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Dance by the Light of the Earth

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Dance by the Light of the Earth [DLE] is by G. Haven d’Amaury III [GHA], an 1987 adventure of Georg Cantor Smith [GCS], a Californian entrepreneur, and engineer/scientist: Inspired to help his computer/system/friend, Allyn, fearful her mind was “kidnapped” to help an unmanned spaceship explore an extra solar planet, when it comes near enough to the target ExoPlanet.  The key question seems to be: “Is this an impossible scheme to create a new kind of Artificial Intelligence [AI], or just Allyn’s accidental voyage to co-co land.”


A combination of “usual suspects”, real plots and ”innocent” women lead GCS hither and thither, and produces more interesting entrepreneural investments than he can cover.


GHA is working on a sequel, carrying GCS through developments up to 2012ad, covering superposition, quantum entanglement, trillions of trillions of Exo-Earths[n]s and multiple faces of GCS.




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-Delivery Standards (delivery methods, timeframes, restrictions on delivery of products, etc): All are downloaded eBooks for viewing on buyer's computer or conversion to be transferred to another reader. 

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The seller is G&S d'Amaury Direct, located in Latitude 44. Suite 5, 1445 Geary Circle, Albany OR 97322 USA.

Short term: 

I: Live long enough & reproduce enough descendants (on Earth I) to qualify to become 200k Space Migrants (25% hss + 75% HR) by 2261ad.

II: Nominate leaders & officers & support United World [UW], Constitution [CUW] & UW Foundation [UWF] (mostly to lead & support I: above).

III: Support another 200K * 1k Space Migrants to emigrate (over the next 1k solar years) to seed populating trillions of exoplanets.   


Primary goals:

How 1.62% of the WorldWide's ~7 billion [b] homo sapien sapiens [hss] can enjoy:

  • life
  • living
  • working
  • teaching
  • learning, &
  • living longer in
Utopia, w/o residing in fossil fueled [FF] homes, commuting and traveling by FF cars & aircraft:  causing up-to 30 tons/hss/year of atmospheric CO2 pollution* leading to  Global Warming increasing more than 2 degrees [C], causing dramatic climatic changes in sea currents, storms and raising sea levels.

RDL & GSAD are in the businesses of saving enough of the 30% of 7 billion [b]  hss, + many sea & land animals & most useful plants: especially against fatal diseases, & melting glaciers, ice caps; more hurricanes, & tsunamis  flooding all coastal lands, forcing 50% of the 7b WorldWide population to emigrate to where the other 50% lives. At best, & only if hss do not starve nor drown as they are already migratory, like the (evolved)  birds (who used to live alongside the dinosaurs).

*If not prevented, it has to be paid for: 3k-ton/hss costing the WorldWide Gross National Product [GNP], ie up-to$90k/year/hss. Unless 90% of their CO2 pollution shall be avoided  by hss becoming RDL's selected Ideal Customers.

EG: 50% of hss not having to emmigrate away from tsunamis caused by subsea earthquakes &/or 90' higher (ave) sea levels   (below)!

APUW G'aven Embry HSS [GE]


Click: Here for a summary.


Great House Ideas

GE wants to build several Mile-High "Great Houses" on great mountains, Where, his great families can use great telescopes (20") to look for a great ExoPlanets greater & better than Kepler's itty-bitty Ex0-solar system(s).

Greater "Glass Houses" can be built where silica sand is available  & organized for family building & living, especially for RDL Major Project 9a.


BTW: GE's (late) partner  Shirley Goulden  [SG] who wrote:

 And, G'Haven d'Amaury III [GHA](trained by SG) also wrote (as nom de plumb of GE):


SG also wrote 49 other Books, published (or to be published as eBooks) by Experimental Childrens Power [CPB], all with Special Pages [CPBS]. All designed to help CPB readers find local diagnoses & local cures for (otherwise) local fatal diseases. 

Their joint goals are to extend lives of the 30% of 7 billion hss: Parenting  descendants & classified as HSS, by 2261ad (at least 50k/yr) hss as Space Migrants.


Contact GE to furnish Titles & contact details to be considered as an:

  • Experimental Leader  &/or
  • Leader (to be elected or appointed) as 
  • Officer of UWF, UW or State of UW [SUW], 
  • else either or both, nominate names for GE to consider: 
All appointees. or electees , to serve for at least the next three or 10 solar years.

Whether or not the above, please email your contact details to gavin3050@gmail.com  w/Subject := "Make ME a FREE Citizen of: 'UW' [CiUW]".