The Effects of CO2: 14th July 2011
(Revision on 29th December 2011)

Emissions of a ton
From Scientific American:
  •  "...several studies that pegged the social cost of carbon closer to $3,000 per ton of carbon dioxide."
  • These studies indicate that the cost is 143 times as high [as the government's estimate of $21/ton], costing 257% of the Worldwide's GNP, ]WGNP] ie many times more than the WGNP can ever pay for to allow for the damage caused by current level of tons (of CO2) emitted and polluting the atmosphere.
  • The question: Gamble both time and costs for a much better estimate, or gamble less time and money ASAP to follow RDL's existing plans to lower pollution by 90% by ~+80 million people. Especially those families who create the most pollution, but will accept appointment by RDL as Ideal Customers.
  • Statistically, the prime candidates as Ideal Customers, citizens of the USA, produce over 30 tons of CO2/person/year  An average of four persons/family, cost 30*4*$3000 = $360,000/year/family to WGNP.  Eighty million people cost $720,000,000, unless they live as Ideal Customers saving 90% of that cost, ie $648,000,000/year, ie $324,000/family.
  • To obtain agreements from potential Ideal Customer to be automatically excused from all taxes on their family and direct family members for their lifetimes for so long as they resided in a Utopia in the nations jurisdiction by a "one sentence" constitutional amendment in as many nations as possible (beginning, at least, with including, but not limited to, the United States of America and United World):
    1.  "All members of Ideal Customers [iCu] families whose residence is in a Utopia located in a simply, nationally declared "Protected Utopia Zone" [PUZ] by the national President or head of government of the _______________. until 31th of December 2111; are free of all national, state, county, city, town, township  and all other forms of taxes, charges, fees and any other means of obtaining money for anything not offered to all customers at the same price to all customers; to buy (or not) by their sole, individual choice; provided that no form of tax on any service, goods, use, ownership or trade  within said PUZ are collected or claimed, in connection with income, investment, design, production, ownership, purchase, sale, trade, transportation, gifts or exchange among said PUZ residents, individuals or families, defined as PUZ iCu." 
This simple step, makes possible, and almost guarantees, reorganization of:
  1. banking,
  2. investment and
  3. individual and family living styles, By 1.62% of 7 billion people.
sufficiently to save the World from Global Warming, beginning within five years of the end of 2011ad, soon enough to save massive WorldWide damage and death to homo sapien sapiens.