1st to Read eBooks on this Website.

  • During 2012 click on anything you want to read on this website. if asked for Login, memorize gsad3050, then this month's Password: 97624J, is FREE. Easy, just copy and paste the password, WHEN ASKED FOR IT.
  • By July 2012, I will work out how to email you how to send me $20, for-me-to- email-you the Next Password, if you Contact Us.
  • With that Password, during July, you can read anything-you-want-to-read on this website & save for reading, converting and/or distributing to anybody for ever and ever.
  • Come back here, each new month, to get the new Password, for all eBooks available that month.
  • BTW: You only pay me once-a-month for you to read AND distribute all my eBooks to others, just like printing books for you to lend to others or give to libraries. Fair enough.
  • BTW2: As long as possible [ALAP], I will add additional:
  1. eBooks,
  2. foreign language versions
  3. audio books, and
  4. sets of eBook & audio books and
  5. sets English w/foreign language eBooks. ALL
  • Including Special Pages to help Children's Power Book readers [CPB] to find their local sources of diagnoses and cures of cancer AND, anybody
  • FEEDBACKING proposed improvements of Special Pages, in
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese 
  • Mandarin and
  • Spanish.