Ami & Amber

(Ami Black P. Katt's [ABPK] and Amberine P. Katt's [APK] Page, 1st edition, edited by Bogcie)


A Teleport too far!


London, England, 8 May 2000: By Ami Black P. Katt


A while back my sister, Amber  (that is, Amberzine P. Katt, but we usually call her Amber, 'cause she looks like one of those big lumps of amber embedded with Jurassic flies carrying dinosaur blood in their guts) and I were fooling around in the stc [space time continuum, Ed.] gathering material for our memoirs when something went wrong and she didn't rejoin me in this era.  She probably messed up something in figuring out the FitzGerald-Lorentz contractions. I know it wasn't my fault but she will probably claim it was when she gets back to now, or here, or whatever.  I miss her and  would even own up that it was my fault if she would just come back.  The thing is that she thinks she is such a great mathematician and I keep telling her that means nothing if you don't get the right answer because you messed up the arithmetic.

I remember Bertie's [Albert Einstein's, Ed.] cat telling us how she divided by zero and it came out that the Universe (the local one, that is) would expand forever instead of being as flat as a board as everybody knows -- now.  But I digress.  I should tell you that I handle [transportation] (at least the teleport part of it, a kind of motor pool sergeant, like Bilko ) and Amber does the time-side of our travels.  Not just the clockwork so we know when we are, but she can actually move us to and fro in time, eg back to the time of the dinosaurs, or ahead to the Colonial Wars on Beta Centauri Prime.  The trouble is since everything about is moving around you have to compute when you want to be as well as where  you want to be ... there.  For example, if you move six months ahead you will wind up with London on the other side of the Sun from where it (and you) were when you started.  And, of course, London and the rest of Earth have been dragged along with the Sun on its way around the Galaxy, and the Galaxy has moved with respect to the local group and the (local) Universe has expanded somewhat... and so on and on.  The calculations are very complicated and prone to error, so Amber has taken to using Computer Aided Time Travel   (She calls it CATT.  and I call that vanity, 'cause our last name is Katt, spelled with a "K" of course), using a program she wrote herself.  She uses Bogcie's (Big Ole Grey Cat's, Ed) computer, which she learned to manipulate almost as soon as we went to live with Bogcie and Marma (short for Marmalade) to run her CATT program. 

Auntie Truffle, who actually placed us with Bogcie and Marma, taught her how to time travel, and taught me to teleport, but Amber discovered how to get into the computer [to] get out onto the Internet for herself.  She has tried to explain about the CPU and the registers, APU [arithmetic processing unit, Ed.] and the logic gates and all that stuff: But, all I could take in is that by nudging certain tiny bunches of electrons in certain directions while keyboard is doing input you can make the CPU think somebody is typing whatever you want it to think.  Voila, you have it under your control.

Electrons are very small and easy to nudge, even in fairly sizable bunches.  Amber found out that by building up a store of them in two small patches of hair just above her eyes (looks like normal grooming to me) and setting them up to oscillate (bounce back and forth in unison) she could use her whiskers as aerials to focus an electric field onto just the right area of the CPU to type in anything she wants. She says Ernie's  [Ernest Schrödinger's, Ed] cat taught her do it just before she died, or didn't die.  Anyway, it took her weeks to teach me how to do it too.  Thank goodness we succeeded before this latest misadventure; else I should really have no way to even try to regain contact with Amber.

That is why I am putting this story on the Web.  Maybe Amber will pick it up whenever she is, work out a way to get me a message, and we can work together on joining up again.  I am also sending this email to her website (  There is even a chance that someone else will have a solution or something I could try.  If you do, you can contact me by using  Contact Us,. 

 London, England, 31 May 2003: By Bogcie.

I have read Ami's article, which I did not understand as Amber has been with us at home most of the time. When I asked Ami for an explanation, she said that Amber made a mistake in arithmetic and teleported a copy of herself [Amber2] to the Ur continent   (the continent which existed... for a while) some 3.5 billion years ago, a long time before the Ur city was founded in (what we now call) Mesopotamia, about 6,000 years ago. 

The copy here of Ami1 is in the Mesopotamian Ur [Ami2], and Amber2 is unable to intercommunicate with Amber1, Ami1 and Ami2 because nobody knows exactly what mistake Amber1 made, so they don't know her exact address (time and place) of Amber2 in the old Ur continent. 

I asked Ami to find out what she could about superposition, so that Amber can be in Ur and here at the same time. I had heard that electrons would behave that way, but not a full sized atom, or cat.

Hawkinge, England, 31 October 2009: By Ami1.

Superimposition also works for organisms, according to Mohan Sarovar's cat. It is also possible that the superimposition with Amber2 could not be maintainable in the old Ur; because there are not enough (or any) "biological organisms that "exploit strange quantum behaviors" there already.

Hawkinge, Kent, England, 27 August 2010: By Bogcie.

We have lost Marma but recovered Amber2, ie the Amber2 copy from ancient Ur, as we expected. They insist that, with respect to Marma, I refer to this disaster as a "communications failure", I suppose the same as the loss of communications with Amber2, until recently, since 2003ad. They both claim that many, but not necessarily all, cats are capable of superpositioning, simply speaking, the ability to be in more than one place at THE SAME time. As they view Marma as Mama.Cat.San, they think she can superposition a copy of her, too, as soon as she  learns how. 

I am not sure superpositioning of copies of people (or cats) is possible at this point in time. However, copies of elements (in the case of elements of Shirl [SvEE]) are able to intercommunicate instantaneously, ie at least 10,000 times faster than the speed of light in a vacuum (10,000 * 300,000 kps = 3,000,000,000kps): Even, communication into the past, or future, with instantaneous communication.  If Marma1 had teleported Marma2, to some other time period, and Marma2 lost communications with Marma1, and the rest of us (in the Now), we would have to wait, or join Marma2 in her new time& place, to pick up with her in her new life. Just like Amber2, we will need to find our exactly where and when Marma2 is. That may take us a while.

Otherwise, the idea of using superimposed SvEEs to intercommunicate throughout the Galaxy(s) may spread her name, reputation (and literature) trillions of times wider than ever. 

BTW: For the time being, I am the Editor [Ed.] for these letters, actually emails, if possible.

This project is changed (again): 8th Sept 2013
  • GE has moved (again, perhaps temporarily) to the Latitude 44, Suite 5. 1445 Geary Circle, Albany OR, 97322 USA, (W/o A&A, who are living with Becky near Folkestone, Kent, UK.) This new address is including but not limited to the new firm "G&S d'Amaury Direct" founded & owned by GE
  • G. Haven d'Amaury III [GHA] is now responsible for editing A&A's dispatches & all of GE's writing.
  • Marma wants to help publish her books WorldWide & Universally  (perhaps using her ashes converted to diamonds as terminals to distribute her book ideas w/Special Pages (to help all readers find LOCAL diagnoses & cures, for PEOPLE'S fatal diseases).
  • Ami & Amber [A&A], (helped by their new friends La Soeur & La Chatte Noire) will also try as superimposed duplicate diamonds supporting intercommunicating instantaneously among all such duplicates. 
  • See Major Project 25 (and, as soon as published, 26) 
To be continued.