2011 NEWS
Revision of A ton of CO2: 29th December 2011
Advances on HAL Suits: 27th December 2011


This (above) is the new bit on Inhabitat.com. My [GE] idea is to add it to several versions of Experimental Projects I have planned, such as new applications for HAL and H23WAC,

  • Another improvement is to power all XP bikes and Hal suits to be powered by hydrogen fuel cells (please CLICK ON THAT AND listen to the Video) by 2015 or thereabouts.
  • Add more: Let us Plan carefully (together) the Hal suit to protect against crashing and burning especially WHILE RIDING (WITH A HAL WEARING PASSENGER) on a H23WAC and add to YOUR  power to climb AND SURVIVE: OVER THE PEAKS OF THE MOUNTAINS. and
  • Rethink the layout of the HAL suit
  1. to make it fit around a person to allow them to walk, talk, type. use fingers, sit down, lie down, stand up and always operate equipment, drive, fight back and not be harmed by bullets, blows or falling down or colliding with other people, trees, rocks, posts, fences and telephone poles: w/o  necessity for sufficient, or any, muscular strength.
  • In effect, eventually, for YOU to
  1. occupy (inside) a "robotic HAL Suit" [RHAL] to control OR pass control to OR retake control from a PATCO team to do everything YOU could or want it and YOU to do, up-to and including
  2. leaning to wear and control the improved RHAL, and operate it better, or
  3. let it be used as an independent RHAL, controlled remotely, or by another person wearing another RHAL, on the same H23WAC or not, or by a PATCO team,
  4. w/or/w/o anyone inside it.


Children Power Explained: 28th November 2011
According to the memories of GE, since 1932, massive changes have taken place in improving:
  • advertising
  • sales
  • shopping
  • learning
  • education
  • research
  • publication and
  • distribution of everything, including, but much less effectively
  • teaching children how to read their native or other foreign language(s)
  • useful to involve children, their family and friends in obtaining
  • information on ethical drugs useful to obtain and use to save lives from 
  • infections originally sourced from animal infections, especially those recently mutated to infect people (homo sapien sapiens) [hss] and/or being
  • distributed via aircraft. ships and cars, and
  • contacts with animals and other people.
In contrast, little or no change took place in medical science to generalize early discovery and diagnoses of rare  children's infections and distribution and use of effective drugs to cure them.

So, to encourage children (and their parents, as well as hss) to want to:
  • support WorldWide learning to read, loving to read and
  • discovering infected children
  • guiding them to be diagnosed and supplied with
  • effective cure of their infections, and
by including interest, entertainment and incentives in each distributed Children Power books, to
  •  distribute Children Power books as WorldWide'ly as possible [AWWAP] to children (and their parents) to
  • repeat  "So" above. ad infinitumSic parvis magna

Application for Grant: 20th November 2011

Gwenith Shattock [GS], an Associate of Gavin Embry [GE], asked him to submit an application, via his access to the Internet, ASAP, to nominate GE and his Associates,  for a grant by Bill Gates's Foundation [BGF]. When this was done, GE was informed on Friday 18th of November 2011 that:

  • no one can nominate himself for a grant
  • a formal document must be filled in and
  • the Application must be re-submitted by midnight of 20th of November 2011.
This Application for Nomination will be completed was submitted on 19th of November by GS, with the request that the discrepancy that GE submitted her application, (via his Internet connection in the first place) be disregarded.

FYI: Before:
and to a greater extent, since March 2008:
  • Caroline [CB]
  • GS
  • Rebecca [RS]
  • Gavin II [JGE]
  • Giselle [GME]
  • David [DvE] and
  • Lars [LGS],
all GE's Associates, have founded, managed and directed firms to defend against Global Warming (RDL) and improve the education of children (Goulden Publishing). They used their own funds and time to promote their shared goals.

The loss of SvEE in July 2010 encouraged a refocus by GE, to encourage SvEE's original goals to be extended and expanded to improve the education of children, WorldWide.

  • WorldWide economic collapse
  • SvEE's departure due to her third round of cancer and
  • recent technological advances in cancer cure, especially for children
  • the need to modify reinvent the distribution of drugs WorldWide:
brought about Goulden Publishing's [GP] plan to seek grants to speed up the progress of using Children Power [CP] to broaden, speed up and increase the volume of distribution of effective drugs to cure children's cancer ASAP.

Update 23/12/2011:
BGF, by their design or incompetence, claims never to have received or, obviously, acted on this request for a grant. GP is proceeding with their plans for CP. without any support from BGF.

UPDate:<--Click there: 13th of November 2011

An urgent, critical and very, very late US agreement with all nations on reducing Global Warming is (finally) launched. But, finalization is (currently) not expected before sometime after the next (or current) US President takes power in 2013.

RDL advocates an immediate conference among the current US President and all serious US Presidential Candidates to agree on a Chairman and Staff of Emergency Management of Global Warming [EMGW] by 31th January 2012, with a 6-month target to finalize the International Agreement by the end of July 2012. GE is hereby proposed as Member of EMGW [MGW] and, if selected, to serve immediately as an Acting Chairman of EMGW [ACGW], within 10 days of notice of selection.


Hint! Result of lack of international action: 11th November 2011


This is the latest of over 35 books Shirl has written and published, This one is about Jack the Ripper, ie who he really was, never established by police or court trials. But, Shirl's research did discover and document the facts the police always ignored, misjudged (or were successfully misdirected by the real criminal, the most infamous mass murderer in history).

Once you have read "I am Jack...", Please Click and send me a (brief) Book Review on THIS, of how you liked I am Jack and how much you paid for it. If I like how you liked the book, I will send your review to Amazon and send you what you paid for the book, which you can keep as a Collector's Item: The one and only true history of the real Jack-the-Ripper.

5.0 out of 5 stars Dr Cream the Ripper, September 10, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
"Detective" Shirley Goulden found what Scotland Yard missed for 100+ years, and while con men sold London Times on a fake diary, she found the truth, one line on the back pages of Times own issue: "I am Jack..."

As she had done many books triggered on a one-liner: Starting with Bob Hope's one-liners and outdoing Agatha Cristie's Hercule Poirot, adding Gore Vidal and Truman Capote's invention of "faction". She factioned the Confessions of Dr Cream on how he duped the American, Australian and Metropolitan Police with two simple tricks:
  1. Two men with one fake name and
  2. change your modus operandi to serial kill again in the same town(s), which always did, and still dupes the police.

While I knew (Author, Editor, Director, General Secretary) "Detective" Shirl, she:
  • Used the Newspaper's Morgues for ten years to track Cream's tricks and twists down through the fogs of Time, from a hundred years ago: Then,
  • Switched documented facts into faction to make much more readable dialogs and confessions to
  • Create Entertainment out of Serial Murder: Ie: I Am Jack...: Confessions of the Whitechapel Ripper ,
(Good training for detectives!)

Keep looking for Shirley Goulden's new Paradise Walk, War Stories, Salutes (and Children's Stories retold: to help them love to read, and love to learn to read), 

BTW: Forward this Announcement to your friends, so they can buy (and/or download),  read and enjoy I am Jack... too.
Announcement of Guns, Germs and Steel: 02nd November 2011

Announcement  of The Book of Universes: 30th October 2011


Announcement of New Review of Plan B 3.0: 20th October 2011


Announcement of New Sequel of Review of Earth -- Sequel: 20th October 2011 ________________________________________________________________________

Announcement of Review of Life Without Oil: 16th October 2011

Protecting  Gavin Hawks: 15th October 2011

ScieAmer refers to quantum cascade lasers, Quite useful in defending Gavin Hawks carrying civilians or troops: For, Soldiers On The Ground [SOTG].

Or, make them still smaller to be carried on SuperGiaBats, would be the way to change  "Few against the many" celebrated by Winston Churchhill, to "Zero against a great many more than the use of Predators." Obama could celebrate: And, China. India, Pakistan, Russia... and Iran could understand.

Sic parvis magna


Leaders we Need: 12th of October, 2011

Robert Heinlein said,"A human being should be able to:

  • change a diaper/B
  • plan an invasion/A
  • butcher a hog /A
  • conn a ship/A
  • design a building/B
  • write a sonnet/D
  • balance accounts/B
  • build a wall/A
  • set a bone/C
  • comfort the dying/C
  • take orders/B
  • give orders/A
  • cooperate/A
  • act alone/A
  • solve equations/B
  • analyze a new problem/A++
  • pitch cow manure/B
  • program a computer/A
  • cook a tasty meal/C
  • fight efficiently/A
  • die gallantly./???
Specialization is for insects. /C"
Grades on GE by


The inspiration of GSAD for establishing United States of the World [UW]  was largely to avoid the USA, China and the World [*] crashing and burning [C&B] in the same manner as Easter Island [C&BEI]. More seriously than C&BEI affecting South America, C&B of USA [C&BUSA] and most other nations [C&B*] can also C&B*, not "Sic parvis magna" but "Sic transit gloria *".


The Head of General Motors [GM] may, or may not, be thinking!!! He seems to be saying the future is now, not some far distant plan, proposed by a politician or political party but in our own hands (but not his job, either). How right can he be! The Democrats and the Republicans (not even the Tea Party) can stop fiddle-diddling around long enough to say "am-a-naP-naM-A" backwards: "A Man, Panama" should be a hint.

Just follow this bit of reasoning: A Man

  • Defended the Panama Canal Zone [CZ] from destruction by USSR and/or Communist Chinese, then A Man
  • Took his post-graduate degree from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces [ICAF], in Emergency Management of the National Economy [EMNE], Then A Man
  •  Planned how to defend the World from destruction of 50% of the 7 billion [b] people from Global Warming resulting from use of fossil fuels [FF] in GM (and other) 1.2b + cars, private homes and giant aircraft: by 80 million [m] Ideal Customers [iC] (1.62% of the 7b homo sapien sapiens) adopting superior Lifestyles, in Utopian cities and Gavin Hawks, powered by Hydrogen fuel cells.
  • BTW: These lifestyles also reduce traffic deaths by at least 50% and $220b + medical costs/year. 
  • But: Where does CZ come into A Man's plan? Ans: CZ residents paid no taxes. IC's lifestyles reduce their CO2 pollution from  20 to 30  tons/year [t/y] (per iC) to less than 1t/y. This reduces their cost to the WorldWide Gross National Product [WGNP] from $3k/t/y/iC * 30 = $90k/y, to =< $3k/t/y. Ie: these 80m iCs reduces the WGNP cost by 80m* ($90k-$3k)/y = $6,960,000,000,000/y ($6.96 trillion/y). This saving on damage caused by CO2 pollution is many, many times more than any conceivable loss of income taxes on the 80m iCs 
  • A Man (and his delegates and/or heirs) will accept prospective  iCs applications to change their lifestyles, to cut their CO2 pollution to 1 ton/year/person to:
  1. save their and 50% of their families (and others) lives from car wrecks,
  2. protect their incomes and to
  3. avoid 50% of 7b people having to migrate away from the World's population centers on coasts and lowlands to avoid flash tsunamis, flash storms combined with rising sea levels and/or
  4. invasion by the other 50% immigrating to save their 50%
  • So: what does the Federal Governments and Kingdoms have to do?
  • Just one short, simple, commitment:
    1. Pass one universal law (among as many nations as possible [AMNAP], as soon as possible [ASAP]): Granting Protected Areas [PA] (simiar to CZ), for agreed, geographic Tax-Free regions for 80m iCs to:
    2. live
    3. work
    4. learn
    5. teach
    6. raise families
    7. care for pets and/or
    8. raise and gather food
    9. create
    10. design
    11. build and trade in: all tax-free and without restriction of
    12. importing
    13. exporting
    14. migrating
    15. immigrating
    16. working
    17. running for office or
    18. serving other iCs in AMNAP.
  • RDL/GSAD will adopt Time Phasing: say 10% (8m iCs joining each year from 2013ad) would take 10 years (until 2023ad to take full effect, so the savings of the next 10 years would add up to save $69.6t, and continue at the same rate for the next 50 years or so, ~$3,480t. This is equivalent to $3480t/13.6t/y of US GNP, ie 256y or over five times the US GNP/year.
  • The USA nor the World can never afford not to save this level of damage even if the Scientific estimates* of the damage of CO2 pollution is five times over estimated. The US President and the Head of GM are both right, that collaboration is absolutely necessary. In this case, the only change is collaborating with 80m people to stop 90+% of their CO2 pollution.
Sic parvis magna!
*The effects of CO2: 14th July 2011

Emissions of a ton
From Scientific American:
  •  "...several studies that pegged the social cost of carbon [dioxide pollution] closer to $3,000 per ton of carbon dioxide."
  • These studies indicate that the cost is 143 times higher than [the Government's estimate of $21/ton], costing 257% of the Worldwide GNP, ie many times more than the World can ever pay for to allow for the damage caused by current level of tons (of CO2) polluting the atmosphere.
  • The question: Gamble both time and costs for a much better estimate, or gamble less time and money ASAP to follow RDL's existing plans to lower pollution by 90% by ~80+ million people.  

Sic transit Gloria Monday: 29th August 2011

GSAD is just having a brainstorm this Monday. A day or two ago, GSAD was working on launching a Mini-Utopia in Trinidad [MUT] on 330 acres of land, about 1/10th to 1/8th the size of Masdar [U] (the World's first Utopia) which occupies six square miles.

So, MUT is a  prototype for larger Us, similar to the XPs planned for RDL
Launches. In the Utopia plan, the US West Coast is a target for several Us. Picking a 300 to 400 acre site, in CA, OR or WA, away from tsunami land, would be as good a spot for a MUT type XP as MUT. Maybe both (or three) MUTs, more or less semi-simultaneously.

Of course, for MUT, the finance would be about £7.5billion[b]/10, ie less than £800million[m] (~US$1.2b) mostly offered by TT government. I will also propose that the 6250  Ideal Customers [iCu] live free of taxes (like the Panama Canal Zone), but limit their CO2 emissions to =< 1ton/year/iCu. This saves WorldWide GNP $3thousand [k]/ton of emissions, ie 6240*3k*20 = $375m/y/Utopia + about 20% ($75m) more for Project 10 and Mini-Utopia-Villages associated land near the MUT.

Go for three: with  Protected Areas [PA], ie 18.75k tax-free homo sapien sapien [hss] residents, producing Worldwide GNP [WGNP]savings of (375m*3) + (75m*3) =$1.35b/yr
, AND in two or three years, experimental prototyping for 80m iCus and 80m*$3k*20tons = $4.5trillion[t]/year potential WGNP savings .

BTW: W/O improvements on costs of U: £7.5b/U divided by 50k iCus = $240k/iCu (initial investment). With each iCu (equivalent to) repaying $3k* 20tons/yr = $60k/yr: it takes $240k/60k=4 years to pay back the initial investment. Thereafter, each iCu avoids at least $60k to the WGNP for the WorldWide 6.9b hss (minus the 80m iCus) ie for the benefit* of the 6.82b hss not living in Utopia. and are not making extremely high contributions to CO2 pollution leading to WorldWide, five-to-ten degrees of Global Warming.

*Based on 50 year lifespan/iCu (including the rest of their lives of moving-in, iCus, and their descendants) the total WorldWide benefit is 80m*~50years*$60k= ~$240t. Divide this by 7b people = $34.286k/hss of the entire World: W/O a penny of tax on any iCu during the rest of their entire lives.

Challenge of H23WAC: 27th August 2011

Paragliding Motorcycle combining light weight (two-place) motorcycle, (double) parachute and (double) HAL to fly off the mountain with Bride... or for emergency after lost rotor.
For a start, loss of tail rotor on any helicopter is much more common than the main rotor. Autogyros have no tail rotor to lose, and their main rotor will work well (except hover) without power to their main rotor. Only if main rotor falls off completely, do you need a parachute, or can fly one for whole
H23WAC. For fun or disaster, both wear a parachute like the one for a paraglider, and a long rope... to hold hands.

Object d'art used in a new way:22nd August 2011

In summary, RDL has established G&S d'Amaury Direct [GSAD] (to use Amazon USA,
and UK) to offer Collector's Items [CI] Books and Art, each one specially prepared as an object d'art which also carries a Certificate [C3] w/rights to share annual profits of any Replacement Corporation [RC] among the RCs doing RDL's Major Projects [M+MP] and/or be traded-in, in payment for products of such MMPs at very special prices: eg £120k for a £150k  Gamma house.

Each CI is designed to be totally unique, and only one (special unique C3 associated with any one CI, and issued with that CI) can be possessed by anyone at any one time, but that owner can choose to
  • sell it
  • give or will it away or
  • use it with the most profitable RC, from year to year, until owner uses it
  • to buy the most desired product from any RC, 
anywhere the RC's country's laws allow RCs to honor GSAD's C3s.

Light green, is used to remind readers of the Goals of RDL to lower CO2 to keep Global Warming down.

Einstein update: 15th August 2011

Don't say he was wrong. Newton wasn't wrong either, Einstein's
and Special Relativity [STR] just added  a lot to Newton's picture of, well, gravity.

In the 1930s,
GE read a lot about Quantum Physics in Amazing Stories, even Super Heroes able to practice instantaneous communcations, but even in the 1960s GE did not believe in faster-than-SOL travel, on Star Trek, by Gene Roddenberry., but did believe in STR.

After that, in 1964, John Bell came up with some new ideas: But, Einstein (and GE) did not see any experimental (as opposed to theoretical) proof of some ideas about Quantum Physics. and, if accepted, could prove that STR's (assumable, and largely assumed) conclusion (that communications was limited to the speed-of-light) was in serious question.  This does not destroy STR, nor make Einstein wrong, but could (possibly) extend it (the same way STR did Newton's laws). In this case, by applying a form of communication by altering one copy of a "single" piece of matter, and reading the changes in the other copy of the same piece, no matter how far the two pieces have been moved apart.

By the year 2000ad Quantum Superposition
was applied by experimental physicists, and showed that (nearly, ie 10,000+ times 300,000kps = 300,000,000+kps) instantaneous communication was not only possible, but did happen, firstly using electrons, Further experiments worked for atoms and molecules, and seemed possible for live animals (say, Ami and Amber), and/or a spirit, or (better??) Shirl, and/or Shirl's books all over our  Galaxy

The last broadcast of an Announcement: 13th August 2011

You can save this Announcement:
 to click on anytime. Updates will made from time to time and be read whenever you want. RDL suggests on or about the last Sunday of each calendar Month. This URL will also be at the bottom of all GE's emails sent to you at any time in the future, for any other reason.

Experimental Projects [XP]: 12 August 2011

New books:12 August 2011

all by G. Haven d'Amaury III [GHA],
  • Barnes & Nobel's description: "The mysterious murders of several prostitutes in London's East End in 1888 still exist as some of the most famous unsolved crimes of all time. The purported villain was known as "Jack the Ripper." Yet, Jack was never discovered. His identity was never brought to light, and authorities were left scratching their heads in wonderment. How could such a monster get away undetected-even to this day?

    Perhaps he didn't. Perhaps Jack the Ripper was actually known by another name: Dr. Thomas Neill Cream. Cream was hanged for the murder of a number of prostitutes, yet his method differed greatly from that of the Ripper, so no one made the connection. Cream used poison, while Jack the Ripper slit the throats of his victims. But then why, just before Cream was hanged, did he whisper, "I am Jack...?"

    Following ten years of research, Shirley Goulden presents what she considers to be the truth of Jack the Ripper's identity. She believes that despite a claimed alibi, Dr. Cream truly was the infamous murderer. Firsthand accounts and evidence of a prison pay-off speak to Cream's guilt. Was the most famous escaped serial killer actually caught? Or did a monster still walk the streets of London long after the last drop of blood was spilled?"
  • You can also buy a Nook on Barnes & Nobel, to read various eBooks on, or get a free program for your PC to install and read eBooks on your PC, almost immediately.
  • And/or download the story from Shirley Goulden's children's book Royal Reflections, called The Cultured King and the Savage Sovereign, right now, for free, to print, read to, or being read by, your child and/or save to send to your friend(s) by email.

Water and energy: 1th August 2011

Akhet-Amen Sextet: 1th August 2011

Project 24 & Project 25: 31th July 2011

Project 1A: 30th July 2011

Presidents and Prime Ministers --- Read this Page!: 27th July 2011

Especially 1, 2 and 3 below, for solutions to policy decisions affecting Worldwide prosperity, taxation, health and lifestyles... before considering physics behind instantaneous communications throughout the Milky Way (and trillions of other Galaxies).

1: Climate Reality:27th July 2011

2:15th July 2011
In view of the following:One Stroke

3: The effects of CO2: 14th July 2011

Emissions of a ton
From Scientific American:
  •  "...several studies that pegged the social cost of carbon closer to $3,000 per ton of carbon dioxide."
  • These studies indicate that the cost is 143 times as high [as the government's estimate of $21/ton], costing 257% of the Worldwide's GDP, ie many times more than the World can ever pay for to allow for the damage caused by current level of tons (of CO2) emitted and polluting the atmosphere.
  • The question: Gamble both time and costs for a much better estimate, or gamble less time and money ASAP to follow RDL's existing plans to lower pollution by 90% by ~+80 million people.              

Another offer to Baron Foster: 11 July 2011

RDL (under my direction) recommends that Baron Foster and I, (based on RDL's Plan for Utopia) apply to the US government to support a major expansion of Foster and Partners:
  • Firstly to plan and build several Utopia in the Western States of the United States ASAP.
  • Secondly, to expand operations to include the rest of North America and Western Europe
  • Thirdly into Eastern Europe, Asia, the South Pacific, South America and
  • Finally into Africa.

RDL proposes the first
Utopia to be located in Southern and Northern California as prototypes of Utopia, aimed at Ideal Customers (of high income and social class) to contribute to the reduction of Global Warming and encouraging immediate hiring of high and low level officers and employees working on building Utopia and working on (or in) firms in or associated with Utopia.

An additional goal of this proposal is to immediately combat the US depression (and its influence on depression elsewhere), low levels of employment and wasted use of tax money (and available income) to support anti-social purchase, production and use of fossil fuels.

Termination by Microsoft, again and restored by me again: 10th July 2011

Now the important point is: With the ability to edit this page, I can announce a new kind of eProject which can be developed to do experimental projects associated with, or not, with RDL's Major Projects and/or More Projects.  The first eProject is:

This is a description, along with the included Project 13,  of an experimental ePrototype to be constructed in our Great House [GH] in Grants Pass, OR.

The various components  of Gavin and Shirl's Distribution System [GSDS]  will also be experimental, and built (probably mostly) in the double garage of Great House [GH]:
  • an eBench: "day bed/seating bench"
  • an eTable: narrow, long table with incorporated wiring for power,   communications wiring for keyboard(s), mice, musical instruments, speakers, microphones, computers and Internet connections for equipment on top of and under the table.
  • eSoundPicture: two to four combination speaker/Picture/display screens
  • eMonitor: fifty inch diagonal, or bigger screen for TV/Computer/DVD/CD/Camera-Center/Coordination-Computer [MCC] and Internet Connection equipment for all associated equipment.
This eDesign for the GSDS shall be as flexible as possible to serve as a prototype for early GSDS designs and a prototype of more advanced versions required or useful for RDL's More Projects.

Under consideration:
In addition to the usual computers included in this eDesign, which includes a novel MCC computer in the eMonitor, we will consider one or more eComputers to support operations in GH's double garage(s) (and similar, associated but remote locations) to organize and control management of other RDL eProjects such as This, That and the robo-bike project.

Up to date, these
This, That eProjects are in process. 

The next one is the Robo-bike eProject, which includes GGG and HAL:
An idea about this and racing bikes (Now called eProject Experimental RGH).

Termination terminated temporarily: 30th June 2011
"G'aven d'A. III" has found  a way of editing this page, temporarily. You can still read these pages, including the ones on the left side of these pages.


RDL is looking in CA and/or OR of USA for a new way of life for him, on three levels: 


  • Level 0: A house and observatory (on at least a four acre plot) above the cloud line but below the snow line AMAP, plus a Gavin Hawk to takoff and land vertically, using a hydrogen fuel cell engine, to fly to and take off and land in either a lake or city in "-1 Level".  The four-acre (+) lot needs to be big enough and suitable to plant, and to gather enough food to support a small family and barter some bits with others.
  • Level -1: A large house (or block of apartments), near a lake or in a city, with room for up-to-10 couples.  The 10 couples could be groups of one or more families,  very good friends, or mostly workers of an important firm, or branch, such as RDL. (This, and these, houses will be "Great Houses" modeled on (enlarged) wooden Huf Houses. Some, but not neccessarily all the, families may be engaged in operating one or more ovservatories and/or Project 10s. The roof of a Great House shall be equipped to capture sunlight, to store energy and make hydrogen from bountifully available water, plus a landing platform for landing and taking off a Gavin Hawk.
  • Level -2: Farm land with several ~four-acre-plots with or without GaviHas (or other existing or newly designed houses). In either case each plot is to operated as Project 10 style farm modled on Level 0, without use as an observatory: But, possibly, used for remote control of an observatory.

By: G. Haven d'Amaury III
At the  end of 20 years of destruction of my computers, and my time and money spent.

Since the earliest use of Microsoft [MS] Windows and  Operating Systems (up to and not limited to Office Live and Internet Explorer), ~ 13 of my computers have been destroyed (including but not limited to all programs purchased (from MS and almost all others) and files generated by my time spent using these programs and all my time and money wasted). So far, the only parts not lost have been by use of my one Apple computer and Google (to store work that I have done and email I have sent and received). BTW: any use of MS products, even those available for use on my Apple Mac Mini, have been fraught with much waste of my time and conversion of my work to garbage on MS Office Live.

MS, as well as most vendors/suppliers, make it difficult or nearly impossible to communicate with them to report difficulties and seek help in trying to save time and investment lost, and any of the benefit expected from use of computers in business.

There is a some possibility that some of my difficulties have been caused by attacks on my computers by criminals either choosing MS customers as their easiest (and/or most extensive) targets, or internal penetration of MS by criminals and/or lack of MS's interest in preventing attacks on their customers. Unfortunately, termination of MS  may be my only effective self-defense,  cutting off the criminals' avenue on attacking my computers and my livelihood.

If any member of MS can see this page, my suggestion of how do avoid MS's termination, could be to try to find a way of attacking criminal's computers as effectively as my MS-based computers are attacked. (I cannot approve use of Global Hawks and Predators against criminals, so far, because of the risk of collateral damage of computers too close to computers used in criminal attacks.)         

G. Haven d'Amaury III: 22nd June 2011

Sunset Idea: 15th June 2011

GE already has all the IKEA furniture needed for at least one of these, whenever GE can afford to move it to OR (or CA, but not Canada). When GE can finance a helicopter to move it on above the cloud levels but below the snow line, and ~$100k for one 20inch telescopic (eg) observatory (of 1k or more over most of the World):  RDL can set up the first competition to outer space's Kepler.
(GE's guess is the Allison Bell's grand-kiddies will resettle the Earth II's exoplanet in the Goldilocks circle around Proxima Centauri in about 2111ad.)

Interstellar voyagers  will take with them a copy of Shirl's molecules to set up instantaneous communications with Shirl's (and my and Shirl and my decendants) books to teach kiddie's kids how to love to learn to read: rather than being exclusively guided by peers and manipulators.

In the here and now, this year, who wants to get together with RDL to launch
Project 10 and More Projects to and beyond Project 24).

        Project 24: 14th June 2011

Reaction to USA and UK political situation: 20th June 2011