc etc, even who do or do not occupy the same living body, different bodies and/or "duplicate", or non-duplicate, "robots", NanoRobots (????) etc etc etc etc(n).